Waxing is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. It's convenient, and it lasts for weeks. In this blog post, we will discuss how long waxing lasts and tips to maximize the life of your waxing. We also go over when you shouldn't wax and the best alternatives.


How Long Does Waxing Last?

Generally, waxing lasts around 4 to 6 weeks, but it also depends on the location and your hair growth rate.

How Long Does Waxing Last The First time?

Waxing for the first time doesn't mean the effect will last longer. Waxing for the first time usually lasts around 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your hair growth rate.

How Long Does Pubic Waxing Last?

Pubic hair tends to grow a little faster than on other areas of the body. Pubic waxing usually lasts around 3 - 5 weeks.



Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?

There are both pros and cons to waxing and shaving. It also depends on the area you intend on waxing. Places like the legs, arms, and back are the best areas for shaving because they are flat, smooth surfaces. Areas like the pubic region could see benefits from waxing because there's less of a chance of getting razor burn or a cut in curvier areas.


One of the pros of waxing is the longer-lasting results, and over time it will make the hair in that area thinner. But waxing is also painful and more expensive than shaving.


Shaving is also not perfect because it can increase the likelihood of ingrown hairs and razor burns. If you want to get the best of both worlds, then you might want to try an electric trimmer with a precision blade like the Zero-Blade. Electric trimmer technology has made a lot of advancements in recent years, and you can get a result similar to shaving with a precision trimming blade without the risk of ingrown hairs or razor burn. So if you don't like the pain of waxing but also hate razors, then an electric trimmer and precision blade could be a great alternative.


Will Waxing Eventually Stop Hair Growth?

While waxing has long-term effects, it will never completely stop hair growth. However, waxing will affect the growth rate and thickness of the hair if you wax frequently.


So the more you wax, the thinner the hair becomes, and the longer the effect of waxing will last, but you will never be able to stop hair growth completely.


How To Make Waxing Last Longer

If you want the effect of your waxing treatments to last longer, you can do a few things, although none of these are quick fixes and require some patients.


Wax frequently

Of course, don't overdo this, but the more you wax over time, the thinner the hair becomes and the longer it takes to grow back. So the more you wax, the longer each waxing session will last.

Cover it

Have you ever worn a pair of tight jeans for a while and noticed a part of your leg was smooth and didn't seem to have any hair? That's because tight clothes can block hair from fully growing out of the skin, and eventually, your body stops growing hair in that area. So if you want to wear tighter underwear or yoga pants in between waxing, this could reduce hair growth over time.



Exfoliating your skin will help keep you from developing ingrown hairs and breakouts. You cant keep up with your waxing routine if you develop a skin issue, and remember, frequent waxing is how you thin out the hair over time, so if you get ingrown hairs, it could halt your progress. So exfoliate!

How Often Should You Wax?

How often you need to wax will depend on the area you are waxing and the growth rate of your hair. We suggest rewaxing when you notice hairs growing back in that area longer than 3 mm.


You will need to wax every 3 - 5 weeks for the legs, arms, and chest.


For the pubic area, face, and underarms, you will need to wax every 2 - 3 weeks.


When Not To Wax

There are some situations in which you should definitely not wax. If you have a sensitive skintype, we recommend staying away from waxing as this could cause skin issues and long-lasting irritation.


If you have inflamed, infected, or cut skin, that's also a reason not to wax. Waxing could cause harm to the cut or inflamed area and even remove scabs, which could lead to scarring and long-term discoloration on the skin.


Another time not to wax is if you have a sunburn. Waxing can cause the sunburn duration to last longer and even cause the skin to get more inflamed.


So if you are experiencing these conditions but need to get that nice waxy look, then we recommend trying an electric trimmer with a precision blade. Electric trimmers like the brio beardscape paired with a precision trimmer like the Zero Blade can still get you that smooth waxed look without hurting your skin.



There you have it! That's how long wasting last. We hope you enjoyed the article and found the tips on making your waxing last longer helpful. Waxing can be a fantastic way to remove hair, but if you are looking for other methods, then check out our guide to hair removal here.


Thanks for reading!


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October 31, 2022 — Eric Steckling

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