Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

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  • Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer
  • Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer
  • Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer
  • Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer
  • Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer
  • Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer

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The Brio Beardscape is the ultimate tool to manage your beard from 5 o’clock shadow to 5-month masterpiece!  The Beardscape perfects the stubble-look with the integrated 1.0 to 1.9 mm blade height adjustment. The Beardscape includes 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm guards.  It comes equipped with 5 speed settings, responsive controls and an informative display all wrapped up in a compact size.  The ceramic blade is 4 times harder than stainless steel, creates less friction and heat and is quieter than metal.  The Beardscape is one of the quietest trimmers available!  The titanium rake is precision ground to match perfectly with the ceramic blade.  Charge the Beardscape in the base or plug it in while you use it but with a ridiculously long battery life, your trimming will never be cut short.  The Beardscape makes an excellent hair trimmer and is perfect for any manscaping project.  For the Beard and Beyond.

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Customer Reviews

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Trimmers and Clips

This trimmer is by far not only the best trimmer I have owned (have had 5 others) but it but it is also a great clipper! I have nappy, thick, coarse hair and I usually go straight blade with clippers. If I would go a little over two weeks some clippers would pull my hair or tend to stagger a bit. I had this awesome idea of letting my hair grow. Lasted about 8 weeks then decided to use brio trimmers.. HOLY SH**! Trimmers cut my hair with ease. No pull, no tug, no stagger or stalling from trimmer. Now, I actually look forward to cutting my own hair and beard trimming. Great product!!

tried all the rest and this is the best

So I have a really thick beard that creates issues when it comes to trimmers. Most don't have the power or the width to take care of my beard or they are overpowered and just make it an unsatisfactory trim. I have used Braun and even clippers from a barber shop, but they either all get tangled or cut unevenly. Not this one. Alpha M uses this on youtube and I was a little hesitant to go by a guy that is sponsored but I have to say that I am elated to have done so. It was the best shaving experience and a revolution in simplicity. The lengths are easy to go to and so easy to switch to get the perfect cut. A little trial and error and it was going through my beard EVENLY and Precisely. I have been searching for this product for at least 20 years and am happy that I heard of you and thank Aaron Marino for his suggestion

Great product

Works great on your beard and body for getting hair trimmed. I haven't had to charge this trimmer as the charge holds for a long time. My only dislike is popping the blade to clean in if hairs get inside the blade trimmer.

awesome product

Ive seen so many reviews of this on a number of youtube channels and they all gave this trimmer a great review. So after watching few video, i decided to get one. It arrived pretty quick and i must say, it looks great, feels great and its fully charged right out the box. Well mine was. This is a must buy

Thanks alpha

I found out about this trimmer through alpha m and its amazing its like a year old and it cuts like brand new. U just put a couple drops of oil every so many uses. It already paid for its self it the first month by saving me and my brothers from going to get a hair cut(im 17). U really get ur moneys worth. Not ment for a clean shave but great if u wanna clean up ur sides

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