Fashion trends come and go, but haircuts rarely go out of fashion. Modern haircuts never go away easily, and others stick around for centuries. True men's cuts should be timeless. Why fix something that's not broken? The good thing is that there are many haircuts out there. You can easily find one that's good for you. Below is a list of the top 25 impressive types of haircuts for men.


Taper fade

The taper fade is classic, clean, versatile, and a crowd-pleaser. It's moderately sharp, meaning you go with it to the office but still rock it when you are off-duty.
A taper fade transitions smoothly from nothing to blended length. It starts from the top of the neck and goes up to the parietal edge as it gets darker.


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The lower taper fade

The lower taper fade who want to look clean without changing a lot about their hair. A low taper fade begins just above the ears and shortens gradually until it reaches the upper part of the jawline, where the stubble starts growing.

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Curly fade

People with curly hair usually have difficulty finding a suitable haircut. The curly fade is one of the best styles for curly hair because it eliminates the additional weight of your curls without removing a significant portion.
You can even have a fade styled forward, the same as the French cop and Cease taper fade.


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High fade

The high fade is the perfect haircut for the bold. This fade begins high up the head and infringes on the crown. It offers a huge contrast between the sides of the head and the top.


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The crew cut

The crew cut is the hairstyle you see on many soldiers (we don't know why they love it). The crew cut is simple and highly adaptable. The style involves cutting the top of the hair short and as it shortens to the back of the crown.
It can work with any face shape, including round-faced guys (don't listen to the myth that crew cuts are only perfect for guys with diamond faces).

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The undercut style leaves the top hair full length but buzzes the sides and the back. This hairstyle defines your facial features while emphasizing the hair volume.
This hairstyle is great for wavy, straight, or permed hairstyles. This undercut can make you look fresh and stand out from the crowd. Note that this haircut has been around for over seven decades.


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The slick back

The slick back has recently seen a resurgence because of its contemporary nature. The style can be manipulated for different occasions, lengths, and hair types.
The long slick back gives a sophisticated touch that can be nice for formal functions. You can just comb the long hair back, and you are good to go.

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Pompadour hairstyle

A pompadour haircut is a short hairstyle that features a slicked-back design with additional volume at the top. The style can be worn for a casual setting or for formal occasions.
The pompadour hairstyle is popular because many celebrities wear it. Some people even call it the Hollywood royalty hairstyle.

When it comes to face shapes, the perfect face for this style is the square face. However, people with round faces can rock the style but should be very choosy.
Guys with thin faces can choose a shorter version of the pompadour.

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Side part haircut

Side part haircut takes the crown for the style that has stood the test of time. The style can be traced back to 1910, but you still see it on many heads. This is the haircut for gentlemen.
The style involves cutting the sides and top of the head the traditional way to give the hair an all-around appearance.
This style works for people with thicker hair, but people with fine hair can also try it.
The style suits guys with oval and square faces.

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Side part with taper fade

The haircut combines two of the most popular haircuts to create that sophisticated look that men love. The top of the head is given the custom cut while the sides and back are trimmed. The sides are trimmed gradually, such that the top part has longer hair than the bottom part near the ears.
This is the appropriate hairstyle for guys with square faces.

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Slicked back side part

The slicked back side part involves sweeping the sides of the head using a moderate shine pomade while parting the hair. The hair is then combed flat and styled to curve along the growth direction. Note that combing towards the direction of growth blends in cowlicks.
Curly-haired men can wear the hairstyle as long as they use a strong pomade and a wide-tooth comb.


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Buzz cut

A buzz cut uses only clippers without scissors. This hairstyle is for brave guys who want to expose their masculine side.
Buzz cuts expose the scalp and involve cutting the hair uniformly. The style balances style, fashion, function, and simplicity.
There are many variations of buzzcuts, including long buzz cuts, buzz cut fade, military buzz cuts, dyed buzz cuts, and much more.


Butch cut

You've probably heard people saying that butch cuts are boring and dull. However, this cut is for the daring, masculine, and bold. Guys who go for butch cuts radiate strength and confidence. You don't need to put in a lot of effort to maintain it.

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Short afro

The short afro hairstyle is for guys who don't want big and crazy hairs on their heads. There are many variations to the style. You can choose the simple short afro where you leave uniform afro hair all over the hair. There is also the wavy afro matched with a temp fade. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this hairstyle.


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Short curls

Short curls can be styled in different ways. Have you ever seen someone with hair that looks like he has been dragged through the bush? That's one of the best versions of the hair for casual guys. You can also define the curls to look more formal.
Styling is key when it comes to this hairstyle. You have to invest in curl-defining products and use a treatment frequently. Also, you need to limit your shampoo usage because it doesn't do well with this haircut.


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The quiff hairstyle combines three elements: a flat top, a pompadour, and even the mohawk. People with this hairstyle are not afraid to show their voluminous presence. It suits different face shapes, ages, and personal styles.
This common style features longer locks on the top while the sides and back are cut short. The top part is combed back and has a lot of volumes. There is a sharp contrast in the lengths of hair


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Short quiff

Short quiff is becoming a staple for men in recent times. The cut is almost the same as the quiff but cuts the hair shorter.
The sides are usually taken short, up to low skin fade, while the back and top are kept shorter. The fringe is usually 2-3 inches, while the back can be 1.5 inches.

The style has different variations, but the difference will be seen at the back and sides.


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Faux hawk

The faux hawk, also known as fauxhawk, features a long strip of hair running from the front to the back of the head and short sides.
The faux hawk is typically a punk mohawk but without shaved sides.
The good thing about this haircut is that you can style it up for a casual look or play it down for office hours. You don't need products to do it.


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This cool haircut allows your hair to fall over the forehead, whether it has volume or is just flat.
Everyone suits the fringe hairstyle. The only thing you need to consider is the length of the fringe. The flattering bangs complement the features of your face.
Guys with long foreheads can rock any fringe style, including the thick and full styles. Men with short foreheads can go to a shorter bang to prevent hair from covering the entire forehead.

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French fringe

The french fringe is basically the same thign as a fring, just a bit shorter. Its a more masculine and sporty look than the original fringe haircut.

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Ivy League

This haircut features one-inch hair on the front and shorter hair around the crown. This haircut is almost similar to the crew cut but leaves more hair on the top. The hair on the top can be parted on the side.
The Ivy league hair suits people with shorter hair, just like the crew cut. You can add texture throughout your head to make it easy to style.

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Modern Mohawk

Mohawk haircut was associated with disobedient and restless guys. This is the main reason why this style is called punk hair.
The dramatic appearance of the hairstyle is the main reason it's still relevant today. The hairstyle features a long strip of long hair running from the front to the back, contrasting with the shaved sides.

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Man bun

Do you have long hair? A man bun may be the perfect hairstyle for you. The man bun features a bunch of hair or a ponytail tied on the crown.
There are many man bun styles, such as the full shaggy bun.
A man bun can be paired with an undercut, where the sides are shaved while the hair is left long at the top. You can have the classic topknot, which involves leaving enough hair on top for the ponytail.



Classic combover

The combover haircut involves combing one side of the head and pairing it with a hard side part. You can pair this style with other styles, such as the undercut.
The recommended length of hair for this haircut is 2 to 4 inches. You can go longer or shorter depending on the volume of your hair.
You can give it a defined look by cutting a line through the hair with a razor.

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These haircuts are just a few, but they offer many benefits. They are easy to style but work well with different head shapes. You can even combine two or more hairstyles to give you that sophisticated look you've been yearning for. Some of these hairstyles can easily be styled for casual or formal occasions.


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