Sideburns: Harvey Hinkle’s most dreamy feature. Everybody with hair has them, here’s three tips to getting your sideburns perfect every time.


Determine the length of sideburns best for your face and hair cut

You can’t go wrong with a mid-ear length sideburn. It works with longer shaggy styles or neatly trimmed flat tops.

You want to match the grooming precision of your sideburns to your hair. If you have a shaggy do, you want to avoid precise burns.

If you want to go longer or shorter, keep in mind that the shape you’re looking for is rectangle.


Start with clean, combed hair before you trim

Taking the extra minute to make sure the hair by your ears is combed straight down against your face will ensure that all the hairs stop at the same height. Now you can take your trimmer and cut your sideburns to the length you determined.

You can go for the classic straight across, or get fancier with a John Travolta style angle, it’s all up to you.

Check your sides are even

While there are dozens of ways you could check, the fastest and easiest way is to use your fingers and a mirror.

Facing the mirror, place your fingers on the bottom of your newly trimmed sideburns. Lift your elbows until they are parallel to the floor. Do your arms create a straight line across your head? If not, adjust the longer sideburn to match the shorter one.

Bada-bing, bada-boom! Now you’ve got some rockin’ sideburns.

January 23, 2022 — Eric Steckling

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