Do you need to know how to trim your mustache? You might be a little worried about messing up your mustache that took you weeks or months to grow, but don't worry, it's easier than you think. In this blog, we will teach you how to trim your mustache in 6 easy steps and go over everything you need to know. We will even cover what products to use and how to keep it maintained and looking fresh all year round.


Products You Need

You need the right mustache trimming tools to get the look you want. You don't need a ton of things but If you just use some basic scissors it won't turn out well. Here is what you'll need.


  • Electric trimmer
  • Mustache scissors
  • Fine tooth comb or mustache comb
  • Mirror


The Best Mustache Trimmers

There are a lot of different mustache trimmers on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Don't use just any cheap trimmer from the supermarket, it's going to pull out the hair or cause split ends.


Mustache hair is particularly coarse and thick, so you need electric clippers with enough power and the correct blades. We recommend the Brio Beardscape. It has been specifically designed for men's facial hair and mustaches. It's used by professional barbers and it's one of the most recommended trimmers because it gives you everything you need, but at a price that won't break the bank.



Pick Your Mustache Style

There are many different mustache styles to choose from. it's important to know the look you are going after before you begin trimming because that will influence the length and how much you need to trim.


The most popular mustache style is the handlebar mustache. The handlebar mustache requires a little extra attention, so we recommend following our guide on handlebar mustaches here.


Other mustache styles include the Chevron mustache, which is a shorter and more conservative version of the handlebar. We wrote an entire guide on mustache styles that you can read here if you need some mustache inspiration.



Clean Your Mustache

Step One: Start by cleaning your mustache and facial hair.


Use a mild shampoo or soap to avoid irritating your skin. Rinse thoroughly and dry your mustache completely before trimming.


A clean mustache will be easier to work with and the hairs will lay straighter and more uniform instead of being curly.


Comb Your Mustache

Step Two: Comb your mustache.

Make sure your mustache is completely dry before combing because the hair will appear longer than normal when wet, which means you might trim more of your mustache than you wanted.


Next, use a small, fine-toothed comb to avoid damaging the hairs. You can also use a mustache comb, but any fine-toothed comb will work.


Start at the top of your mustache and work your way down, combing in the direction of hair growth. You just want to comb until you have a nice even and uniform look.


Trim Around The Upper Lip Line

Step Three: Use your beard trimmer to trim the hair around your upper lip line.


You will want to use a good quality beard trimmer like the Brio Beardscape so your trimmer doesn't pull any hairs and ruin your beautiful mane. If you don't want to use a trimmer then beard scissors also work.


Trim along the edge of your upper lip, following the natural curve of your lip. Be careful not to get too close to your actual lip.


Start in the middle then work your way to the left until you reached the outer part of your mouth, then go back to the middle and trim the other side the same way. You want to have a nice smooth even line.


Trim For Length

Step Four: Trim the length of your mustache. Use your fine tooth comb to comb through your mustache and use your trimmer to trim the outside of the comb's teeth.


Trim conservatively until you reach the desired length. If you are using a trimmer, then use longer to progressively shorter guides. you want all the hair to look uniform and be the same length.


Trim The Outer Edges

Step Five: Time to trim the outer corners of your mustache. You can use your electric trimmer or mustache scissors for this.


Don't go overboard, slowly trim the out-of-place hairs that don't go with your mustache until you have a nice and clean outer line. Hair that goes beyond your cheek lines is usually too long.


You can use this step to shape your beard, but make sure to refer to the style you are going for and be careful not to overshape your mustache.


be careful of other facial hair like sideburns or beards if you plan on keeping that, it depends on personal preference.


Comb and Style

Step Six: Now that you have trimmed your mustache it's time to style it. First, use your comb to give one last brush before styling. This will remove any loose hairs from trimming.


If you are going for just a basic mustache style, then all you need is some beard oil or mustache wax to help keep the facial hair in place and healthy throughout the day.


If you are going for something a little more complicated like a handlebar mustache then we made an advanced guide on how to style handlebar mustaches.


A final optional step is you can use hairspray to keep it in place if you have particularly unruly hair, or hair that just doesn't want to stay down.



How To Maintain Your Mustache

Now that you have trimmed and styled your mustache it's time to maintain it.


you will want to trim your mustache and other facial hair about once per week, Depending on the speed of hair growth.


You can use the same steps as before, but don't go overboard with the trimming. You just want to maintain the current style.


Clean and Comb Your Mustache Daily

If you are using beard oil or mustache wax each day then you want to make sure to clean your mustache each day in the evening. This will help keep dirt and grime out of your mustache.


Washing and then combing your mustache keeps the hair follicles smooth and will help them lay down better. So over time, your hair will be trained to lay in a certain direction.


Get The Right Tools For The Job

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