Men with oval face shapes can wear almost any hairstyle and still look good, but there are some things you want to avoid. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 15 haircuts that will look great on men with oval faces. So whether you are looking for a new style or just want some ideas, there's sure to be something here for you.

The Best Haircuts For Oval Face Men

The best haircut styles for men with oval and oval face shapes are the ones that feature shorter hair on the sides. This is because shorter hair on the sides emphasizes the jawline while also having a slimming effect. Men with oval face shapes should avoid hairstyles with a lot of hair on the sides like a traditional afro because it will make your face look too round.


As long as you keep that in mind, you can wear just about any hairstyle. But there are some styles that look better than all the rest so let's get into our top 15 haircut styles.


Crew Cut

The crew cut is the perfect no-nonsense short haircut for men. It frames the face perfectly because of the tapered sides, and It looks similar to the buzz cut. The difference is the top is cut with clippers, which should give this style a bit more texture.

To style it we recommend  a medium hold clay (were big fans of the Pete & Pedro hairstyling clay.)

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Buzz Cut

This style looks good with any length of beard or stubble. Since its short on top facial hair can add balance. If you have an oval face then we recommend paying attention to the sides so that that there’s a difference in length between your hair and beard. This is done by tapering the sideburns so that your beard and hair blend well together. Like any short hairstyle – it takes regular maintenance.

Even after 3 weeks, short hair styles can start to look different. To cut down on trips to the barber it may be a good idea to have a trimmer capable of blending your hair style with your beard.

The Beardscape is one of the few trimmers with length settings between 1 and 2 mm that is perfect for blending in this area. Getting the right tool can save you the time and money of visiting the barber ever 3-4 weeks to maintain this look.

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Side Part

The side part is a classic and versatile haircut style. It's perfect for men with oval face shapes and can be worn short or medium length. In the past, the sides were a little more grown out; now, you see men wearing it very short on the sides, gradually fading to the top. This hairstyle looks fantastic with a product that ads texture to your hair. Pete & Pedro putty adds a firm, yet flexible hold with just a touch of shine and looks perfect with the side part. 

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Side Part With Slick Back

The side part with a slick back is a great choice for men who like the side part but prefer longer hair on the top. This is a classy look that you can rock for formal events. Just remember to really pull off this look, you need to let the hair on top grow out, and if you have thick or curly hair, it might be a challenge getting it to hold in place. You really need a high hold hair product with a nice shine, like the Pete & Pedro Pomade. I love this style for men with oval faces because it perfectly frames the face and emphasizes the jaw due to the short tapered hair.

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High Fade

Ok, now we are getting into fades. The high fade is the most striking and bold version of the fade. It's called the high fade because the point at which it fades is higher on the head. So this means you will likely have some skin showing where you might be used to having hair. This style looks perfect if you plan to have a shorter hairstyle on the top.

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Low Fade

The low fade is a more conservative fade style. The point at which the hair is faded is much lower on the head, usually around the ears or right above them. If you plan to wear a long hairstyle on top, then this is the best option.

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Taper Fade

The taper fade is the perfect all-around fade. It's not too short or too long. This is the best option if you aren't sure which fade to go with. It gradually fades from the bottom of your head to the top. I like this fade option because it still keeps the outline of the lower hairline on the back of your head. You can wear this with both short and long hairstyles.

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Curly Fade

The curly taper fade is similar to the low fade, where the fade starts down by the ears, but the top of your head features a distinct curly hairstyle. This is a great style for men with oval face shapes because the taper on the sides helps emphasizes your features. If you have long curly hair on the sides, it makes your face look way too rounded.


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Short Curls

The short curls style is another great option for those with naturally curly hair. The difference between this and the Curly Taper fade is the hair on the sides is cut evenly short all the way down and not faded. This is a good option if you want to keep your beard connected or you want to outline your lower hairline. This hairstyle is also perfect for oval face shapes because of the shorter side profile. Make sure to use a hydrating shampoo for frizz control.

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Long Slick Back

If you have the genetics to grow luscious locks of long hair, then by all means, this is a fantastic hairstyle for men with oval faces. The Long slick back works because it does not add much visual weight to the side of your head and perfectly frames your face. However, if you have curly or fuzzy hair that tends to grow out sideways, that will not work because it will make your head appear more rounded and this style might not be the best option for you. 

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Casual Undercut

The undercut is another awesome hairstyle if you have long hair on the top. Usually, this style is slicked back, but we prefer the more natural look of the undercut when combed over. What makes it so distinct is the short sides that don't fade into the hair. Instead, the hair is purposefully grown out longer and draped over the side of the head. It's not for everyone, but if you can pull this off, it looks badass.

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Short Afro

The short afro is perfect for men with oval faces because a regular afro grows out on the sides and makes your face too rounded. The short afro has trimmed sides and short curly hair on the top. It's a more modern and masculine version of the afro that emphasizes the features of men with oval face shapes.

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The fringe haircut is perfect if you want it to look like you don't have a haircut. It's a casual style with long messy hair on top and tapered hair on the sides. The sides don't have to be as short as a fade, but you want it to be shorter than the top and gradually fade down. The side taper makes this style work perfectly with an oval face shape.

Image Credit: barber_egoiste


Mohawk Fade

The mohawk is a very striking hairstyle that's been making a comeback lately. The Mohawk Fade is perfect because it features a more casual appearance compared to a traditional mohawk. While it's striking, it's tasteful and not over the top. This style is perfect for oval face shapes because the hair on the top makes the face appear more elongated, and the short sides help emphasizes your jaw. Our favorite hairstyling hack to get that nice textured look without the frizz is using a sea salt spray. The Pete & Pedro sea salt spray is one of the highest rated, and its our recommendation. 

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The quiff is the more modern and natural version of the slick back. It features long hair on the top of the head that is styled back but without shiny hair gel. To get the hair back in this style, you must have the right hair type, a blowdryer, and patience. Not everyone can pull this off, but if you like this look but can't quite get your hair to go back, we recommend looking at the undercut as an alternative.

Image Credit: barber_egoiste

Butch Cut

The butch cut is very similar to the crew cut. The main difference is the straight line cut into the hair right above the forehead. This is another style that is very striking and looks fantastic, but it isn't for everyone. If you have a front hairline that is more rounded or further up past the forehead, then we recommend the more natural appearance of the crew cut or buzz cut.


Image Credit: barber.toronto.arman


That's it! Let us know what hairstyle is your favorite. Remember, the best haircuts for men with oval-shaped faces are the ones that feature shorter hair on the sides. This emphasizes your long face shape and jawline, and Avoid any hairstyles that make your face look too rounded.


Thanks for reading!


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