Ever wondered what hairstyle to put on with an oblong face? An oblong face is one of the most remarkable faces in which you can rock any hairstyle and still look good. An oblong face is a face that is twice as long as its width. Oblong faces tend to have the same cheekbones, forehead, and jawline width. These features make it easy to pick any hairstyle. Luckily for you men with oblong faces, there are many hairstyles you can quickly wear and maintain that we will look at today.

How to tell if you have an oblong face shape.

To know whether you have an oblong face, take a tape measure and measure the wideness of your face versus the length of your face if the length of your face is longer than the width or twice the width.

When you measure the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead, you will notice that with an oblong face, all those parts have almost the exact measurements. This is what makes the oblong face to be distinguishable from other face shapes.

Top hairstyles for men with oblong faces.

The oblong face is one of the unique faces, and people with this type of face are so lucky that they can quickly wear any hairstyle and still look good. Here are 15 hairstyles you can wear with oblong faces.

1. Classic side part.

This hairstyle is distinguished by the sides of the head being a bit short after the partition and a fast mass of hair falling on top of the head. This hairstyle helps in making your face less oblong.

Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc


How to style.

  • Part the high on one side and comb the longer hair on top of the head.
  • Keep the sides short, and apply gel to make the high more attractive.
  • Do not cut the sides too short since your head will look elongated.

2. Faded side part.

This hairstyle is denoted with a parting at the side, and the cutting on the side fades as the hair mass increases at the top of the partitioned part with less hair. The rest of the hair is swept at a low level on the top.

Credit: vixxboston


How to style.

  • This hairstyle is tricky, so you need a professional to do the styling.
  • Use gel to keep it appealing and intact.


3. The long side part.

This is an ideal hairstyle for people with long hair. This hairstyle is denoted with a partition on the side and the longer side swept on the other side of the head. People with this hair mostly keep a considerable volume of hair on top.

Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc


How to style.

  • Part the hair on the side and sweep the most extended and most hair on the other side.
  • Apply gel on both sides and comb them to maintain the smooth comb textured pattern.

4. Classic fade.

This hairstyle is ideal for an oblong face since it looks more striking. It is characterized by being short on the sides and back, giving a fading illusion as it moves to the top.

Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style.

  • Get a barber to help you with the faded side for a clearer cut.
  • The side with the most hair should be swept on top for whichever length you wish. Use the gel for enhancement.

5. Quiff.

This hairstyle is designed to keep the face less oblong. The sides are usually short, with most hair generally longer and more mass at the top. 

Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style.

  • Go to the barber and ask him to cut the sides shorter and the hair at the top to be made long.
  • Use a blow dryer to comb the hair to the top at home.
  • Finish with a hair spray. 

6. Undercut.

This hairstyle is characterized by complete shaving at the back and side and leaves a lot of hair at the top. This helps in showing your face clearly and more profoundly. 

Credit: milanihairstylist


How to style.

  • Ask the barber to buzz or closely cut the hair at the back and side.
  • Using a blow dry, comb the hair to the top at home.
  • Use gel to increase the appearance.

7. Pompadour.

This short, slicked-back style for men leaves an extra volume of hair at the top. This hair can be worn to a professional office or just casually.

Credit: george.barbers


How to style.

  • Go to the barber for styling since the hair needs a particular way of cutting to style.
  • Use a pomade to hold the hair in position. 
  • Comb using a dryer to ensure you comb in the right direction.


8. Pompadour with a fade.

This pompadour haircut is ideal for men with oblong faces that combine the classic pompadour with a taper fade. They tend to have short sides and long and high volumes of hair on top. 

Credit: the59tattoo


How to style.

  • Make the sides of the head shorter.
  • comb the hair backward at the top by ensuring that the top has the most volume.
  • Use a pomade to keep the hair intact.
  • In general, it requires very little maintenance.

9. The Ivy League.

The Ivy League hairstyle is ideal for someone with an oblong face. It almost resembles a crew cut, but the difference is that with Ivy League hairstyle, a massive volume of hair is left on top to enable parting and styling. The sides also tend to be more faded and a bit shortened.

Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc


How to style.

  • Go to the barber and ask him to trim the hair on the sides and back slightly shorter.
  • More volume should be left at least two inches on top to enable parting in whichever direction.
  • Use pomade to keep the hair in position. 

10. Buzz cut.

The buzz cut is a short hairstyle that is cut in uniform length. It mainly originates from the military but can be worn by civilians too. 

Credit: eriksund1


How to style.

  • You can do it at home by washing the hair first and then dry using a towel.
  • Comb the hair to equal proportions.
  • Use a shaving machine to shave in equal proportion. If you can't do it equally, go to the barber for a better shave.

11. Crew cut.

A crew-cut hairstyle is shaved chiefly on the sides but not too short, with the longer hair combed at the top of the head. Small spikes are made for a better look.

Credit: will_barberuk


How to style.

  • Go to the barber for a cleaner cut.
  • Use gel to create the spikes at the top after you have combed the hair to the front.

12. Slick Back.

This is the best hairstyle for men with oblong faces and long hair. This hairstyle is usually swept back with the sides cut short. The hairstyle is mainly gelled to maintain its position.

Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style. 

  • Cut the sides of the hair a bit short.
  • Sweep back all the hair using a comb.
  • Apply gel on the hair to set it and give it a shiny look.


13. Faux Hawk.

A faux hawk is a short hairstyle with short sides and long hair that cuts and runs from back to front.

Credit: barber_egoiste


How to style.

  • Cut the top from back to front, with more length at the front.
  • Use a clipper fade to make the back and sides short.
  • Use gel to maintain the hair shiny.

14. Modern Spikes.

The current spikes are a good choice for men with oblong faces since they will show more forward. This hairstyle has short sides with more hair at the top that is seen to be spiky. This hairstyle is also suitable for men with a bit of long hair.

Credit: francescopellegrino_d.bar.ber


How to style.

  • Use heat spray on the hair before blow drying to prevent hair damage.
  • Blow dry the hair forward while using a comb.
  • Apply wax on the hair and use your hands to create the spikes on the hair.

15. Brush Up.

This hairstyle is styled up and over backward with more volume at the top. The sides are made to be shorter and smoother.

Credit: bestmenshaircutsnyc


How to style.

  • Cut the sides of the head shorter.
  • Comb the rest of the hair on top of the head in a messy way.
  • Use a hair spray to keep it in place.

Is oblong a good face shape?

Yes, oblong is an excellent face shape. With an oblong face, you can rock any hairstyle that you wish. On top of that, due to the striking features of the face, such as the same dimension for the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead, you can style different hairstyles in any way you feel like and still look good. It also requires little maintenance since it always looks good.


Oblong face men tend to look good in almost all hairstyles. Their striking facial features give them an ideal appearance with most modern and old hairstyles. Oblong-face men can wear all the above hairstyles for a more unique appearance. Depending on your needs and preferences, you won't miss one of the best hairstyles. Pick the best hairstyle for you today for a better look.



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