Round face men tend to have a striking and attractive posture that is easy to notice, and most of the time, they are the men with the best jawline. All the attractiveness of round-faced men can sometimes be a problem if they don't get the right haircut.

Due to the shape of the head, round-faced men usually find it hard to decide on a hairstyle because whichever hairstyle they pick will determine whether their face will come out looking puffy or not. Therefore, picking the best and right hairstyle for men with round faces is very important. Read the article to know a few hairstyles you can rock as a round-faced man.

How to identify if you have a round face

Many people ask themselves, "is my face round?'' and sometimes, we bother our friends by asking them to tell us whether their face is round or not. But do you know that there is an easy way of determining whether your face shape is round with just a few steps? Dig into these steps and find out if you have a round face. 

Stand in front of a mirror and check your face holding a tape measure. Measure which part of your face is the widest. If your cheekbones are the widest, you most likely have a round face or heart face.

Check the jawline. Most people with round faces have a striking jawline. If you have a round face, your jawline will mostly be short and a bit round, unlike a heart face with a narrow jawline.

Measure the length and width of your face. From the tip of your chin up to the middle of your hairline, measure the length and then measure from the right side to the left side of your cheeks. If the width of your face is longer than the length of your face, you have a round face.     

Round face Hairstyles For Men

Round-face men can rock several modern hairstyles to get the desired look that doesn't make their faces puff out. Here is a list of incredible hairstyles for round-face men in 2022.

The quif

The quiff hairstyle is a type of hairstyle that has been in existence for years. And surprisingly, many male celebrities like wearing this hairstyle. It is mainly long at the top and blended with different cuts at the side and back.

Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style it.

  • Use a brush to blow hair upfront.
  • Continue brushing the hair upfront to increase the volume at the top while narrowing on the sides.
  • Rub a wax or pomade in your hands and rub through your hair the way you want it to lay.
  • Brush it slightly to give it a clean look.

The Side Part

The side part hairstyle is denoted by the side of the hair being shorter than the top, and the length should be even to give a clearer look. Men with thick hair tend to rock this hair better than those with less hair. Businessmen mostly win this hairstyle.

Credit: olliethebarber


How to style.

  • Using a comb, comb the thickest and most portion of your hair to one side.
  • Sweep your hair on the other side and comb the rest up and away so as to get an elongated face.
  •  Use your desired hair product to smoothen and fine the portioned parts.
  • Comb the portioned parts for a cleaner and neater look.

The Angular Fringe.

This hairstyle is ideal for people with round faces since they add more hair volume at the front of the head, making a triangle shape. The sides are usually kept short and the top long, with hair falling on the forehead.

Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style.

  • Go to your barber for a professional cut. It is aimed at creating a triangular face shape.
  •  At home, you will need shampoo to clean it and a hair dryer for drying.
  • Use wax to keep the hair in place.

The Afro Twist

Black men mostly wear the afro twist hairstyles since their hair texture is coarse enough to sustain that hairstyle for long. You can have a crowded afro twist, or you can have a spaced-out afro twist. Most round-face men prefer spaced-out afro twist.

Credit: krynux_modelo


How to style.

  • You can choose to go to your barber to get the hair done, or you can choose to DIY at home.
  • To DIY afro twist at home, divide your hair into smaller portions so as to have more height and volume at the top.
  • Using a twisting gel or wax, pick one hair portion, divide it into two, and twist one hair portion on top of the other from top to bottom.
  • Keep the sides narrow and short.

Straight Long Hair

This is mainly a good hairstyle designed for men with very long hair. Most of the time, men who rock this hairstyle tend to have grown their hair for a certain period.

Credit: edw_de


How to style it.

  • The best thing to do is go to your barber shop to have your long hair trimmed perfectly at the neck level.
  • Using shampoo, clean your hair.
  • Use a blow dryer to dry your hair.
  • Once your hair is dry, comb the hair downwards and straight.
  • Using your preferred hair pomade, rub it in your hair for a shiny look
  • Comb the hair down for a neater look.

Long French Crop

An undercut and long hair at the top mainly characterize this hair. The length of the long French crop can vary depending on how big or small your round face head is. Many people prefer long French crop hairstyles due to their ease of styling.



How to style.

  • Go to the barber for a professional cut since the long French crop is styled at the front of the face. A barber can cut it according to your round face and hair type.
  • The hair should be a little longer on the front to camouflage the round face.
  • Use a blow dryer to maintain the style.
  • Using wax, rub it in your hair to keep it in position.
  • Comb your hair using a comb, careful not to distort the original hairstyle.

Modern Messy Spikes.

As the name suggests, this hair is messy and spiky at the same it. It is preferred by millennials since it needs less effort to maintain and adds a cool instinct. You will often need a generous hair length to get this hairstyle.

Credit: olliethebarber


How to style it.

  • Go to the barber for a clean haircut. The bottom and sides should be tapered towards the top. It tends to have different lengths on top.
  • Use a hair dryer to blow all your hair upwards
  • To maintain it, use wax to rub it in the hair upward.
  • Use pomade to make the hair shiny and let it set.

The faux hawk.

The faux hawk is a more intense hairstyle than the traditional Mohawk. A taper fade achieves the style on the sides of the head, with the longer hair being set on top. Most of the hair is pushed at the top to aid in styling in whichever way.

Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style

  • If you are not skilled enough, going to the barber for more professional styling would be best.
  • The hairstyle needs to have triangles at the front but should also be long. You can use scissors to maintain this.
  • Apply wax on the hair at the front in an upward motion. You can do the same for the sides.

The classic undercut.

The classic undercut is a hairstyle characterized by length on top and has the back of the head slightly cut. Undercut hairstyle looks good on people with voluminous, thick, and curly hair. You can choose to have the classic undercut hairstyle curly at the top or straight.

Credit: milanihairstylist


How to style.

  • Wash your hair with shampoo and let it dry a little.
  • With your hair, a little dump, apply hair styling gel in your hair. If you have a lot of hair, applying a lot of styling gel would be best.
  • Brush up the hair as you elongate towards the top and narrow on the sides.
  • Run a comb through the hair as you blow dry for neatness.

The Sweepback.

This hairstyle has been worn by people such as Bradley Cooper and other celebrities on the red carpet. It is mainly associated with clean and neat, thinly combed hair backwards. Round face people can wear this hair with short and long hair.

Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style.

  • Using a brush, blow dry your hair backwards, lifting it slightly at the edge to give it a lift at the end.
  • Backcomb your hair in the front and then push the front part back.
  • Using hairspray, spray for a shiny look.


Round face men can get many hairstyles that suit their faces. The above hairstyles are well suited for round face men with long and short hair. A little styling that can be easily done at home can set you up for a good hair day.


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