The right stylish haircut helps accentuate your attractiveness and facial features. Experts reveal that your head shape will determine the type of haircut that suits your face. Diamond is a popular facial structure or shape among most individuals. This face shape is characterized by defined cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and a jawline. 

If you're hunting for a perfect haircut for your diamond-shaped face, you're in the right place. This article explores the 15 best haircuts for diamond face men. Whether you prefer a long or short hairstyle, you'll find inspiration from this article.

How to Identify a Diamond Face Shape

Identifying your shape face is key to helping you find the best haircut that suits your head and unique features. So, how can you identify a diamond face shape? We've got various distinct characteristics that can help you identify a diamond face. A diamond-shaped face has a pointed chin and a narrow forehead. With the cheekbone being the widest part of the face, they're usually pronounced and high. In addition, you'll have an angular, chiselled, and defined jawline when having a diamond face shape. 

Best Haircuts For Diamond Face Men

Are you searching for the best haircuts for your diamond face? As a man with a diamond face shape, it'll be good to opt for hairstyles with more length on top. Why do hairstyles with more length on top suit a diamond face? These styles help your head look more balanced. Let's look at the best haircuts for diamond face men.

Sweeping Fringe

It's an excellent hairstyle for diamond-shaped faces. Sweeping fringe provides you with soft layers on the front and shifts the attention from the jaw and forehead. 


Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc

How to style

  • Wash and dry your hair to keep it clean
  • Comb the fringe to the side using your fingers or combs
  • Use styling products, such as pomade or hair wax, to hold the shape. (we are fans of the Pete & Pedro clay for this hairstyle.)

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk hairstyle helps to enhance the volume on top and make your face shape even. The lots of volumes on top and sides make your face appear wider.


Credit: sangbones

How to style

  • Start by dampening the hair with a styling spray or water
  • Use a brush and hair dryer to add volume
  • Apply styling products (pomade or hair clay) and rub them to create a proper texture. 
  • Use a comb and your fingers to style the hair into a faux hawk



Textured Crop

This diamond-face hairstyle involves going on top to make your face look narrow. Most individuals prefer pairing with a fade at the back or on the sides to create a dumbo appearance on the ears.


Credit: will_barberuk

How to style

  • Clean the hair with water and use a blow dryer to enhance the volume
  • Apply some styling products focusing on the sides and on top 
  • Use your fingers or comb to style the hair to create a messy and tousled look
  • Get regular trims to maintain the hairstyle
  • Use sea salt spray to get that nice textured look. We love the Pete & Pedro sea salt spray because it doesn't dry out the hair. 

Long Side Part

This hairstyle helps to take attention from the bone structure severity. You can enhance this style to get a slicked-back look.


Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc

How to style

  • Clean and dry your hair before creating the desired shape
  • Use a comb to have a deep side part on one side of your head
  • Use the right styling product to create texture and hold the style together
  • Style the hair to the side, leaving it tousled and loose, or have a more defined style


It's the best hairstyle to help you create a punk and rock-and-roll style without neglecting the need for balance. Quiff's heavy top gives your forehead a broader appearance. You can add sideburns to quiffs to shift the pointy chin's attention to the sides.


Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc


How to style

  • Prepare the hair by damping, blow drying, and adding volume
  • Use the right styling product to create a texture and hold the style in place
  • Style the hair into a quiff by combining it to create a parting on one side of the head.
  • Use clippers to shave a line or add a hard part into the hair to achieve a more dramatic look.
  • A high hold hair product with a matte finish is perfect for this style. We recommend Pete & Pedro's clay. 


It's an interesting style involving shorter hair on the sides. You can also achieve longer hair on the top, which you can style in a quiff or slick back. The haircut accentuates the jawline and cheekbones.


Credit: vixxboston

How to style

  • Clean and blow dry the hair to achieve your desired shape
  • Get short or medium-length hair at the back and on the sides. Ensure the top has longer hair
  • Apply styling product focusing on the sides and at the top
  • Slick the hair back and create a side part or leave it messy




With a lot of volume on the sides and top, a pompadour looks attractive on diamond-shaped faces. Pompadour will help balance your face well.


Credit: wes__the__barber

How to style 

  • Clean and towel dry your hair, leaving it slightly damp
  • Apply a styling product, working from the roots to the tips
  • Blow the dry hair while combing upwards
  • Style the hair in a pompadour shape, i.e., smoothen the sides and back while shaping the front into an elevated and round shape. 

Classic Side Part

It's a popular hairstyle for diamond face men that extend the forehead's width and enhance the face's overall feature. You can enhance creativity by experimenting with different parting styles.


Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc

How to style

  • Section and clip the hair. Start with a horizontal parting at the temple and clip the hair above it.
  • Cut and style the hair using scissors or clippers. Trim the sides and leave short-length hair on the back and top section.
  • Apply a high gloss hair products to the hair on top to achieve a polished and sleek finish. We love the Pete & Pedro pomade.

Crew Cut

While most men don't prefer it, this hairstyle helps to accentuate the natural features of the face. You can include the fade or taper to customize the haircut.


Credit: barber_egoiste

How to style

  • Clip the hair to section off the hair at the top of the head
  • Use clippers to cut the hair at the back and sides to achieve a short length 
  • Create a textured look by cutting the small hair sections at different lengths
  • Apply sea salt hair products on the top hair to create a messy and textured finish.

Short Afro

It's a top stylish and low-maintenance option for diamond face men with afro-textured hair and natural curls. A short afro helps to balance the face's width while maintaining a polished appearance.


Credit: krynux_modelo

How to style

  • Wash and condition the hair with a moisturizing shampoo 
  • Use scissors or clippers to style and trim the hair
  • Comb or use your finger to create the appropriate texture and volume 
  • Apply small amounts of hair oil or leave-in conditioner before shaping the hair



Long Slick Back

Experts refer to it as a timeless and classic hairstyle. The hairstyle involves combing your hair back to create a polished and sleek look. This hairstyle helps to balance the face angles in diamond face shapes.


Credit: barber_egoiste

How to style

  • Use an appropriate moisturizer and shampoo to keep the hair healthy
  • Trim the hair to a longer length and leave more length on the top section
  • Blow dry and finish the hair to create a sharp and clean look.

Man Bun

The man bun is the best style to enhance a hipster and manly look if you're fond of parting your long hair with full beards. The hairstyle helps to accentuate the forehead to align with sharp and protruding cheekbones.


Credit: edw_de


How to style

  • apply a oil or light product to keep the hair from looking frizzy
  • Grab all of your hair and create a ball in the back, use a band to keep in place.
  • Apply a light-hold spray to keep the buns in place. Allow some hair strands to fall out to enhance a more casual look

Swept Across

It's a popular hairstyle that involves sweeping the hair across your forehead. Sweeping the air creates a more casual and relaxed look. In addition, it helps to soften the facial structure and highlight the cheekbones.


Credit: estmenshaircutsnyc

How to style 

  • Wash and condition the hair using the right shampoo and conditioner
  • Cut and style the hair to achieve a shorter length at the back & sides, with the top section having more length
  • Combine one side part by combing hair to a single side 
  • Apply a medium hold hair product and sweep the hair across to one side
  • Keep the hair in place by applying a light-hold spray.

Mid Fade

Mid Fade is an edgy and one of the most popular hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face. It involves bending the hair from short to long, creating a fade effect. This option adds volume and dimension to the hair while balancing the facial features for diamond-shaped faces.


Credit: barber_egoiste

How to style

  • Wash and condition the hair.
  • Create a mid fade using a clipper ( having gauge 3 or 4 for the sides and long hair on the top)
  • Blend the shorter and longer sections of hair
  • Create additional texture and volume using a hair dryer

Is a Diamond Face Masculine?

Despite the thoughts of this face shape being predominant in males, diamond faces aren't inherently feminine or masculine. You can find the facial structure in women and men. Why do most people associate this shape with masculinity? Many individuals associate it with a sharp or angular appearance that's usually male-inclined. Nevertheless, studies show no inherent connection between gender identity and face shape. The femininity or masculinity of a diamond face shape depends on an individual's personal style.

Is a Diamond Face A Good Face Shape For Men?

Yes. A diamond face shape can be a good face shape for men. Why is it a good face shape for men? This face shape comes with desirable traits for men, including defined and strong cheekbones. In addition, the shape features a chiseled jawline that enhances a masculine appearance. Nevertheless, you must choose the right haircut complementing the face shape to enhance its male suitability.


Choosing the right haircut for your diamond face shape is good for enhancing your appearance and look. Nonetheless, you may find it challenging to choose the best haircut for your diamond-shaped. This article helps you choose the best option by outlining the top hairstyle options for men with a diamond face shape. These options offer a wide range of styles to suit your personalities and preferences. Whether you prefer an edgy, classic, or modern hairstyle, you'll find one that suits your needs and preferences.



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