Are you looking for the best beard styles without a mustache? Maybe you think mustaches are impractical, or you can't seem to grow one. Either way, you don't need a mustache to rock a beard. In this guide, we will show you the top 20 beard styles without a mustache! Plus, we've included a styling and Maintenance guide specifically for beards without a mustache. Let's get started!


Is It Okay To Grow A Beard Without A Mustache?

A beard without a mustache is not weird and totally okay to wear. Some people grow thin or patchy mustaches, and there are quite a few beard styles that look fantastic that don't include a mustache. The one thing to remember is that beards without a mustache can make a face seem longer or wider. So if you have an oval or triangle or triangle face shape, a beard without a mustache can be perfect for you.

What Is It Called When You Have A beard Without A Mustache?

A beard without a mustache has many styles and variations, but the most popular names are the goatee, chinstrap, mutton chops, and Amish beard. For longer styles, a beard without a mustache is also referred to as a Lion's mane, chin curtain, and the dutch Beard.

Why Do Some People Have No Mustache?

Some people like the practicality of not having a mustache, while others can't grow a thick enough mustache for it to look good. A beard without a mustache can also make your face look more elongated or broad. Other people, like the Amish and Muslim groups, wear this style for religious or traditional reasons.


20 Best Beard Styles Without A Mustache For Men

Classic Goatee

The classic goatee has been around forever, and for a good reason. It's one of the most iconic beard styles without a mustache. It doesn't take much time to grow and looks masculine and badass.


Short Anchor Goatee

The short anchor goatee is another great option. This is the style to embrace if you have a natural soul patch and can't seem to grow in the hair around the bottom of your lip. It looks great with a little stubble, and you can look like a classy gentleman.


Petite Goatee

The petite goatee is very similar to the full goatee, but instead of covering the entire chin, it is trimmed on the sides a bit to give it a smaller appearance. It's perfect for those who want to rock a goatee but don't want to look like a member of Nickelback.


The Long Goatee

You have seen this look at the local biker rally. it takes more time to grow because it's basically a mini beard on your chin, but it looks particularly great on middle age men who have a little salt and pepper in their beards.


The Low Chin Goatee

The low chin goatee is a thin stretch of hair on the bottom of the chin. It's not perfect for everyone, but if you have a particularly narrow face and want the appearance of a broad, more robust cheek line, then rocking a low chin goatee can give your jawline and cheeks that little bit of separation you are looking for to get a wide face shape.


Chinstrap Beard

The chin strap is another classic beard style without a mustache. This style has become very trendy recently and is making a resurgence. It's so popular because it doesn't take long to grow and defines the entire jawline, not just the chin. This style looks fantastic with nice defined and shaped upper and bottom lines.


Thin Chinstrap Beard

The thin chinstrap beard is perfect if you want the bottom of your jaw defined, but maybe you don't want a lot of hair on the cheeks, or your cheek hair is too patchy. This style looks great when you keep your hair short and neat. You can use a trimmer like the Brio Beardscape with a guard of about two or three to keep the perfect length. You can use the Zero Blade to get a nice skin-close trim to get those nice defined edges.


Amish Beard

The Amish Beard is a very distinctive look. It's perfect if you want to grow a long beard but don't want to have a mustache. The Amish grow their beards without a mustache for practical reasons, the Beard keeps them warm in the winter, but they remove the hair around the upper lip for cleanliness.


The Lincoln beard

The lincoln Beard is probably the most iconic Beard without a mustache. It features a full beard with the mustache shaven clean. Lincoln wore his Beard in two variations, the longer version, which was a little less groomed around the cheeks and neck. Then he wore the more groomed, shorter version, where his neck, cheeks, and upper lip were shaved clean and well defined. The shorter version is basically a long chin strap beard.


Mutton Chops

the mutton chops are a very distinctive style. They have been popularised by actor Hugh jackman with his portrayal of a wolverine on the big screen. This is an excellent option if you want something very masculine and aggressive. Just keep in mind you need to be able to grow out the hair on your cheeks, which could be difficult depending on your genetics.


Thin Mutton Chops

You can try the thin mutton chops if you aren't as bold as the wolverine but still like the mutton chop look. It's the same shape and general style of the mutton chops; it just doesn't come so far up the face. You still need to make sure you can grow hair on your cheeks for this style.


Soul Patch

The soul patch is a great style that we feel has a bad reputation. It looks fantastic with a bit of stubble, and we recommend keeping it in a triangle shape. It adds a little character without the hassle of having a full beard.


The Landing Strip

The landing strip is another minimal facial hair style. This style looks best for oval and elongated face shapes. Keep this style relatively short, with defined lines on each side.


Chin Puff

The Chin puff is the perfect beard style without a beard if you have curly hair. You've seen this style on actors like Will Smith and Jamie Fox. It works great for people with curly hair because hair that grows directly on the chin usually grows straight out and has a messy appearance. But if you keep the hair at the bottom of the chin, it looks more streamlined and clean.


The Patchy Beard

If you have a lot of patches on your facial hair, don't worry, you can make this look great. The key to having a nice-looking patchy beard is not letting it grow out too long; you want to get it relatively short with a guard length of about two or three. The best look is to keep the cheeks, upper lip, and neck at a stubble length while growing out the chin area a little longer.


Viking Beard with no Mustache

A lot of guys like the look of the Viking beard, also known as the ducktail beard, but they think they can't pull it off because they can't seem to grow out a mustache. The Viking beard actually looks really good without a mustache. The key to pulling this off without a mustache is not letting the hair grow up your cheeks too much. you want it about mid-way up your checks. then you want to ensure the chin is styled to a nice point. You don't need a mustache at all, but try it clean-shaven and then with a little stubble to see what looks best on you.


The Eagle Beard

Not many people have heard of this Beard, but it looks badass on the right person. It's basically a stylized goatee where the top is trimmed and shaped with two curves on each side that resemble the wings and head of an eagle.


The Square Beard

The square Beard is a variation of the goatee. It's just a little more grown out towards the bottom, and the overall shape is square on each side. it has a very masculine appearance and works great for people with round faces.


The Chin Curtain Beard

The chin curtain is a traditional beard style without a mustache, similar to the Amish Beard. The only difference is that it's a little longer on the bottom. The more modern way to wear this Beard is to trim the sides slightly to create a more tapered appearance.


The Dutch Beard

The dutch Beard is similar to the lincoln beard, but the upper part of the Beard is trimmed in a straight line down the cheek instead of curved. The upper beard line also creates a sharp triangle under the mouth. The bottom of the Beard is kept more rounded off. It's an interesting design and is one of the best-looking full beard styles without a mustache.


How To Grow A Beard Without A Mustache

Growing a beard without a mustache is pretty much the same as growing out any other beard, but there is one key difference. Usually, people will tell you not to trim anything when growing a beard, which is true; you want to let your Beard grow out to the desired length. However, this is different for beards without a mustache. While you are growing out your Beard, it's okay to trim and even shave the upper lip area of your Beard


While it's okay to trim and even shave the upper lip, you might want to wait a little more time for the hair on your cheeks to grow out before you start trimming. You want to have a full beard depending on the style.


If you are going for one of the longer styles, then after a few weeks, it's okay to start clipping or trimming any stray hairs growing out faster.


How To Trim And Style A Beard Without A Mustache

Okay, once you know the style that suits you, we will discuss how to trim and style your Beard. The steps vary depending on whether you have a short or long beard style. We broke it up into two sections below. One for a short style, and the other for long styles, so follow along with the section below that applies to you.


How To Trim A Short Beard Without A Mustache


Trim the beard length

Determining the overall length is the first step to trimming a shorter beard style. If you are going for a stubble length, trim the Beard with a trim guard of one or two. If you want your Beard a little longer, try a guard length of three to four. If you aren't sure, we recommend starting with a longer guard and then slowly going to a smaller one until you reach the length you want.


Trim the sideburns

Depending on the exact style, you might want the sideburns and area around your cheek to be a shorter length. For trimming this area, try a trim guard length of one; if you want it shorter, you can trim without a trim guard. Just make sure it blends nicely into the rest of your Beard.


Define the edges

Once everything looks nice and uniform, the next step is to define the shape. Reference a photo of the exact style you want so you can see what areas are shorter and what areas are longer. For the neck and upper cheek, we recommend using a trimmer without a guard to get the general outline of the Beard; this is also more forgiving if you make a mistake, and it's a little easier to blend. Next, use a precision trimmer blade like the Zero-Blade to go back and get those sharp lines. Go slowly and lightly cut the top of each outline, so you don't cut too much into your Beard and ruin the shape.


Trim or Shave The Upper Lip

The last and final step is to go over the upper lip. You can use a precision trimmer blade if you have sensitive skin. That will give you a very close trim similar to shaving. If you want the cleanest look possible, we recommend using a safety razor and an aloe vera-based shaving gel to shave your upper lip.


How To Trim A Long beard Without A Mustache


Wash Your Beard

The first thing you want to do is wash your Beard. This is very important to ensure you don't have any skin cells or dirt that could damage your trimmer and cause hair pulling. Washing your Beard also makes sure all the hair lays down straight.

Comb Your Beard

You next want to comb your Beard to continue getting the hair to lay down straight. You can use a regular comb, and if you have a particularly thick beard, you can use a beard pick, a larger and longer version of a comb. If you are having a hard time getting the hair to lay down straight, you can use a blow dryer on medium heat and blow it down as your comb the Beard.

Trim The Bottom Of Your Beard

Before trimming your Beard, you want to ensure it is completely dry. We are going to start with the bottom of the Beard. Start by trimming the neck area. You want a line that follows the natural curvature from the side of your jaw to your Adam's apple.


Next, it's time to shape the Beard. This depends on the style you want, so be sure to reference style images. Some people can stop at this point if you want a more natural style.


If you are going for the ducktail style or want something more defined, add a guard to your trimmer of four to five and then reverse the trimmer and shave from your neck out.


To get that very straight and defined bottom part of the Beard, you can use a comb as a guard, and then remove the guard from your trimmer and follow the line you create with the comb.


If you want a complete step-by-step tutorial for a ducktail or Viking-style Beard, you can follow our complete guide here.

Trim the Top Of Your Beard

Okay, now it's time to trim the top of your Beard. You can use your trimmer without a guard and slowly trim the top of your Beard on the cheeks until you get the general shape or line you want.


If you want a slightly curved line on the top of your Beard, a trick is to pull up your cheek to your eye and trim a straight line through the hair. When you release the skin, it will have a slight curve.


You can finish off by trimming the sideburns and side area of the Beard. If you want it to look more tapered, then we recommend using a guard length of one.


Define the edges

Now that you have the general shape of the Beard, it's time to define the edges and bring out some detail. Use a precision trimmer like the Zero-Blade and slowly go back over the defining lines on the cheeks and neck. This is what will give you that sharp appearance.

Trim Or shave the Upper Lip

The last step is to make sure to trim or shave the upper lip. If you have sensitive skin, then using a trimming head like the zero blade will give you that very close trim similar to shaving.


If you decide to shave, we recommend using a safety razor and a shaving gel, not a shaving cream. This will help prevent razor burn.


How To Maintain A Beard Without A Mustache

Maintaining your Beard is extremely important, especially with a beard style that doesn't have a mustache. A beard with no mustache is a little more maintenance than regular beards because you want to ensure to trim or shave the upper lip regularly.

Trim The Upper Lip

Make sure to trim or shave the upper lip at least once weekly. You might need to shave it twice per week or more if you have fast-growing hair and want that nice clean look. You can also use a trimmer with a precision trimmer blade like the Zero-Blade that can get you s skin close trim without using a razor. This is a great option if you have really sensitive skin. or suffer from razor burn.

Trim the Beard

If you have a longer beard style, you won't have to trim it as much. You will probably only have to trim it once every few weeks using a trimmer and trim guard to keep the defined shape or length, depending on the style you want.


If you have a shorter beard style with no mustache, you will want to trim it more often using a trim guard of two or three. The key to having a great-looking short beard is defining the top edges, the cheeks, and the neck. You can do this by using a trimmer without a guard, and for those detailed trims for defined lines, the Zero Blade is perfect.

Wash Your Face and Beard

It's essential to wash your face and Beard. This keeps the underlying skin healthy and removes dead skin cells that can build up and become trapped in the Beard.


You also want to wash your Beard because, over time, natural oils build up and cause the hair to curl or lose its shape, and your Beard can become messy. Washing your Beard allows the beard hairs to straighten out again.

Beard Oil

This isn't necessary for short or stubble beards, but if you have a long beard, beard oil is beneficial for keeping the hair healthy and not brittle. It also helps style the Beard into the shape you want.


Make sure to use beard oil that isn't scented because it could cause headaches, and make sure to wash out any beard oil at the end of the day.



That's our guide! As you can see, beard styles without a mustache are more common than you think; some actually look fantastic. Don't worry about wearing a beard without a mustache; if it fits your style and makes you more confident, that's all that matters.


We hope you found this guide helpful! Let us know in the comments below if we left anything out! We look forward to hearing from you; thanks for reading.


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