If you want to grow a handlebar mustache and take your facial hair game up a notch, you're in the right place! This blog post will discuss everything you need to know about handlebar moustaches and achieving one of the most iconic and masculine moustache styles ever.

We'll go over everything from how to grow a handlebar moustache, how to style it, and even what products to use. So whether you're just starting, or you've been trying to grow your handlebar moustache for a while and can't seem to get the hang of it, Keep reading; this guide has you covered.


How long does it take to grow a handlebar mustache?

Growing a basic handlebar moustache takes a couple of weeks. Two to three weeks is usually ideal for most men, but if you are going for a thick or long and curly style, it could take around four weeks to a few months. So get growing!


Here's a visual hair growth guide you can use to determine when your beard is at the proper length to start trimming


How To Grow A Handle Bar Mustache

The first step is to let your facial hair grow out. Growing a handlebar isn't different from growing a regular beard in the beginning. You don't need to keep a full beard. After a few weeks, if you want to trim your neck and lower jaw, then that's fine. Just make sure to avoid the areas around the side of your mouth.

A handlebar mustache has the optical allusion of all the hair coming from your upper lip, but the hair on the side of your lips is also important, so don't cut it!

Don't trim the top of your mustache. I know those little hairs might be annoying around your upper lip, but trust us, you want to let those hairs grow if you want to get that epic handlebar mustache.


How long should a mustache be for a handlebar?

A handlebar mustache needs to be about 1 third the length from your lip to your cheek.



The Best Handlebar Mustache Styles

While your hair is growing, you can choose the style you want. There are multiple types of handlebar mustaches. Here are the top 5 best handlebar mustache styles.

The Classic Handlebar Mustache

The classic handlebar moustache gives you that classic masculine look. It's not too thick or thin and works well for square and rectangular face shapes.


The Beard Handlebar Mustache

The full beard handlebar mustache is perfect for that rugged look. This style works well with any face shape. The hard part is growing the beard, but if you have a beard, separate the mustache from your beard and curl it slightly. You want it to appear visually as two separate things.


The Imperial Handlebar Mustache

The Imperial handlebar mustache is perfect for those who want a more striking look. This is an excellent choice if you wear suits and like to look a little more groomed. This style works well for oval face shapes.


The Curled Handlebar Mustache

The Curled handlebar Mustache is the most eccentric look. It requires the hair on the side of your lips to be grown for a longer time, but if you can pull it off, you will stand out, even among other mustache wearers. This style works well for rectangular and also circular face shapes.


The Thin Handlebar Mustache

The thin handlebar moustache offers that clean look and is perfect for those who have difficulty growing the hair on the sides of their lip. This style works great for oval and heart face shapes.


How To Style A Handlebar Moustache

Okay, so your beard is grown, and you picked the perfect look. Now it's time to start trimming and styling it.

Step One: Shave Your Facial Hair

The first step is to shave clean your face except for your mustache, of course. Having a clean shave will help your mustache stand out. Make sure to use a quality shaving cream, so your skin is prepared and doesn't break out. After you shave, give your face a quick wash and move on to the next step.


Step Two: Comb Your Mustache

Before you start trimming, you want to comb the hair in the direction you want it to go. So for Imperial and curled styles, you want to comb it to the side, while the thin or classic styles can be combed down.


Step Three: Trim Your Mustache To The Desired Length

Make sure to use reference photos of the particular style you want and begin trimming your mustache to match that length. Pay attention to the lip line. Does your style stop at the top lip, or does it extend over the lip? Don't worry about the shape; we will use beard oil in the next step.

It's essential to be very careful with this step and don't over-trim. It's better to have more hair than less hair on your stache.

When trimming your moustache, you want to use a high-quality trimmer that doesn't pull out hairs like the Brio Bearscape. Make sure to use a trimmer guard or a fine tooth comb to get the perfect mustache length and control the amount of hair you cut.

It's good to go back and get the loose hairs. The zero blade is perfect because it allows you to get super short in areas like your cheeks and the border of your handlebar mustache.


Step Four: Apply Moustache Wax & Style

Once everything is trimmed, and your handlebar mustache is taking shape, it's time to add some mustache wax.

If you are going for the classic style or a mid-length stache and don't plan on twisting the handlebar ends, then beard balm or beard oil also works well to shape your handlebar mustache.

A small amount of quality mustache wax will help to hold your mustache in place and keep those pesky flyaways under control. Apply a small amount of wax to your fingertips and distribute it evenly, then gently twist at the ends to get those iconic handlebars.


Step Five: Apply Hairspray.

A little secret to keeping your handlebar mustache looking good and not bushy over time is by using a little hairspray as the last step. You don't need a lot. Make sure to close your eyes before spraying.


That's it! You can have the perfect handlebar mustache with just a few simple steps.


How To Maintain A Handlebar Mustache

Now that you have an epic handlebar mustache. You want to keep it looking good all year round.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your mustache looking sharp.


Clean & Comb

A handlebar mustache can get dirty, and you will want to remove that beard wax, so it's important to clean it daily. Use a mild shampoo or conditioner to avoid stripping away too many natural oils.

Like the hair on your head, facial hair benefits from regular conditioning. Look for a conditioner made for facial hair, and apply it twice weekly. Combing a handlebar mustache is essential to keep its shape and prevent curls.

Make sure to comb carefully to avoid damaging the hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the strands, and be extra careful not to pull or tug too hard.


Trim Regularly

You don't need to do this every day, but handlebar mustaches require regular trimming to keep them looking neat. The Zero Blade is perfect for snipping away stray hairs and getting a very short trim close to the skin. Regularly trimming the edges of your mustache will give it that sharp appearance and help it stand out.


Mustache Wax

You'll need to invest in a good-quality mustache wax. Apply the wax to your mustache daily. Mustache wax helps hold your handlebar mustache in place and prevents the hairs from curling or splitting.

Just be sure to remove the wax in the evening because it can attract and hold dirt in your handlebar mustache.


That's it! If you follow these simple tips, you will have a well-groomed handlebar mustache that will turn heads. Trying new facial hair styles can always seem intimidating, but if you do it the right way, it can be something that becomes a source of pride, and you might even notice people treating you a little differently.


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