You have your trimmer; you have your ideal style in mind, now you’re looking at the combs of plastic that are designed to give you the result you want and all you’re left with is ... questions.

We have your back. Let’s dig into guards so you can trim your hair like a pro.

What are guards?

Guards are plastic comb attachments that enable you to have a consistent trim length. With Brio, the larger the guard, the longer the trim will be.

How do they work?
The guard puts distance between the blade and your skin. The greater the distance from the blade, the longer your hair. The comb of the guard separates the hair for an even trim along your hair.

Why do I need a guard?
When you put a trimmer to your hair, you are essentially shaping your hair. Guards help give you a consistent length over an area of your hair.

A guard isn’t a one-stop solution to a brilliant trim. (It might be the case if you have short hair)

Consider the following when determining which guard:

  • Long hair, curly hair, or difference in structure of the body under the hair
  • When shaping your hair, pay attention to the natural shape
  • If you have high cheek bones, broad chin, lumps bumps, or other uneven surfaces, you may need several guards

Which guard is right for my style?

Depending on what you want to do, we have a few articles to help you out. If stubble is your thing], cutting your kid’s hair [link to kid hair], or trimming below the belt.

You can go simple, keeping the same length for your hair (most often for below belt, body hair shaping) or get creative.

Fixes for common struggles with guards

Getting it onto your trimmer. It can be tricky at first to get the guards on.

Step one: Align front of the blade with the ridge on the guard.

Step two: rock the trimmer back until it snaps on.

To remove it, gently pull one side away from the trimmer and leveraging it off.

1-2mm guards are a bit trickier because they’re smaller. You can line the blade to the front edge and push down.

Still nervous? It's ok, you can start out with larger guards and work your way to shorter ones.

December 09, 2021 — Eric Steckling

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