Vento Hairdryer

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The Vento is built around new motor technology to create faster wind speeds with less noise. You won’t believe a hairdryer this small can be more powerful, lighter and quieter than your old one. The high RPM powerplant is stronger and quieter than old style brushed motors. If you are styling your hair or beard regularly, having the best tools will get you the results you are looking for.  The digital screen lets you dial in the perfect temperature to dry quickly without damaging your hair. The temperature control system keeps the output temperature consistent without large temperature fluctuations common in less advanced hairdryers. Once styled, use the click-on cool button to set your hair or beard style so it stays in place.

  • High RPM digital motor for high wind speed and low noise
  • Removable cord to make storage and travel easy
  • Self-Cleaning mode to clean filter
  • Lock-on cool button – click it once and it stays on
  • Digital screen to control drying parameters
  • Extremely small and lightweight - size of a travel dryer with more power than most full-size hairdryers
  • Temperature setting memory – stays at the last setting you were at when you turned it off.
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Notes from the Design Team

The Vento uses a digital brushless motor which we feel is a necessary upgrade and needs to be in every hairdryer. The motor gives the dryer super high wind speed at very low
noise. There’s really 2 factors that come into play for making a hairdryer effective, that’s wind speed and heat. For people with lots of thick hair, the Vento can deliver air temps of over 100 degrees at its hottest setting (Dyson is 94 degrees for reference) to dry hair fast. It also has several other settings at lower temps.

One key design
element was to be extremely small and lightweight
. The lightweight design takes effort out of the blow-drying process and saves space in the bathroom. The brushless motor
pairs well with the small barrel to create high wind speed in a compact design. Most people don’t have extra drawer space in the bathroom. With the small size and detachable cord, the Vento may be the best full power traveling hairdryer
ever made.

Its crazy that nearly all hairdryers come with a 9 to 11 foot cord. In some situations, a long cord can be helpful. For most people at home that is way too long for both use or storage. We made the cord for the Vento removable so that it would be easier to store and so users could have different cord lengths. The Vento comes with a 1.5 meter cord since most people are standing within 3’ of an outlet in their bathroom. The
extra length adds plenty of room for movement without getting in the way or coiling up at your feet. We made a short cord for at home use and a long one
for professional settings.

The handle on the hairdryer serves 2 purposes,
1) it’s how you hold and control the tool 2) it generally is where the heat and speed controls are. The handle’s first function is to be the control point for
the unit this means that the buttons need to be out of the way and shouldn’t be accidently pressed or otherwise get in the way. The slight backward angle of the handle works perfectly for under or overhand grips. Button placement is key, they should be easy to see, find and use but also not be located where they will be accidentally pressed. We experimented with this a bit before we got it right.

Sleek and compact

Most guys we know don't want a huge hairdryer taking up a ton of space on the counter or in the drawer. The Vento is small and lightweight - perfect for storage and travel!

Removable cord

The first of it's kind - the Vento's power cord is completely removable! We mentioned this hairdryer is great for travel and we mean it - remove the cord and pack with ease.

Easy to use

The Vento's digital screen reads out temperature and fan speed settings and it's memory setting will turn back on to your last chosen mode.

The Brio Vento does it all, super fast.