The happy trail. Some people love it, and others hate it. The distinct line of body hair going from the bottom of your belly button to your pubic region has been sported and shown off by many celebrities like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth. In this blog, we will answer all the questions about the famous happy trail, and if you decide to rock one, we will even show you how to groom it for ultimate sexiness.


What Is A Happy Trail?

The happy trail, also known as the treasure trail, is a vertical line of hair that grows from the bottom of the belly button down to the top of the pubic area. It's most often seen on men and usually occurs as a natural hair growth pattern, although some men trim and maintain their happy trail for a specific appearance.


How Many Guys Have Happy Trails?

According to Wikipedia, about 55% of men grow lower abdominal hair. But the majority of men grow hair all over; only about 19% of men naturally grow a straight line of hair in the lower abdomen area.



What Does It Mean To Have A Happy Trail?

A happy trail can signal that you are masculine, confident, and mature. Men usually wear a happy trail because it comes across as manly, and to grow the hair in the first place; you have to be a certain age and reach a certain level of maturity. Just like chest hair, it signals that a man is older and can grow body hair, which is usually not possible for young boys.


Do Girls Like Happy Trails?

Every girl is different; some girls love happy trails, while others hate them. It depends on a few factors. Women who like the happy trail sex appeal usually want the thinner, more straight version. Men with unruly, thick, and curly pubic hair are usually a turn-off for women. This makes sense because, after all, it's a happy trail, not a happy bush.


Should You Shave Your happy Trail?

You don't have to do anything if you are one of those lucky guys with that perfect thin line. However, if you need to groom your nether region to get a happy trail, we don't recommend shaving at all. That area of your skin is very sensitive, and if you try to shave, it usually results in razor bumps, which is not the look we are going for.


Instead, you can use an electric trimmer like the Brio Beardscape paired with a precision trimmer head like the Zero Blade. Electric trimmers are better for getting through coarse and curly hair than you typically find in the pubic area. Trimmers also remove the possibility of razor burn and are more forgiving when trying to groom regions of the body that curve. You could cut yourself using a razor. If you still want that skin-close shaved appearance, then that's exactly what the Zero-Blade does, and you don't have to worry about getting razor bumps or cutting yourself.


How To Trim Your Happy Trail

Now let's go over exactly how to trim your happy trail. Make sure you have a good trimmer and bonus points if you have a precision head like the Zero-Blade.

Trim In The Shower

We recommend trimming in the shower because it will make for a much easier clean-up afterward. Make sure to trim after you have washed your body with soap. You want a nice clean surface with all natural body oils removed and the hair clean to get the best trim.

Trim For Length Using A Guard

If your hair is relatively short, then you don't have to worry about this, but if you have been growing out a nice mane for a few months, then you might want to trim the length down a bit. You can go over all the hair in the lower abdominal region using a guard length of two or three. If you aren't sure which will look best, then start with the longer guard first and work your way down.

Define The Lines

Ok, now you should have a nice even look to your hair. If you are like most guys, you don't have that natural line, so now it's time to define it. Using your trimmer without a guard or alternatively using it with a precision trimmer head, start defining vertical straight lines on each side. You want it to look natural, so we recommend keeping your happy trail line thin and not too wide.



Well, there you go! That's our guide on the infamous happy trail. We hope you learned something and know exactly how to keep it looking tidy and attractive to the opposite sex. Let us know if we left anything out in the comments below! Happy grooming!




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September 05, 2022 — Eric Steckling

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