The beardstache is a beard and mustache combo that has become one of the most popular facial hair styles because it's so diverse and works in almost any environment. If you want to try out a new facial hair style that looks masculine and goes great with skinny jeans, then keep reading. We will talk about the different styles and variations, while also talking about exactly how to grow and maintain a beardstache. So if you're ready to take your beard game up a notch, keep reading.


What is a Beardstache

A beardstache is a beard style that features a mustache and beard combination where the mustache is longer than the beard. It comes in a few different style variations, but the most prominent feature is the mustache that is slightly disconnected from the beard and grown out much longer to help it stand out.


Best Face Shapes For a Beardstache

The beardstache works for most face shapes, but there are a few where we don't recommend a beardstache. We will walk you through what face shapes work best for the beardstache, and which ones won't.


Best Matches

triangle and diamond face shapes

square face shape

Oval Face Shape


Poor Matches

Circle Face Shape

Heart Face Shape


Best Beardstache Styles

The beardstache style has multiple variations to choose from. We'll show you visual examples of the most popular beardstache styles.

Stubble Beard

The stubble beard is the shortest style of bearstache. It features a natural stubble beard with a slightly longer mustache. this style does not have any shaping or sharp lines.


Beardstache with Walrus Mustache

The beardstache with a walrus mustache looks best with a beard length is a little longer than stubble. You can use your beard trimmer with a guard of about one or two to get the perfect look. The walrus mustache is unique and features a mustache that grows over both lips completely, so it's not for every guy, but it does show dedication because of how long it takes to grow this style of mustache.


Beardstache With a Horseshoe Mustache

The beardstache with a horseshoe style mustache is another style that looks best with a stubble-length beard. If you grow the rest of your beard out longer, it can just look messy and undefined. Hulk Hogan has popularised this style, and even Chris Pine has rocked this look a few times.


Beardstache with Chevron Mustache

This is our personal favorite beardstache style and gives off that masculine lumberjack vibe. It looks best with either a stubble-length beard or even slightly longer but don't go too long because you want the chevron to stand out. The chevron mustache is a classically conservative mustache style that grows straight down and is well trimmed around the mouth. When paired with the perfect short beard, you have a beardstache that means business.


Hipster Beardstache

The hipster beard stache is typically a beard paired with a curled handlebar mustache. This style looks good with a longer or shorter beard, so it's a great all-around style. To achieve that hipster look, make sure to curl your mustache


Beardstache With Full Beard

A beardstache with a full beard is possible, but it's still going to be slightly shorter than a long beard because you still want that separation between your beard and mustache. You can typically do more styling and shaping with a full beard, and to make it a beardstache make sure to add some clear separation with the mustache or curl your mustache.


How To Grow A Beardstache

Growing a beard stache is very similar to growing a regular mustache, and depending on what style you're going for, it could take a couple of weeks to months.


The key difference between growing a regular mustache and a beard stache is you want the mustache to be longer than the beard.


If you are going for a stubble beard, then you can trim your beard area about once a week but keep your mustache growing until it reaches the desired length. If you have a longer beard, then you can grow it out for up to two months; after that, you will want to start trimming it so your mustache will stand out.


How To Trim a Beardstache

Ok, now we will walk you through the steps of trimming a beardstashe. Before we get started, make sure you have the tools and products below.

Products you need

Beard trimmer with trim guards


fine tooth comb


Step one: Wash and Comb Your beard

Before we get started, you want to wash and comb your beard. This will ensure all the hair lays down flat and is prime for grooming.


If your beard and mustache are long enough, then you want to give it a quick comb to make sure you don't have tangled hairs, and everything is looking smooth.


Step Two: Trim Your Beard

If you have a longer beard, then you can define the neckline and jawline to make sure your beard has shape, but if you are going for the stubble or shorter beard look, then you don't need to define any lines or edges. The beardstache typically has a more natural style; remember, the beard is always shorter than the mustache.


Use your beard trimmer with a guard length of around two to three for shorter styles or four to five if you are going for the longer bead stache. Make sure not to touch the mustache area; we will get to that in the following steps.


Next, if you still have some hairs on your neck or cheeks that look too long or out of place, then you can go over these with a shorter guard or no guard. You want to keep a more natural appearance while still looking clean.


Step Three: Shorten the Sideburns.

Now it's time to take on the sideburns. You want to use no guard at all or a very short guard like a one. Start at the top of the sideburns and slowly trim down while stopping at the top of your checks and beard. You want to create a natural-looking taper.


Step Four: Trim The Mustache

Ok, your mustache should be longer than your beard, so we don't want to take away too much length; we just want to make sure it is well groomed. Start by combing your mustache straight down to get all the hairs falling straight down.


Now take your beard trimmer without a guard and define the lower line of the mustache. Some mustache styles cover the top lip while others stop at the upper lip line, so reference the style you want and trim to that length. If you plan to curl your mustache, then make sure to keep the sides longer.


You want to flip your trimmer upside down and sideways. Start trimming in the middle and work your way down one side; once you are finished, flip your trimmer and repeat the same process on the other side.


You can finish by defining the top and sides of the mustache by removing any stray hairs that don't contribute to the outline of the mustache.


That's it! You should be rocking a fresh new beardstache!


How To Maintain A Beardstache

If you don't maintain your beardstache eventually it will just turn into a regular beard. So to keep it maintained there are a few things you should do regularly.


Trim your beard

If you are going for the short beard stache style, then you want to trim your beard at least once a week and probably twice weekly. You can use a trimmer with a trim guard length of two or three.


If you are going for a longer beardstache, you can let it grow out for longer, but we still recommend doing some light trimming at least once every two weeks to ensure good separation between your beard and mustache. You also want to keep your neck and sideburns under control.


Wash and Comb Your Beardstache

You want to wash your face once daily in the evening; it keeps your beard hair healthy and the underlying skin. It's also a great idea to moisturize your skin with a light moisturizer. This won't hurt the beard, and it's something people often forget when they have a beard.


It's also a good idea to comb your mustache each morning to make sure it's looking nice and well groomed; this also keeps the hair straight and not in a tangled mess.

Beard Balm or Beard Oil

This last tip is optional, but if you have a longer mustache and beard, then beard oil is great for keeping the style through the day while also keeping the hair healthy. If you are going to use beard oil on your mustache then make sure to go for something lightly scented or with no scent because if you are sensitive to fragrances, this could end up giving you a headache.



That's it! Now you know how to grow and style a beardstache. Just remember to trim your beard regularly, wash your face daily, and use beard oil or balm if you have a longer beard. With some time and effort, you'll be rockin' the beardstache in no time!


Thanks for reading!


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