Caring for your testicles (and the grooming methods you apply to them) is a laudable sentiment. When it comes to trimming, however, there is no need to go overboard. If you're tempted to go purchase a trimmer specifically dedicated to keeping them presentable, please read on first.

Did someone say “bacteria” …?

There are more cells from other organisms living on and IN your body then you have your own cells. Put another way, microbial cells outnumber human cells in your body by a ratio of around 1.3:1. And we are fortunate to have these guys around to help. Please revise your view of bacteria as simply an occasional nuisance that needs to be washed away. Not so one-sided. In fact, this type of thinking will likely lead you to believe that your toothbrush head is “dirtier” than a public restroom because of its bacteria count. It might also make you swear that you will do anything NOT to trim your beard with a tool previously applied to your groin.

Fake news

Our microbiome is highly specialized with different bacteria living on every surface of our body. The idea that using a trimmer on your face and pubic regions could spread harmful bacteria is unfounded because such a scenario is highly unlikely. Daily, your own hands come in contact with many body parts and microbial colonies and can potentially move bacteria around your body without any negative consequences. Not to mention that transferring bacteria from one location on your body to another will usually ensure that the transplanted bacteria will not survive in its new location.

The ICK factor

The only time trimmers should be disinfected is if they are used by more than one person. Barbers typically soak blades in Barbicide or other disinfectants between customers. Disinfectant sprays, bleach or alcohol solutions are all effective as well.

Regardless of style or genetics, every man needs to own a trimmer. Trimmers are the perfect tool for easily removing all varieties of body hair. Settling for a single use trimmer OR buying an additional trimmer for a specific part of your body is a giant waste of money. At most, a different blade could be used for different areas but not necessary for any practical reason.

Still dubious? No need to be. Just make sure to clean any hairs off your trimmer before switching areas. Clearing the hair off your trimmer is something that should be done regardless of what type of hair it is. Tapping it in the sink or using a brush to clear hairs off the trimmer will generally remove the vast majority of clippings.

Body hair specific trimmers would be suitable if you:

1) have no interest in cutting your head hair

2) have no facial hair

Avoid the single use – single body part trimmers. Body hair specific trimmers often lack features and length control options required for all-around grooming. If you are ready for a new trimmer, get one that will outlast the latest trimming fad and serve you well if the barbershops ever close again. Like the Brio Beardscape.

February 02, 2022 — Eric Steckling

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