It's a question men have asked since the beginning of time - how do I shave my balls the right way? There is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic, but it doesn't have to be complicated. In this blog post, we will discuss the best ways to trim your balls and even how to keep them maintained and looking fresh. So if you're ready to give your balls the attention and love they deserve, keep reading the article below. 


Is It Safe To Shave Your Balls?

Shaving your balls can be safe if you do it the correct way. The technique for shaving your balls can still have risks, like cutting the scrotum if you press down too hard or shaving at the wrong angle. Shaving your hair down to the skin can also increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs. So while shaving your balls can be done safely, there are better and more recommended techniques for removing ball hair that doesn't pose as many risks as shaving with a razor blade.



Is Trimming Or Shaving Better For Balls?

While using a razor blade to trim your balls is possible, it requires more skill, takes longer, and poses a risk of cutting. We recommend using a hair trimmer instead of a safety razor. Using a trimmer with a guard poses no risk of cutting your scrotum and is a quicker process.


Using an electric trimmer can get you can also get you a very close trim, similar to shaving. So if you want your boys to look good without the risk of ending up in the emergency room, go for the trimmer.



What Length Should You Trim Your Balls?

For the cleanest look, you want to trim your balls as close to the skin as possible without the risk of ingrown hairs. Generally, using a guard of 1 on your trimmer will create an ideal length of about 1mm.



The Best Way To Trim Your Balls

Now we will walk you through how to trim your balls step by step. Before we get started, make sure you have the products listed below.

What You Will Need

  • Electric trimmer
  • Trimmer Guards
  • Ball Powder (optional)

Step 1. Get In Position

Before you begin trimming, make sure you are in the shower. The best time to trim your balls is right after you shower. Trimming in the shower makes for a much easier clean-up afterward, and you want to be standing straight up and not sitting down. If you don't have your trimmer in the shower, then go get it; you're going to need that bad boy in the following steps.


Step 2. Shave the Pubic Area

I know you want to get to the goods, but before that, go ahead and trim the upper pubic area first. If you have a natural happy trail and you like that look, then, by all means, keep it. Trim the entire area clean from the bottom of your belly button to the top of your shaft.


If you want a close trim, use your electric trimmer without a guard in this area. In general, it's ok to use your trimmer without a guard in the regions that are generally flat and don't have any wrinkly skin.

Step 3. Trim Your Inner Thighs and Groin

Next, before we get to your boys, you want to trim your inner thighs. You can use your trimmer without a guard in this area also if you want that close skin trim, but be careful not to accidentally twist the trimmer away from your thighs towards your balls when trimming; it might not be a good time. If you are worried about the close proximity to your family jewels, then go ahead and use a guard of one.


Be sure to trim the inner groin and slowly work your way down your inner thigh. If you have a lot of hair in this area and don't like the appearance of a clear trim line on your inner thigh, then you can use a guard of two to create a gradual fade that looks more natural down the leg.

Step 4. Trim Your Balls

Ok, now it's the moment we've all been waiting for. It's time to trim the boys. Make sure you have your trimmer with a guard of one. This will ensure the closest shave, and the guard will act as a protective barrier between the head of your trimmer and your family jewels, ensuring their safety and protection from any cuts or knicks.


Start by trimming the base of the shaft. Start by trimming the top and sides, then lift the shaft and trim directly under it.


After trimming the shaft, begin trimming the outward-facing area of the balls. You want to trim directly down in the direction of hair growth. Once you are done, you can move on to the sides of the balls, trimming in the direction of hair growth.


The last step is to trim the bottom of your balls to remove any remaining long hairs.

Step 5. Final Inspection

You should be pretty much done, but go ahead and take a detailed look down there and make sure to trim any leftover or stray away hairs that you forgot. 


The most common area for hidden hairs is right below the shaft. So lift that bad boy up one last time and make sure everything is looking sharp.

Step 6. Apply Moisturizer Cream or Ball Powder.

Next, it's time for some post-shave love. You might hear others tell you to apply aftershave to your balls, but this is a bad idea because aftershave usually contains alcohol which could cause stinging and cause dryness on your balls.


Instead, apply a moisturizer cream to moisturize the sensitive skin of your balls, and if you have some ball powder like Chasis, this will repel sweat throughout the day and prevent chafing.


That's it! The boys should be looking sharp and ready for action.


Ball Aftercare and Maintenance

Now that your balls are looking good, let's talk about general ball maintenance to ensure you keep them looking good.

How Often Should You Trim Your Balls?

Everyone's hair grows at a different rate, but you should trim your balls about once per week. In the scenario that you are going to see a special lady in your life, then you might want to give the boys a touch-up.

Wash and Moisturize

Make sure to wash your balls in the shower daily with a basic soap. You also want to apply a moisturizer designed for sensitive skin to make sure the skin down there is in good condition and not becoming dry or flaky. Most people forget to do this, but your balls need love too.

Ball Powder

You don't necessarily need ball powder, but if you have ever tried it, you know this is a game changer. Ball powder is made out of micro silicone particles that are safe for your skin and repel water away from the area it is applied to. So your groin and balls will feel silky smooth all day instead of getting that swampy or sticky sensation.


Should You Use Hair Removal Cream On Your Balls?

You should not use normal hair removal cream on your balls because it can cause a severe stinging or tingling sensation for a prolonged period, even after the cream is removed.


They make hair removal cream designed specifically for your balls, which is a better option, but you have to leave the cream on for around 30 minutes to see results, so this isn't a convent solution. On top of that, hair removal cream does increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs, similar to shaving. This might be a good solution for "special occasions" if you have the time to dedicate to the process, but on a day-to-day basis, trimming is still the safest and quickest solution.


That's it! We hope you enjoyed our guide and learned how to trim and maintain your balls. After all, they deserve the best.


Thanks for reading!



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