For women, there are many options for completely removing hair (razors, wax, lasers etc..), but what about if you don’t want to be all bare?

The safest, fastest, and easiest method of getting your hair to the length you want is a trimmer. Trimmers cause less irritation than shaving, waxing or lasers, so they can be a great option for people with sensitive skin.

If you’ve never used a trimmer before, it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like trimmer some people act as if it’s second nature, but if you’ve only used razors, scissors, or tweezers before, it’s not.  

Here’s some tips to get the perfect trim.

  • Make sure the hair is clean and dry. Trimmers work best on dry hair. Wet hair gets matted down and won’t trim evenly. For best results hair should be dry.
  • Determine what length you want and attach the guard. Rule of thumb: the larger the guard, the longer the hair.
  • You can use different guards (or no guard) in different areas to achieve your desired style (see options below).
  • Go with the grain of your hair.
    How do I know the direction of the grain of my hair?
    • The direction your hair grows is the grain of your hair. If the hair angles toward the ground, the left, right, or up, that is the direction you use the trimmer.
      • The same part of your body can have more than one grain of hair. It’s not essential to go with the grain, but it makes a cleaner cut if you do.
    • Going against the grain is best when you want the hair as short as possible – if you are using the trimmer without any guards, use light pressure and go against the grain.
    • Keep the metal part flat against your skin will keep your skin from getting nicked by the sharp blade.
    • Use your free hand to pull your skin flat (particularly on delicate, harder to reach places.)
      • Putting a leg up on the edge of the shower (safely) can help pull the skin along the bikini line.
    • Don’t be afraid of multiple passes. It can take a few goes over an area to get all the hair to the desired length, that is a-okay.

Now let’s go over the anatomy of the Ivy Trimmer.


All trimmer blades are not equal. The best blades require minimal maintenance while providing the cleanest cut. Ivy’s ceramic blade never needs sharpening.

The motor moves the blade side to side, bringing the razor-sharp ceramic to your hair cutting it at the desired length based on the guard.


Each of the reversible guards helps create a consistent length cut for your hair. The smaller the number on the guard, the shorter cut you’ll receive.
For a close to skin trim, you can go guard free or use the 1-2mm guard.

For a longer up top on your pixie cut using the 6mm. The Beardscape trimmer has even wider trim range with the Zero Blade (.2mm) and guards up to 18mm. Just because it’s called the Beardscape doesn’t mean you have to have a beard to get the best trim possible.


The Ivy trimmer uses a lithium-ion battery. This means a long time between charges making it the perfect trimmer for travel. As with all lithium-ion batteries, it functions best when allowed to get low before recharging. So, there is no need to leave it on the charger.

You got a jungle where you want a garden. We’ve all been there. It’s a part of growing up. The options for taming the body hair have grown and changed over the decades. Some folks prefer bare skin, while others prefer bear hair.

For everyone in between, the Ivy trimmer is waiting for you.








January 19, 2022 — Eric Steckling

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