Behind the scenes at Brio

It all started in 2014 when we launched our sonic toothbrush. I had always been a fan of the product category and knew we could make some improvements so that more people could experience a better toothbrush.  

A few years later, a bad experience with a crappy trimmer led me to build a better trimmer from the ground up. Since then, Brio has been focused on creating top-notch grooming tools. 

Early on, I knew a lot about product development but nothing about ecommerce. Our focus is creating great products and taking care of our customers – not running flashy marketing campaigns. So I apologize if we were hard to find. 

Here’s a few things you should know about us: 

 1. We take customer service very seriously – From day 1 we knew we wanted to treat our customers like we would want to be treated. When buying online there’s always some questions and risks surrounding the purchase process so we have put together a team that can answer your product related questions promptly and correctly. Feel free to say hi to Sarah or Noble at so you can see how friendly and helpful they are for yourself.  

 2. We’re allergic to gimmicks – We only make products that we can make better. If there’s another company that makes something really good already, then we will send you in their direction. We aren’t here to make just another version. If we make it - it's because we thought we could make it better than the other options.  

 3. We love hearing from you – Ecommerce can be lonely. We see you visit our page but don’t often get to see who you are or know exactly what problem you are trying to solve. Hearing from our customers or potential customers is the best way to ensure that we are designing products that solve your problems. Please reach out, comment on our content or social channels, or schedule a time to chat with me. 

If you’ve gotten this far you probably want to make sure we are real people that you can trust.  We are!

Thanks for stopping by,