Do you want to grow a beard but don’t know how? You’re not alone. Millions of men worldwide are looking for information on how to grow a beard faster and thicker. In this blog post, we will provide tips to help you achieve your goal!


Can everyone grow a beard?

The sad truth is that not every man can grow a beard. This comes down to primary genetics. That said, only a small number of men can't grow a beard, and the more common problem is that men can't grow the exact beard style they want. Some men grow more hair on their necks, while others grow it on their cheeks, and others have a patchy beards. Even if you can't grow that perfect Viking beard, there are plenty of other amazing-looking beard styles out there; we even wrote a blog about different beard styles here.


Is growing a beard easy?

Growing a beard is relatively straightforward, the difficult part is having the patients to let your beard grow out and not getting discouraged when you hit that awkward or patchy phase. With time, your hair usually fills in these areas. So patients and determination are vital to growing that beard you've always wanted.


How To Grow A Beard Naturally

The problem most men have is with patches and the time it takes to grow a beard. Some men resort to using things like modoxonil, which could cause skin breakouts and other harmful side effects. We will show you how to grow your beard the right way and completely naturally. Later in the article, we even have fantastic tips to speed up this process without resorting to potentially harmful chemicals. Let's get into it.

Stop Shaving

This seems straightforward but it's the first step you take when wanting to grow out a beard. Before you start growing, it's ok to shave or trim your beard one last time to make sure everything grows more evenly. You will still get patches and uneven growth as you go, but giving one final trim ensures you have the best starting point. After that, it's time to retire the razor for good.


Some men might even try to shave little parts of their face as it grows in because they don't like the appearance, but we strongly recommend not doing this. In the beginning, you're going to go through what we call the awkward phase. It's important not to shave or trim any hairs at this point because as it grows out, you might find those hairs that once annoyed you, actually become an essential part of the structure and shape of the beard. So while it's tempting, don't touch it!

Commit To The Growing Process

As we mentioned before, the most crucial step you can take is letting your beard grow out and genuinely committing to the process, even on those days when you look like shaggy from scooby doo.


Some guys will give up at around the two-week mark because they hate that phase where the hair is long but not quite long enough to look good. I know it looks terrible, but trust us, if you let it grow out, it will look amazing. If it helps, place a photo of the ideal beard you want on the mirror, so you are reminded of your goal and to push through the growing process. over time, those cat whiskers will mature into long majestic locks of manliness.


Depending on your style, it can take quite a while for the hair to grow out. If you are going for a stubble or short beard, this could take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. A medium-length beard could take about 2 to 3 months, and a long majestic Viking beard can take up to a year or even a little longer, depending on your hair growth rate.


If you are going for a medium or long-length beard, we recommend not shaving or trimming your face for at least one to two months.

Plan The Lines And Shape

Ok, so you let your beard grow for at least a month. No really, did you let your beard grow out for at least a month? If so, then you are at the fun part. You can now start to plan the shape and style of your beard.


You first want to look at your natural hair growth and determine what style of beard naturally fits you. If you have nice, even hair growing in on the cheeks, you're lucky because you can rock just about any beard style, including the notorious Viking beard. If you notice you have good hair growth on the chin and mustache but not so much on the cheeks, then you might want to consider the balbo, circle beard, and beard stache styles.


Once you have determined your beard style based on your natural hair growth, you can start some mild shaping, but don't go overboard. It's okay to take a comb or ruler and begin defining the upper cheek lines and sideburns and cleaning up the silhouette of your mustache.


Make sure you use a high-quality trimmer like the Brio Beardscape, so you don't pull out any hair. It's good to invest in a trimmer now because it will be your best friend throughout the life of your beard.


Trim The Neck

After you have grown your beard for three weeks to a month and established the style, you can clean up your neck a bit. When you have a beard, you want to have a well-defined neckline.


If you have stubble or a shorter beard, you want to trim right under the jawline to give it that nice sharp look. Never trim directly at the jaw, always slight under because if you trim directly at the jaw, it looks good, until you talk, then it just looks weird. So don't go too high.


If you have a medium-length or longer beard style, you want to have a neckline that goes from the back of the jaw, where it meets your neck, to your Adam's apple. It's always good to give this line a slight curve because it looks more natural. This is important for medium-length and longer beards because the bulk of your beard will come from the upper neck area, so you don't want to trim too much of that off.


Use Beard Products

If you are serious about growing a majestic beard, then you need a few products to keep it looking good and the skin underneath healthy. Here are a few products you can use and their benefits.


Beard Wash

A good beard wash is extremely important. Beards collect dirt and grime over time, so washing your beard every day is essential. It doesn't take a long time, and you can include it in your daily grooming routine or in the shower. A beard wash also softens your beard and can straighten curly and unruly hair.


Beard Oil

Beard oil is an essential item for any beardsmen. Beard oil helps you control and shape your beard and keeps the hair moisturized and healthy. Beard oil also hydrates the underlying skin and keeps flaky skin under control.


If you use beard oil and are sensitive to smells, make sure to get a nonscented beard oil because of its close proximity to your nose.

Beard Comb

A good quality beard come is an excellent tool for any man with a beard. If you don't want to have an unruly messy looking beard, then you should comb your beard each day. Combing your beard will make your beard look neater and more organized. Beard combs have small bristles specifically designed for facial hair. It's also good to use a beard com at night to remove any access dirt and beard product.


How long does it take to grow a beard?

Growing a beard takes about two to six months, depending on the style and your personal hair growth rate. The actual speed of growth depends on your genetics. Some men can grow a full beard in a few weeks, while others have to grow their beard out for months.


Individual hairs also grow at different rates. It may look like they all grow evenly, but they don't. This becomes more noticeable over time. When growing your beard, you might notice areas that fill in super quick, while other areas, like the upper cheeks, tend to grow more slowly. So if you have some patchy areas in your beard, giving it more time to allow those areas to grow out, could be the solution.


From our experience, we see that the majority of men spend about 4 to 6 months trying to grow out their beards before they are happy with the results.


Beard Growth Time by Length and Style

Now we will talk about how long a beard will take to grow depending on the style and length you want. This will help you get a general idea of how long your beard growth journey will take.


Stubble beard (1 - 2 Weeks)

If you want to grow out a little stubble, then it shouldn't take long. Most men can grow out a decent amount of stubble in about a week, while some men might need an additional week for those patch areas to fill in.

Short Beard ( 1 - 2 Months)

If you want to grow out a short beard like the box beard, Balbo beard, or circle beard, then you can expect to grow out your beard for about one to two months.

Medium Beard (2 - 3 Months)

For medium-length beards like the corporate beard, or anchor beard, it will take a little longer, at about two to three months. This is where most men stop growing and begin styling their beards.

Long Beard ( 4 - 6 Months)

For longer beards like the ducktail or full Viking beard, you will need to grow your beard for four to six months. It's a big commitment, but that's what makes it worth it and somewhat of a status symbol in the beard world. It shows true dedication.

Wizard Beard ( 12 - 18 Months)

If growing a simple long beard isn't enough for you and you are someone who is looking to ascend into legend and become a local myth, then growing out that super long wizard beard will take you at least a year and most likely a little over a year. If you accomplish this, you will become local mythology and might even ascend into the bearded hall of fame.


Stages Of Beard Hair Growth

Now we want to walk you through all the phases of beard growth, so you know exactly what to expect as you grow your beard. All hair, including facial hair, goes through 4 stages. Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, and Exogen. Let's go over them.



hair begins to grow in the anagen phase. The time that hair stays in the anagen phase will vary from person to person. It's the longest phase, and hair can stay in this phase for two years or longer, although facial hair is a bit less than that.


The catagen phase is when your hair stops growing. This is when the hair follicle detaches from the blood vessel that supplies nutrients to the hair follicle that is required for it to grow. This phase lasts for about two weeks.


The telogen phase is where the hair rests in place in your skin. It doesn't grow, but it also doesn't leave the skin. This phase will last for about three months.


The last phase is the exogen phase. During this phase, a new hair follicle will begin to grow right under the old hair follicle. Over time the new hair follicle will grow and slowly push the old hair out of the skin. The new hair follicle will then enter the anagen phase and repeat the cycle.


What stimulates beard growth?

The main thing that stimulates hair growth is testosterone and DHT. The higher levels of DHT and testosterone in your body, the more hair you will grow. That's why younger men have more difficulty growing facial hair than older men.


The ideal age for beard growth is ages 25 to 40 because that's the age range where men have the highest levels of testosterone in their body to support beard growth.


Genetics and lifestyle are also other factors for hair growth. Some men may have high testosterone but still have trouble growing facial hair because of their genetics. Lifestyle can also have an effect. Eating healthy and getting enough sleep can significantly affect growing facial hair.


How can I speed up beard growth?

We will go over natural ways to potentially increase your hair growth rate. None of these are magic bullets, but if you combine a few or all of these, then you could see faster hair growth.

Exercise and Diet

Before you try any supplements or other solutions, the first thing is to consider your diet and exercise. Having a healthy diet and exercising will not just have overall health benefits, but it will increase your natural testosterone levels which helps stimulate faster hair growth.


Sleep is vital to good health and hair growth. If you don't get enough sleep, you could be hurting your hair growth. When you sleep, your body heals itself, which means there is a higher level of blood circulation. With increased blood circulation at night, your hair follicles will receive more nutrients and have much faster hair growth rates.

Vitamin D3

Testosterone is one of the top factors when it comes to stimulating hair growth. The more you have, the faster you will grow hair. Taking vitamin D3 may lead to higher testosterone levels because many men have a vitamin D deficiency. For men with a vitamin D deficiency, taking vitamin D3 can slightly increase their testosterone levels, leading to better and faster hair growth. However, if you are not deficient in vitamin D, then taking vitamin D3 will likely not have an effect.

Biotin and Multivitamin

Taking supplements like biotin and a multivitamin is great for hair growth. Biotin stimulates keratin production, which can increase the rate of hair follicle growth. A multivitamin is also necessary because all the other vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy hair growth.

Stop Smoking

Smoking disrupts natural hair growth because it decreases blood flow and can damage DNA. If you stop smoking, your natural blood flow will return to normal, meaning your hair follicles will receive more oxygen and nutrients they need to grow.


How To Make Your Beard Thicker

If you have problems with patchiness or thin hair growth, focusing on making your beard more full and the follicles themselves thicker is essential. Here are a few things you can do to make your beard thicker and fuller.


Biotin promotes keratin production in the body, which can increase the rate of hair growth. Biotin is also well known for growing stronger and thicker hair strands. If your hair grows more robust and thicker, then the hair can grow out longer and more easily.

Diet and Protein

A healthy diet with a lot of protein is vital for healthy hair growth. Hair is mostly made out of protein. A diet lacking protein has been shown to promote hair loss.

Micro Needling

Micro-needling is a procedure where you insert tiny needles into your face that cause micro damage. Microneedling can help you grow in those patchy or problem spots in your beard. It works because when you cause micro damage in a specific area, it increases blood flow and collagen production, which can, over time, stimulate hair growth in those areas.


If you are going to do micro-needling, we recommend going to a trained professional because they have advanced tools that are more effective and use radiofrequency to increase the effect. An experienced professional will also ensure you don't cause any damage or make a mistake.


There are popular devices like a derma roller, but these tools don't always puncture the skin evenly and risk permanent scaring or bleeding due to you rolling too hard. So we don't recommend this method.



How To Shape Your Beard

Once you have fully grown out your beard, you can start focusing on trimming and shaping. Shaping your beard is essential for getting that perfect look you want. If you want a complete step-by-step guide to shaping your beard with photos, we wrote an entire blog article here. We recommend you go read that article, but we are going to go over the basics here.

Get The Right Tools

To shape your beard, you need a couple of tools. The most important tool is an electric trimmer with trim guards. We specifically designed the Brio Beardscape to be the ultimate beard-trimming and shaping device. It's perfect because it has 24 different length adjustments so that you will get the perfect trim every time.


You will need a beard comb or a small tooth comb next. This is important to control that beard and remove any oils or dirt before you start trimming. It's great for getting your facial hair to lay down straight.

Start With The Sides

Before you get started, give your beard a quick comb to ensure all the hair is in order. The first place you want to start trimming to shape your beard is the sides around the cheeks. The goal is to take off bulk and get it to the perfect length. We recommend using a longer guard, around 5 or 6, then slowly moving down until you reach the length you want.


Make sure to start at the top of your cheek and trim downwards with the trim guard touching your cheek. After trimming both checks downwards, make sure to give your beard another quick comb after trimming to see the results so far. Don't be afraid to go back and touch things up if you notice anything that's out of place.

Trim The Sideburns

The next area you want to trim is the sideburns. You want to use a shorter guard of two or three for this area. Even if you have a longer beard, you want your sideburns to be shorter than your beard to create that nice tapered look.


You want to start trimming at the top of your sideburns and go down to the top of your beard. When your trimmer reaches the top of your beard, scop the blade outwards, creating a natural fade and no hard lines.

Shape The Bottom

Now it's time to shape the bottom of your beard. Before you start trimming, it's essential to reference the style of beard you want; that way you know how much to cut off and in what area.


Holding your clipper upside down without a guard, tilt your head back and start trimming from the front by the chin towards the Adam's apple. Don't trim off tons of hair. You want to graze the surface and take off your hair slowly until you reach the desired length. It's better to be safe than to make a mistake and spend weeks growing your beard back.

Shape The Neckline

Now it's time to define the neckline. If you want this to look sharp, then you can use a precision blade like the Zero Blade, which will give you a sharp and skin-close trim perfect for detailing.


When you trim, you want to start from the back of your jaw down to your Adam's apple. Don't trim a straight line because it won't look natural. You want to follow the natural curvature of your beard and give a slight curve.


After you have defined your neckline, you can place your regular trimming head back on and trim off any remaining hairs left over below the line you defined and any hairs left on your neck.

Shape The Upper Cheeks and Mustache

Now it's time to shape the upper checks and mustache. You want that well-defined cheek line at the top, so attach your Zero Blade. You want to hold your trimmer right side up and then trim upwards in little sections until you have a nice straight line. This method will make sure you don't accidentally cut into your beard. Repeat on both sides, and you're done!


Next, it's time to trim that mustache. If you have a long mustache and would like to cut some length off, take your trimmer without a guard, then take your beard comb and bush the comb through your mustache until you have a little hair at the end. Use your trimmer to cut the hair at the end of the com. You can repeat this until you have the perfect mustache length.


You can also take your trimmer without a guard and slowly trim away any hairs outside of the mustache that doesn't make up the body of the mustache to have that nice clean silhouette.


That's it! Your beard should look sharp!



That's it! Now you know how to grow a fantastic beard faster and thicker. Just remember patience is critical, especially if you plan to grow a long beard. It requires real dedication, but that's why it will be worth it in the end! Thanks for reading!


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