Have you ever looked at someone and noticed that their facial hair completely suited their face? Beard envy. It is a thing and to get the best look for you, it may take a little more than happenstance. In fact, some pogonophiles spend countless hours studying others' beards and how to perfectly procure a beard of their own. 

As we roll out of 2021 and into 2022, our work life may continue to look a little different for a while but with that comes opportunity. It is the perfect time to continue growing the best beard for your facial shape. Throughout 2021, here at Brio we have seen men dabbling in new facial hair growth and while some of you have hit it out of the park, we are here to help the rest of you define what beard style fits your face.

To start, look in the mirror. Any mirror.

Do not be afraid but don’t fool yourself either. Face shape is the most important factor when deciding what type of beard you want to grow. While you can get technical and take measurements of your face including your forehead, cheekbones, jawline, and face length, we think just identifying your general face shape will be the best way to begin your beard journey. Already on a journey? No worries, you can always modify the beard you currently wear.

Generally, there are seven commonly occurring face shapes and while you may not fit exactly in line with one particular shape, we recommend identifying the shape that mostly stands out when you see your face.


  • Facial Measurements are about the same size
  • Rounded chin
  • Slightly round jawline

It has been said that an oval face structure is the most aesthetically pleasing. This may be due to the symmetrical shape however it is not the type of face that begs for a cascading beard. In fact a short, trimmed beard is the best style of beard for this facial structure. It's important to make sure if you choose a beard for this face shape that you have growth on your chin.


  • Less prominent chin
  • Minimal angles
  • Nearly all portions of your face are the same size

A round face has a soft appearance and many born with this look desire the opportunity to bring out an edgy look and to add structure to their facial shape. Facial hair is a great way to do this. Growing the right style beard such as a goatee or shorter box beard will help to create the longer appearance you may be hoping for. However, it's key to make sure that your beard is well maintained, trimmed and kept narrower beneath the chin to gain that illusion of a slimmer face. Another great way to add length? Sharp sideburns. These will help you to draw eyes to an angled look on your jawline. 


  • Similar features to a round face
  • Strong Broad Appearance
  • Noticeably Square or flat chin

A strong presence of a square shaped face isn’t one to be hidden by an immense amount of facial hair. Those with a square face are often flattered by a more rounded shape beard. Those types of beards include a tidy goatee. 


  • Your chin is noticeably pointy
  • Your forehead and jawline is similar in size
  • Your cheekbones are high 

This rare face shape is considered the most beautiful for women and also found to be attractive in men. The shape naturally narrows and is the perfect canvas for a longer beard. Many men with this face shape will want a full beard that is trimmed nicely not adding any width to the chin.


  • Longer face shape
  • Forehead and Jawline are similar in width
  • Tapered cheek and neckline

Due to the tapered nature of the facial shape, this facial structure does best with a thicker, longer beard. A classic full beard that is grown out with some substance will accentuate the best features of a heart shaped face.


  • A slightly larger jaw
  • Tapers inward from the jawline up to the forehead
  • Sometimes considered to be triangular

With a wider jaw line, men growing a beard with a pear-shaped face will want to keep their cheekbones and jawlines trimmed neatly and grow a longer, full length beard. A trimmed jawline will help to elongate the wider part of the jaw line. Not sure if this is a style for you? A sexy 5 o’clock shadow also is a great choice for their face shape.


  • The face is longer than wider
  • Your cheeks are straight
  • You have a pointed chin

Adding length to this face shape is something most men will want to avoid. A shorter beard style, well maintained and trimmed is the best beard for this facial shape. If you still want to grow a longer beard, consider a box beard, well-trimmed and maintained.

No matter what your face shape, making sure that you maintain your beard is key. Remember to trim hairs that stick out to help keep you looking your best. Never trim your beard when in the shower or wet. For the best trim make sure you have a clean, dry beard. It's also helpful to comb or brush your beard. Doing so will help to minimize snags and snarls. Growing a beard is a marathon not a sprint, take your time. Getting the look that is best for you may take some practice. Also, as you grow, remember to use high quality beard products to support growth. A beard wash, conditioner and beard oil will also help you to smooth your beard and look your best.

January 27, 2021 — Eric Steckling


Michael S. said:

Great help! It pretty much confirmed the perfect beard for my oblong face is the scruffy beard. I currently like the 1.6 millimeters look with a zero blade for the neck and high check area. The 1.0 and1.3 settings just looked like I forgot to shave. A WORK IN PROCESS.

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