The goatee beard is the perfect facial hair style for people who don't want a full beard but want to have some facial hair. It's quick to grow out and looks great on every guy. This blog will show you how to trim and style a goatee step by step. We will even show you how to maintain it and walk you through the top four goatee styles. So with that being said, let's get into it!


How To Trim And Style Your Goatee Beard

Before you get started, you do need to grow out your facial hair for a few weeks or even longer, depending on hair growth speed. Once you feel you have reached the right length, you can start trimming. Let's walk you through how to trim and style your goatee beard.


Products you will need

beard trimmer

Beard comb

short trimmer blade


Optional: Razor


Step One: Comb Your Facial Hair

Before you start trimming your facial hair, it's important to comb your facial hair. This will help ensure that all hairs point in the same direction, making it easier to get an even trim. Use a beard comb to gently comb through your facial hair, starting at the top and slowly combing down. If you have a mustache, you want to comb that also.


Step Two: Trim Your Neck

The first place you want to trim is your neck. You can use your trimmer without a guard and evenly trim your neck, starting at the bottom and working your way up. You want a nice defined line under the jaw all the way around.

A common mistake people make is trimming to the jawline. You want to go just under the jawline, so the goatee beard appears to cover the entire face. If you trim to the jawline, then when you talk, the line under your beard will become visible, and it doesn't look that great. So remember, right under the jawline.


Step Three: Trim Your Cheek Hair

Now you can trim your cheeks with your trimmer again without a guard. We aren't shaping the goatee beard yet, but you want to get the general shape. So start on the outside and work your way towards your mouth slowly until you get the general shape of the goatee you want.


For most styles, you should stop trimming right on the outside of the lip line, which creates that nice goatee look. Now, if you want to trim your mustache hair and or side hair, then you can do that. Just reference the style you want.


Step Four: Define The Outlines

Now that you have the general goatee beard style, it's time to define the outlines. You can do this with a razor, but using an electric trimmer paired with the Zero Blade is much easier. This is the perfect tool for outlines, it gets that skin close trim, but you don't have to worry about cutting yourself.


You want to slowly trim the outside of your goatee until each side has a straight line. Don't forget the mustache; you also want to trim a nice clean line above the upper lip. Take your time, and you can give your goatee one last brush when you're done.


Step Five: Shave and Moisturize

This last step is optional. Some people like the look of having a little stubble with their goatee, but if you want to define your goatee more and make it truly stand out, then you can shave clean the remaining stubble from the sides of your cheeks and neck.


Just shave like you usually would and when you finish, make sure to use a moisturizer that is made for your skin type. This will help prevent shave burns and irritation.


That's it! You should be rocking a fresh goatee!


How To Maintain Your Goatee Beard

Trimming and styling your goatee is just the beginning. To keep your goatee looking good all the time, you want to keep it maintained. It doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. If you follow the steps below, you should be fine.


Wash and Moisturize Your Face

You want to wash and moisturize your face every day regardless of whether you are trimming it. This ensures your goatee hair isn't collecting any dirt or grime and keeps the underlying skin healthy.


You also want to wash and moisturize the skin around the goatee on the cheeks and neck. Taking care of your skin is just as important as taking care of your goatee. The one thing that could ruin your fresh goatee is a big pimple on the side.

Comb Your Goatee

You want to keep your goatee looking straight and neat, so if you want to give it a quick come each day before going out.


If you have a medium or longer-length goatee, beard balm can come in handy. Beard balm keeps the hair from becoming brittle and curling. It makes combing easier and straightens the hair without using a blow dryer.

Trim Or Shave Regularly

You don't have to trim the goatee all the time, but the stubble around your goatee will grow out and become noticeable quickly. You might have to shave or trim the stubble around the goatee every other day, depending on the speed of hair growth.


To keep the goatee hair at a specific length, we recommend using an electric trimmer with a guard. For a medium-length goatee, we recommend a five or six-guard size. If you prefer a shorter goatee, then three or four works.


The Best Goatee Beard Styles

Believe it or not, there are various goatee styles. If you want to learn about them, we made the complete goatee styles guide here. While there are a lot of different goatee beard styles, it comes down to four key styles. Let's go over them below.



The Classic Goatee Beard

The classic goatee style has been around for ages. Its defining features are growing out the hair on your chin while keeping the rest of your face clean-shaven. Many people grow their facial hair out for a more natural goatee, but if you don't want to look like a wizard, then we recommend keeping it well-trimmed at a medium length. You can use a beard trimmer with a guard of around three to four. Make sure to have nice vertical lines on either side.



The Circle Beard Goatee

The circle beard is considered the best goatee style. It features a grown-out mustache on the upper lip that is connected to the chin hair with the hair around the lips. This style looks excellent both natural or more trimmed and sharp. We find that it looks best when you keep the soul patch under your bottom lip. It's one of the most masculine goatee beard styles, and you've seen actors like Tom Hardy and Will Smith wear this style.


The Disconnected Goatee

This style has a couple of variations, including the van dyke goatee, and the anchor goatee. They all feature hair on the chin with a mustache. The difference between this style and the circle beard goatee is the mustache is not connected to the hair on the chin. The hair is kept entirely separate. So make sure to use something like the Zero Blade to get a nice close trim when removing the hair around the lips.


The Stubble Goatee

The stubble goatee is a relatively recent trend. Instead of rocking a goatee with a clean-shaven face, you grow out a little stubble. This style can make you look more rustic and manly. The key is ensuring the stubble facial hair is not too long. You still want separation between your goatee beard and the stubble on your face. You can use a beard trimmer with a trim guard of two to get the perfect stubble length.


There you have it; that's how to trim and style your goatee. Check out our complete guide here if you want to learn more about goatee styles. And remember, the key to any good goatee is to keep it well-trimmed and clean! Thanks for reading.


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