Are you looking for the best mustache styles to take your facial hair game to the next level? You're in the right place! This blog post will discuss the top mustache styles, from classic to modern. We will also provide tips on taking care of your mustache and making sure it looks its best.


Are Mustaches In Style In 2022?

Mustaches have grown in popularity in recent years, so it's safe to say they are definitely in style. The key to making it look good is picking the right type for your face and personality.


Classic Mustache Styles

The classic mustache styles have been around for a long time. Sometimes, they go back to the 14th century and even beyond. Classic mustaches are primarily associated with the nineteen hundreds. Here are the three most popular classic mustache styles.

The Imperial Mustache

The imperial mustache is a thick mustache that covers the entire upper lip. It is a very unique and robust style. You will need to grow your mustache for several weeks or even months to achieve this look. Once it is long enough, you can begin to trim it and shape it with mustache wax.


The English Mustache

The English mustache is a small, thin mustache that is grown out horizontally and styled straight. It is a very classic style and has been around for many years. Some love this style, and some hate it. If you decide to rock this look, you will be sure to make a statement.


The Pencil Mustache

The pencil mustache is a skinny, narrow mustache that is shorter than the English mustache. This style was popularized in the early 20th century by actors such as Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable. This style is a bold and somewhat eccentric mustache.


The Handlebar Mustache Style

The handlebar mustache is arguably the most popular style right now. It is characterized by its long, thick hair that is often styled into curly ends. There are quite a few handlebar moustache styles and variations to choose from, but we will go over the top 3. If you want to learn more about handlebar mustaches then check out our definitive guide to handlebar mustaches.

The Classic Handlebar Mustache

The classic handlebar is a thick mustache with slightly curved hairs at the ends. It has been popularised by many famous actors such as Brad Pitt and Teddy Roosevelt.


The Curled Handlebar Mustache

The curled handlebar mustache is a more eccentric version of the handlebar. The curled sides give it its unique appearance. You may have seen actors like Johnny Depp and Daniel Day-Lewis rock this style.


The Hungarian Mustache

The Hungarian handlebar is a larger and bolder version of the classic handlebar mustache. If you want to achieve this look, you'll need to grow your mustache facial hair for at least 6 months to even a year. It's styled with a slight curve at the end.


Modern Mustache Styles

Now we are going to talk about modern moustache styles. You will probably be familiar with some of these. they are usually a more natural look and are the choice of most mustache wearers today. Here are the top four modern styles.

The Chevron Mustache

The chevron mustache, also known as the daddy mustache, is the most iconic mustache style in recent years. It's a straightforward facial hair style that covers the top lip and doesn't extend past the side of the lips. You can use a mustache comb to get that nice iconic straight-down look. This style has been popularised by celebrities like Ron Swanson, and Henry Cavill.


The Beardstache

The beard stache is a mustache that is connected to a beard. This style is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds - a mustache and a beard! To get this look, you will need to grow your mustache and beard for several weeks or even months, depending on how far you want to take it. The key to this look is having the mustache disconnected from your beard to help it stand out. Curling it slightly helps achieve that separated effect.


The Walrus Mustache

You probably know this style from Sam Elliott. he popularised this style in western movies like Tombstone. I wouldn't say this style is for everyone, but if you want to make a bold statement, the full walrus is perfect.


The Horseshoe Mustache

The modern horseshoe mustache is a style that is similar to the handlebar mustache but with the hair coming all the way down to the lower jaw line. This style gets its name from its resemblance to a horseshoe. You probably recognize this style from Hulk Hogan.


Short Mustache Styles

So you want to rock a mustache, but maybe you want something a little more conservative and easier to maintain. Short mustaches can give you that masculine look and are usually the styles men use first because they are quicker to grow. Some of the most popular short mustache styles include the following:

The Lampshade Mustache

The lampshade mustache is a thinner mustache that covers the entire upper lip. To get the lampshade look, you need to trim the tops with a slight curve on each side to create a semi-circle coming from the nose and make sure the bottom of your mustache does not cover the lips.


The Petite Pencil Mustache

The petite pencil mustache is exactly what it sounds like. It's a pencil-style mustache, but instead of extending slightly past the lips, you keep the length right at the lip line or even slightly under, depending on your preference. Pencil mustaches are all about that sharp horizontal line, so make sure to trim away access hair, and if you want to make it look perfect, you can even have it waxed thin by a professional barber.


The Thin Handlebar Mustache

The thin handlebar mustache is a style similar to the classic handlebar mustache but with thinner hairs and a more streamlined look. This style is perfect for those who want a slightly more modern take on the handlebar.


Best Products For Moustache Styling

It takes time and effort to grow a majestic mustache, so take care of it! Here are the products you will need to keep your mustache looking sharp all year around.

The Right Trimmer and Blades

A trimmer is an absolute must. Most people make the mistake of going to the convenience store and picking up the cheapest trimmer they can find. But if you are serious about mustaches, this is a terrible idea. Cheap trimmers have weak motors that can split and pull out hair, causing patches.

An excellent solid trimmer that was made specifically for grooming mustaches and won't break the bank is the Brio Beardscape. Top professional barbers use it, and when paired with the Zero Blade you can trim super close to the skin, which is perfect for the neck and detailing the top of your mustache. If you have particularly thick hair, pairing it with the ceramic blade will cut through anything.

Beard Comb

A beard comb or fine tooth comb is essential to getting that nice even look. A fine tooth comb also trains the hair to grow in a particular direction over time. Not to mention combing your stache is a total power move.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is not just for beards, you can use it for mustaches too. It helps the hair stay healthy and moisturized, which prevents split hairs. Beard oil also gives your hair a lovely shimmer.

Mustache Wax

If you plan on rocking a curled handlebar, you will need some mustache wax to help keep your styling in place. Just wash it out every evening because it can collect dirt throughout the day.



There you have it, the ultimate guide to mustache styles. Now get out there and start growing! And don't forget to take care of that 'stache with the right products. Until next time, stay sharp!

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