Have you considered a pair of Andis clippers but found yourself confused and overwhelmed by all the choices? Well, you're not alone. Andis has one of the most confusing lines of products in the grooming industry.

In this guide, we will go over everything you need to know. We will cover which Andis clippers are good and in what circumstances, and we will even tell you which trimmers you should avoid.

With that being said, let's get into the guide.

Does Andis Make Good Clippers?

That depends - there are two main lines, one for professional barbers  and one for the consumer that are generally sold at discount retailers. Andis has a long history of making clippers, but their current designs are undifferentiated from other products.

Most Andis models are designed as barber-style clippers with an adjustable lever blade that is standard for barbers but can be confusing for home users. Most of their models are plug-in vs battery powered. There was a time from the late 1920’s to the 1950’s that Andis’ home city of Racine WI was the electric motor capital of the world. Andis used this expertise to develop electric clippers. Ever since they have favored plug-in style clippers and have been slower to change over to battery powered clippers. 

  • The consumer line is very low cost and not great - these are made for big box-discount stores, and you may have seen the trimmers there.
  • The pro line is pretty good but very expensive.

Is Andis Made In China?

Andis manufacturers products in both China and the USA. Their USA Made products are assembled in Wisconsin. If you are looking for a USA-made product, check the label before making a purchase because it can be confusing when it comes to Andis. If it has a "made In USA" sticker, it was produced in America. If it doesn't have this sticker, it was produced in China. They also have products that are assembled in America with foreign made parts.



What is the Best Andis Clipper?

Andis has quite an extensive line of clippers that tend to be specialized. So in this section, we will go over the best option depending on your use case.

Clippers vs Trimmer?

Is a Clipper different from a trimmer? - Barbers generally define ”Clippers” as the larger hair cutting tool that has an adjustable blade and a full range of guards, The clippers do the majority of the work when giving a short haircut. They are bigger and more powerful. “Trimmers” are generally very short cutting clippers that have a fixed blade. Trimmers are used around the edges, cutting in straight lines and doing light cleanup work. They are usually quite a bit smaller than clippers and don’t have many guards or a wide cutting range. 


Best Andis Clippers For Home

When looking for trimmers for home use, you usually want something versatile, easy to use, and affordable. Here are our top two picks for home or general use from the Andis line.

Slimline Pro


The Slimline Pro is one of their most popular trimmers. It fits the bill as an excellent all-around trimmer for home use. There are a few slight variations, but it is generally around $60. The blade is designed for cutting super close, then for cutting thick hair. This isn't generally a problem, as the blade on the Slimline likely won't have trouble cutting through thicker hair.

The function is dead simple, with one on/off button and a fixed blade. The Slimline is a great tool for very short facial hair or trimming areas that need to be super short, like neck and cheek lines.

The only downside is it may not be the only trimmer you need for most people. I would love to see them make an alternate blade for this trimmer that didn't cut so short, making it a bit better for body hair.

If you want a bit more range or go for the stubble look, this isn't the trimmer for you as it lacks that cutting range between .5 and 3mm needed for stubble.

Andis Fasttrim ear and nose

This is a good cheap option for quickly getting rid of those pesky nose and ear hairs. It's nothing special, but it does get the job done. The only downside to this trimmer is it might be a little too cheap. A few people have complained about it pulling hair, but overall its a good choice.

If you have thicker nose and ear hair and need a more powerful option, check out Brio's nose and ear trimmer.

Best Andis Clippers For Professionals

If you are a professional, you are looking for durable trimmers that can cut for long periods, and get the result your clients are looking for by making quick adjustments, Here are our top two picks.

Andis Masters

These are the classic choice for most barbers. It features a lightweight yet durable aluminum body making it perfect for extended everyday use. These clippers are very beginner friendly. It features adjustable blades and has a lever for notches.

The blade is a ridge carbon steel blade and is very durable. The moto has 14,000 strokes per minute, which is very powerful.

There are not many bad things you can say about these clippers, but the one complaint I see most often is they tend to heat up after prolonged use, and they don't have a quick adjustment.

Andis BGR+

If you are a more experienced barber looking to upgrade your setup, then take a look at the Andis BGR+. Yes, these are cordless clippers, but it has a battery life that will last you more than a full day of cutting and can be easily recharged. You can even use them while they are on the charging cord.

These clippers are specifically designed for professionals. It features detachable blades and a 3,000 spm rotary motor. It's also lightweight at only 1.1 pounds. So no tired arms with this trimmer.

Yes, these are more expensive than the Andis Masters, but these will cut your trim time down significantly. The only downside to these trimmers is the plastic body. I know some barbers won't like that, but if you can get over that, you will love these clippers.

Best Andis Cordless Clippers

Want to go cordless? It's a great decision. Cordless clippers are perfect for travel and make getting in those pesky areas much easier. Cordless is also the way to go if you only buy one trimmer for general use. Here are our picks.

THE 73000 Envy Cordless Clipper


you will see this pair of clippers mentioned a few times in this article. It's simply one of the best cordless options Andis has for cordless trimmers. What makes it so great is the low price point and its full range of guards.

Andis BGRc Cordless Clippers

This is a great cordless option because it features ceramic blades. One of its key selling points is how quiet it is. It also features a powerful rotary motor and is suitable for general hair-cutting use.

Best Andis Hair Clippers

You have a good selection of clippers for your hair since many Andis clippers are geared toward hair. We narrowed it down to the top two you should pay attention to.

THE 73000 Envy Cordless Clipper


This is one of the lowest price options within their pro line (at about $89) and is a cordless version of one of their popular barber trimmers.

The 73000 comes with a full range of guards and a lever-adjusting blade, so you will be able to dial in any length you need and go super short with the zero gap adjustment. 

A notable feature most users will likely overlook is the ability to change the blade. Andis has developed a full line of replacement blades, and they have two different styles that fit this clipper.

Andis claims 2 hours of battery life for the 73000, which should be plenty of cutting between charges.

One thing to note is that this clipper is large and designed for cutting other people's hair – rather than giving self-haircuts. If you are looking for a cordless trimmer to do longer beard trims, this should be great but isn't well suited for maintaining shorter beards or body hair.

inCRED Lithium-Ion cordless clipper


This one is new to their lineup and isn't available on Amazon. Priced at $44, at the lower end of the price range, and is in their "at home" line. I feel like they are keeping this one a secret because it is tough to find. 

They did a good job with the design on this one; it looks slick. It also has a titanium-coated stainless blade which isn't even included on their higher-end trimmers. 

At 90 minutes of advertised run time (I haven't tested), the battery is smaller than the 73000. The InCRED doesn't have blade options like the 73000. In fact, I haven't seen a replacement blade for sale, which is worrisome.

It is significantly smaller than most of the other Andis clippers, so a bit better suited for self-haircuts.

Andis Trimmers To Avoid

Now that we have mentioned all the best trimmers, here are a few trimmers you should avoid. We added this to the list because people often opt for these options due to the price difference or because the trimmers they really wanted were out of stock. We know the prices could be tempting with some of these, but trust us, it's not a good idea.

The Andis 22725 Versatrim

This is just the slimline pro made to cost less than $30. They cut corners everywhere they could on this one.

The Andis 24870 Trim N'Go


I don't know what to say here: it's $24 and takes a single AA battery. This trimmer represents everything that is wrong with consumer products in America. Its low quality is legendary. Does it need to come with two plastic combs and a crappy vinyl case? No, make the trimmer better at its job. The combs won't fix the underpowered motor.


It looks like an interesting zero-gap trimmer. I can't find any information on what guards are included, and I don't want to spend $130 to find out.

Anything with a cord

Fifteen years ago, trimmers and clippers needed a cord to be powerful enough to cut hair well. Since we have Li-Ion batteries – that isn't a problem anymore. There's no reason to burden yourself with a cord, especially for home use.

Now, if you are a professional barber, going for something with a cord makes sense, so you don't have to worry about battery life if you cut hair all day. But for everyone else, go cordless.

Andis VS The Competition

Ok, so now you might be wondering how does and Andis stack up against the competition? While Andis is a good brand overall, there are some areas in which the competition outshines Andis.

Which clippers are better Andis or Oster?

This depends on the use case, as both brands have an extensive range of models. But in general, if you are looking for an all-around trimmer for at-home, go with Andis.

Oster doesn’t make any products specifically for the consumer market. Their product line seems well suited for taking care of animals but they are decades behind other companies when it comes to making trimmers for people. Unless you are buying clippers for use on animals I would avoid looking at any Oster products.

Which clippers are better Andis or Brio?

While you can use Andis trimmers for all-around use, the Brio Beardscape was specifically designed for all-around use blurring the lines between “Clipper” and “Trimmer” 

Brio beats Andis when it comes to dialing in the perfect length because it has a range of 1 to 1.9 in .3 mm increments. Which is a range that’s perfect for stubble and body hair, yet not regularly used by barbers. Switching to the zero blade makes the Beardscape work like a trimmer, like the Andis Slimline Pro. With the additional blade the Beardscape can do the job of both a clipper and a trimmer.

Brio is also known for its superior battery life, beating out Andis again in this area. Brio is a newer company than Andis, so the Beardscape was built around newer technology, rather than upgrades to an old platform. The Beardscape costs on the higher end of Andis’s consumer line, but is priced well below their professional line.

The last thing to mention is Brio was designed to be used not just on the face or hair but also for body hair. Yes, even very thick body hair. So if you are looking for a great all-around trimmer, make sure to check out the Beardscape (link).

What Brand Has The Best Blades?

So who makes the best blades? Many people ask this question, and in this section of the article, we will discuss who makes the best blades.

Are Andis or Oster blades better?

Both companies make very high-quality blades and are actually compatible with each other. So you can use Andis blades on Oster trimmers and vice versa. So when looking at blades, you should focus more on the material and the price when it comes to these two manufacturers. As professional products, the blades on both trimmers are made from very high quality hardened steel. These blades are designed to be sharpened periodically, rather than thrown away.

What does F mean on Andis blades?

The F on Andis blades stands for "Finish Cut." If you see an FC on the blade, this also means the same thing. Finish-cut blades have teeth that are all the same length, resulting in a smoother finish.

What blades do groomers use?

While there are many fancy materials like ceramic and infused carbon, most groomers and barbers use stainless steel clipper blades. This is because they are relatively cheap while still getting a good results. That's important for barbers who have to change out their blades at least every three months. Hardened metal blades without coatings can be sharpened. Many professionals have a sharpening service come periodically to sharpen clipper blades and scissors. Sharpening blades is beyond the interest for consumers, so long lasting ceramic blades are a great solution for consumer grade trimmers. Ceramic blades are 6x harder than stainless steel so they stay sharper longer, but generally can’t be re-sharpened.

The Best Alternative To Andis Clippers

So if you arent completely sold on Andis clippers or want to try something new. Here are what we think are the best alternatives you can find on the market.

The Best All-Around Alternative To Andis Clippers



The best at-home or al all-around alternative for Andis clippers is the Brio Beardsappe. For about the same price, the Brio Beardscape has a long-lasting ceramic blade and a much larger battery. The adjustable blade is better suited for facial hair styles and body hair trimming. The brio Beardscape allows you to get 24 different length adjustments, which is unheard of and is perfect for getting the exact look you want.

The Brio is excellent for hair and is made for multipurpose use. So you can also use it for your beard, stubble, and even body hair. It also comes with a complete set of guards and a modern digital display.

The Best Professional Alternative To Andis Clippers

If you are a barber, the current standard in clippers and trimmers is the Babyliss Pro and Gamma line of trimmers. Professional barbers have many different considerations than general consumers, so there are many product specific differences to pro clippers. If you are looking for professional clipper reviews, check out Rum Berber over on Youtube.


Well, that's our complete guide to Andis trimmers! We hope you found this helpful and even learned a thing or two. If there's a trimmer you would like us to talk about that we didn't feature in this article; please let us know in the comments below!

Happy Trimming!


February 08, 2023 — Eric Steckling

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