Top Ten Reasons to always carry your Tweezers


10: Follicle emergencies

For that stray hair that always seems to grow on your cheek that you always forget about except for five minutes before meeting someone that you can never quite get with your fingers. I mean, it’s right there in the middle of no-hair’s-land cheek hill staring at you.


9: Cooking

With clean tweezers, your cooking life just got easier. Need to place microgreens on your burger? Accidentally break the egg with the shell into your bowl? Pulling fish bones from your filet. Once you have kitchen tweezers, you’ll never be without.

8: Small repairs.

That’s right, repairs. Tweezer points fit in most tiny screw grooves making them the perfect companion to fix loose sunglass arms, open the battery compartment of your lantern, and hundreds of other uses. Never have to dig in your tool box for the smallest screw driver known to many again.

7: Lint Roll failures

Precision tweezers will clean pet hair, dryer lint, and pollen fuzz off your clothes that the lint roller refused to get. No more weird stranger at the office plucking lint off your shoulder, you tweezed it yourself.

6: Untangle tricky knots

Is your jewelry drawer or tackle box just a Gordian’s knot? Tweezers are the answer. Pick apart delicate threads that are too thin to be trusted with fingers alone.

5: Falsies

When applying your eyelashes, don’t let the glue get stuck to your fingers, cheeks, or forehead. Use tweezers to get a precise application every time

4: Regular hair maintenance

Tweeze your brows, tame the mustache, pluck that pube the trimmer missed, or if you’re not digging a hint of salt in your pepper, take that gray hair out with a vengeance!

3: Arts and crafts

Whether you are a stitcher, a threader, a gluer, or a painter, you will find endless uses of your tweezers when you leave them on your craft table. Miss a stitch? Lose your needle threader? Have an annoying fleck of dust that got into your masterpiece? Have to place the sequin just right? Never fear, tweezers are here.

2: Tiny Hobby parts

Are you building a computer? Working on a tiny engine? Have a model plane or RC car that just won’t go? Collect stamps? Want to add gemstones to your manicure? All of these can be accomplished with tweezers.

1: First Aid

Tweezers are an essential in any first aid kit. Slivers, bee stingers, thorns and more. When you have a quality pair of tweezers in your first aid kit, you will wonder how you ever got by without one before.


November 07, 2021 — Eric Steckling

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