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There is no doubt that a child’s haircut can be intimidating and heading into the salon these days isn’t always feasible but it doesn’t have to be an experience that is dreaded by parent or child.

Using the Beardscape, you can have your child trimmed up and ready to go in no time with minimal anxiety and fear.

Bonus? Cost savings. The average parent spends about $240 a year on haircuts (per kid!) and that isn’t including tips or time it takes out of your day. 

With the Beardscape’s full range of guards, this trimmer is perfectly suited for haircuts at any age.

If you have never cut anyone’s hair before, its time to give it a try!

Tips to Trim Your Child's Hair At Home

  • Stop worrying about screw up. The first time is intimidating, but you will get better. Hair does grow back. There’s no better time to have a bad haircut then when you have a mask over your face in public.
  • Shorter hair styles are easier. For boys, complicated fades and leaving the hair longer on top can be much harder. Trimming up a long hair style requires a lot more skill. If you are new to this - grab a 6mm -12mm guard and start fading up the sides
  • Start with a longer guard then you think you need then move to shorter guards when you figure out which one is right.
  • Blend the sides and move up slowly – just don’t go up too high. This is the part that takes some thought to figure out. Go slow and evaluate your progress. With some cutting you will quickly see how this takes shape.
  • Using the trimmer without the guard is easier than using scissors. Professional barbers make the comb / scissor process look easy – they also have tons of experience and training. Using the trimmer to cut the hair along a comb or your fingers is much easier than trying to use scissors.
  • Keeping them still may be the biggest challenge. You know your kids better than anyone. Put something in their hands and you may buy yourself some time to do a better job.
  • Trim outside to contain the mess. It will be much less frustrating when they get up and run around halfway through the hair cut if they aren’t spreading hair through the house.
  • Project confidence! If you act like you don’t know what you’re doing the kids will smell your fear!
  • Get a Beardscape Pro – this is a great kit for getting haircuts done during a pandemic.

For kids under the age of 6:

It is important to start by preparing your child for the experience. We recommend talking to them about the haircut and even setting up a cutting station in your bathroom at home. Introducing them slowly to the trimmers so that they can see and hear exactly what it will sound like is important to alleviate any fears or anxiety. You may have to do this a few times before the actual first cut takes place. The Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmers are cordless for ease of movement and are known as one of the quietest on the market. If your child is still overwhelmed or uncomfortable consider using a book or brief video that will allow them to see other children experiencing their own haircut to make them more comfortable.

Once you are ready and your child is prepared, let’s begin.

Remember, clean, dry hair is the easiest to trim with our beard and hair trimmer, so put those spray bottles away! Before trimming, we recommend combing through the hair thoroughly. This will help to lessen or eliminate snags or pulling on any potential knots within the hair. 

The most important thing you need to remember is, you can always go shorter but it's recommended starting with a longer guard than the length you think you wish to cut the hair. The first time you use a trimmer to cut your child’s hair you may want to consider an all over buzz, we suggest using the longest length guard, our 18 mm with the adjustable blade set to 1.9 mm, giving you a nearly 20 mm cut.  

Once you have the first cut under your belt, you will find that each trim gets easier. Practice makes perfect and a boy's hair typically needs a cut every four to six weeks so you will trim like a pro in no time! 


February 01, 2021 — Eric Steckling

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