Is the Beardscape waterproof?

The quick answer is NO - here’s why.

The Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer was created to be your next level trimmer for personal grooming and while you may see a barber using scissors with water – you will never see a barber using clippers on wet hair. When you pick up the trimmer, it is time to step out of the shower and put the spray bottle down. This trimmer does not like to get wet!               

The simple fact is that cutting wet hair doesn’t work well on a number of levels.

  • Wet hair (especially body hair) lays down and can make it challenging to get an even cut. If hair is matted down to the head or body, the trimmer may not pick it up -or – cut it at a different length.
  • With wet hair, you may try pressing harder to pickup those hairs which may cause more irritation.
  • Wet hair is way more likely to get stuck in the trimmer.
  • Running the blade under the water removes the blade’s lubrication causing more friction and potentially making the blade dull more quickly.

Some other considerations:

Making a trimmer waterproof comes with compromises. Waterproof products require an inner (waterproof) and outer plastic housing. This GREATLY reduces the interior size available for the main components. Simply put – making a trimmer waterproof results in a smaller weaker battery and motor.   

Clean up!

The main consideration for wet trimming is making cleanup easier – there are a few easy solutions here that are far better than water

For Body Hair:

  • Trim IN the shower before you turn the water on. This is a great way to contain the mess
  • Put a towel down on the bathroom floor – this will catch everything AND keep it out of the drain. Just shake it outside when you are done
  • Trimming over the toilet works too – put the seat down for easier cleanup

There’s plenty of ways to trim - So, the next time you go to grab the Beardscape - be like a barber and just do it dry.                   

If you have reached out to us, we will usually give you a few tips to get the most from your trimmer. The first is always, never use your trimmer in water- nor should you clean it with water, ever. A machine like the Beardscape is created with an incredible battery and motor and it just will not tolerate getting wet.

When you try to trim in water, a few things will happen.

First, your hair will get stuck in the blade causing for an uneven trim. No one wants to be walking around with a lopsided beard. Next, remember the adage, oil and water do not mix. Its true. Using the trimmer in water removes the lubrication which will not feel good and if it does not feel good you will not use it, so you will not look good either. Not only will you lose lubrication, but you will also most likely jam up the blade causing you to get stuck mid trim and no one wants to head out the door to the store half shaven.

Finally, trimming wet causes a mess. To avoid it, lay a towel down on the bathroom floor, pull up the four corners, head outside and shake. Clean up is a breeze-literally.

So, the next time you go to grab the Beardscape and jump in the shower, stop. Be like a barber and just do it dry.

January 08, 2021 — Eric Steckling

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