Beardscape Length Guards

$ 6.95

We offer a variety of reversible length guards compatible with our Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer so your beard can be the exact length you desire! 


When you order a Beardscape it comes standard with all 4 of our length guards.

Customer Reviews

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Great products and even better customer service.

My wife got me a breadscape for Christmas and this the best bread trimmer I have ever had. It very well built and works great. I did have an issue with one of the clips, it would not stay put and kept popping off. I went to their website and messaged them of my problem. With in a few hours I received an email from Torrie let me know that they want to send me a new clip free of charge. It was no hassle just great customer service. Thank Torrie and the crew at Brio.

I use the #1 guard daily.

I broke my #1 guard and Brio immediately sentbout a replacement. Thank you!

Love my Beardscape!

Such an incredible product! Highly reccomend it to anyone.

1 - 2 mm length guard should be standard issue

Guard works great, the only difficulty is aligning it to attach it to the Beardscape. Both items are black in color so it is difficult to align to clip on and take a couple of tries. Similar to my comments on the Beardscape length adjustment which are also colored black so that you cannot easily read the numbers to set it. Lastly, as the title indicates, this guard should come with the Beardscape with the other guards as standard issue for those of us who like closer cut beards. Even if you have to raise the price a couple of dollars.

Hi Michael, Thanks for reaching out. We are aware that our guard system can be tough to work with and we've got some designs to improve this in the future! You can email us at service@brio4life with your order number so that we can get a 1-2mm guard sent to you!
It's finally here!

I have been waiting for the 1-2mm guard to be released for ages. This is the ideal length guard (for my preference) for literally the best trimmer (Brio Beardscape) I have ever used. Special thanks to Torrie for helping me with my order! :)

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