Do you have a widow's peak? If so, you are in good company! Many celebrities and people throughout history have had this distinctive hairline. But what is a widow's peak, exactly? Why do some people look great with a widow's peak while others don't? In this blog post, we will answer all of your questions about widow's peaks! We will also discuss different hairstyles that work well with a widow's peak.


What Is A Widows Peak?

A widow's peak is a V-shaped point at the center of the hairline. A widow's peak can vary from person to person. Some people might have a very prominent and long widow's peak, while others only have a small point of hair that is hardly noticeable. If you have long hair you might not even notice it, until your pull your hair completely back.


Is a Widows Peak Rare?

You may hear that the widow's peak is a rare feature, but it's quite a common feature that's more noticeable on men because men usually wear their hair shorter.


Is a widow's Peak Attractive?

A widow's peak can be very attractive depending on the hairstyle you choose; many celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio have a widow's peak. If you want to learn the best and most attractive hairstyles for men with widow's peaks, then scroll down to the bottom of the article, where we created a comprehensive list of attractive hairstyles for a widow's peak.


What Causes Widows Peak?

The primary reason people have widow's peak is simply due to their genetic makeup. A few other conditions can cause a widow's peak, such as genetic disorders like Arskog syndrome and Donnai Barrow disorder, but the primary reason is genetics.


Is a widow's peak a receding hairline?

A widow's peak is a v-shaped point at the hairline's center, primarily caused by genetics. A receding hairline can also cause the appearance of a widow's peak. The most common occurrence is a receding hairline that makes your widow's peak more prominent and noticeable, but a receding hairline alone usually doesn't cause a widow's peak. 


How To Get Rid of Widow's Peak

If you want to remove your widow's peak permanently, there are a few options. But keep in mind these are more permanent solutions that involve a little risk. If that's ok for you, then these options could be a great way to get rid of your widow's peak. 


Electrolysis laser hair removal

Electrolysis laser hair removal is a procedure in which a medical professional uses a laser device to remove individual hair follicles. This is an excellent solution for people with a small or medium-sized widow's peak who only need to get rid of a few hairs to create a normal-looking hairline.


Hair Implant Surgery

Hair implant surgery is a procedure where a medical professional takes hair follicles from one part of the head and places them in another part. Over time the implanted hair follicles will grow and fill in the areas on the head that have little to no hair. This procedure is a great option if you have a large widow's peak and even if you are suffering from hair loss and a receding hairline.


How To Fix A Widowspeak Hairline

If you don't want to do something as dramatic as a medical procedure, but you would still like to know how you could fix your widow's peak or at least make it look better, here are the options you have.


Do Not Shave Your Widows Peak

The first thing you do not want to do is shave your widow's peak. It is a temporary solution, and when it starts to grow back, it just looks like a mess. So unless you plan on shaving your widow's peak just about every day, or you plan to rock the bald look, then we recommend not shaving.


Choose The Right Hairstyle

One of the quickest and most straightforward ways to fix a widow's peak is to change up your hairstyle. If you can rock long hair, then this will significantly reduce how your widow's peak appears. But if you can't grow long hair or don't like that style, then you need to choose a hairstyle that compliments a widow's peak and makes it look good. In the next section, we will go over the top 10 best hairstyles that look great with a widow's peak.



Best Widow's Peak Haircuts For Men

Here are our top 10 picks for hairstyles for men with widow's peaks. You might be surprised by how great some of these actually look and you may even be recognized a couple of these styles being rocked by celebrities. Just because you have a widow's peak doesn't mean you can't look good. Let's get into it.


Crew Cut

Short hairstyles work great for minimizing the appearance of a widow's peak. The crew cut is the go-to all-around short haircut. It's simple and just looks great. This hairstyle looks best with a bit of a fade on the sides and textured hair on the top. Applying a matte medium hold hair product can add a little texture and give a more distinguished appearance. We are fans of the Pete & Pedro clay.

Buzz Cut

If you want to take things even shorter, then the buzz cut is for you. This is an excellent option if you don't want to go fully bald. It's a no-nonsense masculine hairstyle that reduces the appearance of a widow's peak.

Under Cut

If you like to have a longer hairstyle, then the undercut is perfect for men with widow's peaks. It has a very sharp and triangular appearance that compliments a widow's peak. The shorter sides also help with streamlining the look.


The quiff is very similar to the undercut. It features long, streamlined hair on the top with faded sides. This hairstyle is a little more casual, and the hair on the top has embraced more natural curls and bends in the hair. To really pull this style off, you will need a medium to high hold hair product like the Pete & Pedro pomade.

 Image Credit: barber_egoiste


Push Back Hairstyle

The Push Back is the classic Wallstreet haircut. It's similar to the undercut and quiff on the top, but instead of having very short sides, this hairstyle features longer hair on the sides. You will see celebrities like Bradley Cooper rocking this hairstyle.

Image Credit: barber_egoiste

Mop Hairstyle

The mop hairstyle sounds precisely like what it is, its long shaggy hair that droops down evenly around the forehead and sides. Not every guy can rock this look, but it can completely remove the appearance of a widow's peak. If you want to make this hairstyle look sharp and not too casual, do a lower fade around the bottom of the sides. You can really get that nice textured look you see in the photo below by using a sea salt spray. We are fans of the Pete & Pedro sea salt spray

Image Credit: barber_egoiste

Long Part

The long part is the typical bad boy hairstyle. It was popularized in the 90s by Matt Leblanc, who played Joey on the tv show friends. This is an excellent hairstyle for younger men who suffer from widow's peaks. It's not a great option for a receding hairline, and you need to be able to grow out those long luscious locks.

Short Afro

The short afro could be perfect if you have naturally curly hair but are suffering from a widow's peak. Shorter hair minimizes the appearance of widow's peak, and you can still rock those curls.

Image Credit: barber.toronto.arman

Side Part

A side part is an excellent option for minimizing widow's peak. It features hair that is combed over to one side. It's a classy hairstyle that reduces the look of a widow's peak because the hair will cover one side and remove the silhouette of your widow's peak.

The Slick Back

Instead of trying to cover your widow's peak, this hairstyle fully embraces it. The slick back features hair that goes straight back with trimmed and faded sides. It's a classy hairstyle with an angular appearance that works with your widow's peak. It's a great option if you want something similar to the quiff, but without the hair being raised too high from your head. Make sure to use a high quality pomade that gives that slick look, but also doesn't dry out the hair after use. The Pete & Pedro power pomade is perfect for this. 



So there you have it! That's our guide to widow's peak. We hope you found this helpful, and remember that even if you have a widow's peak, there are many options for treating it, and you can even learn to love it if you change your hairstyle. If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment below. Until next time, peace out!



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