A heart face shape is one of the most attractive for men. You can rock just about any hairstyle, but in this guide, we will go over the top styles for men with heart-shaped faces.

How to Identify A Heart Face Shape

You know you have a heart-shaped face if your forehead is wider and your face longer. Your cheekbones might appear slightly high, and a bit protruded. Some more distinct but less noticeable features include a widow's peak and a V-shaped hairline at the symmetrical center of your forehead.

You might also notice that your chin is narrow and a little pointed, creating the heart shape. A look at the mirror will enable you to identify these features. However, please ensure that the mirror reflects what you are precisely. It shouldn't have bends that wildly distort your image, which you should quickly tell.

Best Hairstyle for Heart-Shaped Face Male

While you can choose from a vast array of slightly nuanced men's hairstyles to suit your head shape, not all can give you a flawless look. You need the best; each hairstyle we've mentioned below will genuinely give you that. But before styling your hair, always ensure it's clean and properly dried, and use some hairspray to keep your style in place when done.

Side Part Fringe

This hairstyle covers a part of the forehead using a fringe that sweeps to the side. The hair on one side of the head can be cut short, and the fringe can cover this side, coming from the opposite side of the head. It's best for men having heart-shaped heads as it slightly masks wider foreheads and ascents narrow chins.


Credit: edward__barberr


How to style

  • Cut the hair short on one side of the head
  • Sweep the hair on the opposite side to cover the cut side
  • Angle the hair to one side
  • Use a medium hold hair paste. (We are fans of the Pete & Pedro Paste)

The Classic Side Part

This signature and classic hairstyle give you a polished look - and of course, you'll need to polish it. It has a hair side parting and the longer hair on one side of the head sweeping to the opposite part and is fitting whether or not you have facial hair. If you want a slick but professional appearance, let the hair hang long or cut it short for a classic look. 


Credit: barber.toronto.arman

How to style

  • Part your hair deep in the middle
  • Cut hair on one side of the parting line short, according to how you like it
  • Sweep the longer hair to the side; having short hair
  • Polish the hair for a more professional appearance, or let the hair hang long for a casual look
  • Use a high shine pomade like the Pete & Pedro Pomade



Long hair side part

This style is classic and fits every age - and head-face shapes too. It is not varied from the classic side part, only that the longer hair on the parted side is extended and untrimmed. The only significant difference is that you don't need to trim your hair on any side of the head.

Credit: edw_de


How to style

  • Part your hair in the middle. You can trim the hair on one side of the parting line or leave it as is.
  • Sweep the hair from one side of the head to the other. You can also style without sweeping any hair to the side.
  • You can polish the hair a bit for a cleaner and more professional look or straighten and leave it hanging

The Long Fringe

The hair at the front of the head is usually longer than at the back in this hairstyle. It appears to wrap the forehead, making it less conspicuous. The typical Enrique Iglesias appeal makes you look more youthful and bolder, but you'll love it more for how easy it is to maintain.


Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc

How to style

  • Cut your hair short on the sides to create a faded look at the
  • Apply your pre-styler
  • Blow dry your hair and comb it dry in front strokes if you want the hair textured
  • Comb the hair backward if you want it laid back
  • a matte finish hair clay is also perfect for holding the style in place and reducing frizz. Our recommendation is the Pete & Pedro matte clay.

The Classic Quiff

Like the classic side part hairstyle, this hair fashion may involve a side part, but not entirely. The hair at the front can be long, like the long fringe, but you need to push the fringe back for a laid-back appeal. It creates a voluminous and textured appeal, and you can make it messy if you want a fuzzy but decent appearance.


Credit: milozio


How to style

  • Blow dry your hair into shape and define it
  • Create a side part if you want. Otherwise, you can slick down the sides of your hair
  • Comb the hair a bit if you want it raised. However, you can push it back a bit

The Long Quiff

This hairstyle is slightly nuanced from the classic whiff and can be challenging to tell apart. But if you've ever been a David Beckham fan, you already understand how it should look. It's pretty voluminous, and the quiff is usually longer and more pronounced than the classic quiff, and you can wear it on official and casual occasions.


Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc


How to style

  • Cut down the sides of your hair to create a faded haircut
  • Cut down the hair at the top of your head in layers to add texture and volume
  • Apply pomade wax or your typical pre-styler cream before blow-drying and combing the quiff for a polished appearance.

The Slick Back

All G-Eazy fans can relate to this hairstyle, and it's relatively sought-after by men in pop culture and Hollywood. It mainly involves combing the hair straight back from the forehead with the hair on the side clicked in a faded haircut. Mostly, men like this hairstyle polished and not rough or messy as most variations.


Credit: milozio


How to style

  • Get a fade haircut and trim the hair at the top of your head a bit
  • Apply a high hold wax, pomade, or gel and comb your hair back. Pete & Pedro has a power pomade that will keep the hair in place without drying out the hair. 



Short Faux Hawk

This trendy men's hairstyle is ideal if your head is heart-shaped, as it complements the form. It's trendy and quite nuanced in various ways, although they take the standard conventional form. It's more like the long fringe hairstyle, only that the hair at the front is usually dense and trimmed, wavy or straight.


Credit: milozio


How to style

  • Get a faded haircut and trim the hair at the top and front a little bit to about two inches long
  • Apply a styling product. Pre-stylers like gel, pomade, or wax can all do
  • Comb the hair at the top and front of your head into a tapered shape.
  • Push the hair upward and backward for volume

Buzz Cut

This hairstyle is relatively standard, classic, and simple, and the hair is typically short, shorter than the hairstyles above. The hair at the top of the head is the longest and can be half an inch or slightly longer. Overall, it's conventionally a low-maintenance faded haircut with a bit of flex to cut to the chase. This hairstyle goes so well with a neatly trimmed beard; wear your macho shades for a bolder appeal.


Credit: eriksund1


How to style

  • Clip the hair short at various guard lengths and create a fade appeal. The hair at the top can be half an inch long, or you can slightly vary the length as you want, but not too long.
  • Apply your favorite styling product to keep the hair polished
  • Comb the hair upward or backward to appear neat

The Undercut

Men with heart-shaped faces love this hairstyle as it completely complements their head form. You can flick it severally, from textured to slicked back, and it can appear more or less like the long quiff hairstyle. You can also part your hair in a subtle fade cut or leave it as is for a disconnected cut.


Credit: milanihairstylist


How to style

  • Get a faded haircut but remember not to trim the hair at the top of the head. It shouldn't be too long, though.
  • Apply a styling product and blow the hair dry before combing it backward
  • Make a few upward strokes to add a little volume while combing the hair

Taper Fade

You won't tell much difference with this hairstyle compared to most others, but it's still distinguishable. Like most hairstyles, you must start with a faded hairstyle and cut your hair short. You can also go with long top hair for an "I'm too cool for school" appeal.


Credit: lewisjohnsonhair


How to style

  • Get a faded haircut, but don't clip the hair at the top and front of your head
  • Choose your preferred hair length for your head's top
  • Blend the hair at the back and sides into the top using scissors before combing and styling it as you want

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a little laid back and doesn't require much. The style, however, has a few variations you can opt for depending on your preferences. The hairstyle is slightly like the buzz cut but has marginally longer top hair. Moreover, the hair should be neatly combed back, and you can create a hunched appeal for a "Yolo" appeal.


Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style

  • Cut your hair into a faded style but let your top hair be about half an inch long
  • Further, blend the hair at the back and sides into the top using clippers
  • Apply gel or pomade and comb your hair back



Butch Cut

Let's say you want a crew cut with a little less long top hair; that's batch cut for you. But here, you have a few options: incorporate a faded cut or get a uniform trim. Either way, it's a neat and more professional appeal if you're an office guy but go along well with the kick of casualness.


Credit: barber_egoiste

How to style

  • Get a standard faded or uniform haircut, but let your longest hair thread stand almost zero inches. Don't go all Jordan, but let the shade show a bit. Easy!

Short Curls

This hairstyle is on the end of the "casual spectrum" but maybe with a little "no more play" vibe. You'll love this hairstyle if you want to complement your casual glory with your crowning glory.


Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc


How to style

  • Your hair should be slightly longer, perhaps more than two inches long, for the perfect short curls
  • Get a faded haircut, but remember to maintain the top hair length of at least two inches
  • Evenly distribute the top hair using a wide-tooth comb and use a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer to create curls.
  • Use a curling iron to create more defined curls when the hair is dried

Long hair

You can pull a Keanu Reeves or "Jon Snow" with you and successfully complement your heart-shaped face. This hairstyle is versatile for all shape sizes and can be official or casual. But be sure to keep it neat to prevent dirt and dandruff from building up.


Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc


How to style

  • Let your hair grow long, don't bother cutting or trimming it
  • Style it with a ponytail by tying it at your back, or let it hand loose. Just be sure always to clean, apply a styling product that also moisturizes the hair, blow it dry and style it as you want.


Hairstyles for men are practical and esthetic as they let your confidence show while creating the best first impressions. Men with heart-shaped faces can find the hairstyles above complementary to their head forms, and you should try any that suits you. We hope this article helps. Cheers!



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