Today, I'll be taking a first hand look at the Bevel Pro All-in-One Clipper and Trimmer.. Retailing at roughly $329.95, this trimmer is a great choice for some, but an expensive choice for others. So what are the pros and cons of this trimmer, and who is it made for?   Let's dive into the features and my experience with this trimmer and find out.


Design and Features

The Bevel Pro trimmer boasts an LED Smart Display, Precision Powered Gap Adjustment (ranging from 0 to 2.5 mm), and Pivot Lock magnetic guards. The stainless steel blades come with a graphite coating that reduces friction, ultimately prolonging the blade's lifespan. Additionally, the powerful 6000+ RPM motor ensures efficient performance. The battery is impressive, offering up to 4 hours of run time and 180 days of standby time.

Additionally this trimmer comes with two stainless steel blades, five Bevel Pivot Lock Magnetic guards, oil for the blades, a cleaning brush, an 8-ft power/charging cord, and documentation to get you started.


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Pros of The Bevel Pro

Lets get to the good stuff, what does this trimmer do well? Here is my quick list of pros for the Bevel Pro.

Premium Feel

The Bevel Pro trimmer exudes a sense of luxury and quality in its construction. The sturdy build and attention to detail give users confidence in its durability and performance.

Smooth Cutting Blades

The stainless steel blades with a graphite coating deliver a smooth and precise trimming experience. They glide effortlessly through hair, ensuring a clean and professional-looking cut.

Precision Powered Gap Adjustment

The ability to adjust the cutting gap from 0 to 2.5mm allows users to fine-tune their grooming preferences. This precision feature enables a personalized and tailored grooming experience.

Pivot Lock Magnetic Guards

The magnetic guards securely attach to the trimmer, preventing accidental detaching during use. This feature provides stability and peace of mind when using different guard lengths.Nice touch.

Versatile Clipper-to-Trimmer Switch

Easily switching between the clipper and trimmer blades enhances the trimmer's versatility. This convenience allows users to switch between different grooming tasks without the need for multiple tools. I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to attach the blades.

LED Display

The clear and easy-to-read LED display keeps users informed about the trimmer's settings and battery life. This feature helps users stay in control of their grooming sessions and ensures they're never caught off guard by a low battery. Do you need all this info? Maybe not, but it definitely looks cool.



Cons Of The Bevel Pro

Alrighty, you know about the good stuff, so what are the downsides to this trimmer? 

Plastic Power Button Slide

The plastic power button slide feels somewhat cheap and lacks a travel lock feature. The sensitive responsiveness may lead to accidental activations, which can be inconvenient during use or while traveling.

Learning Curve with Magnetic Guards

While the Pivot Lock Magnetic Guards are practical once accustomed to them, new users may experience a learning curve in getting them properly attached and removed. This may result in initial frustration or difficulties during the early stages of usage.

Expensive Price

At a retail price of $329.95, the Bevel Pro trimmer falls on the higher end of the price spectrum. This premium pricing might be a significant factor for budget-conscious consumers who are looking for something a little more affordable.

Slick Feel in Hand

Some users may find the trimmer's slick feel in hand to be a bit slippery, especially during longer grooming sessions. While it adds a modern touch, it might compromise the user's grip and handling.

6000+ RPM Motor Not the Highest

While the trimmer's 6000+ RPM motor is powerful and efficient, there are other trimmers available on the market with even higher RPMs, catering to those seeking ultra-fast trimming performance.

Limited Guard Usage with Trimmer Blade

The inability to use guards with the trimmer blade restricts some styling possibilities. Users can only use guards with the clipper blade, which might limit the trimmer's overall versatility.

Longer Guards and T-Blade Accessories Sold Separately

The necessity of purchasing longer guards and T-blade accessories separately adds to the overall cost of the trimmer. This might be disappointing for users who expected a more comprehensive package and was a bit frustrating for me personally. 

No Charging Stand

The absence of a dedicated charging stand might be inconvenient for users who prefer organized storage and charging solutions for their grooming tools.


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Who Is This Trimmer Recommended For

The Bevel Pro trimmer is best suited for individuals with specific preferences. While its 6000+ RPM motor delivers efficient results, those seeking an even higher RPM may find other options more appealing. It works well for general grooming and styling, but keep in mind that you can't use the guards with the trimmer blade, limiting some styling possibilities. Furthermore, if you require longer guards, you'll need to purchase them separately, adding to the overall cost. The trimmer is not accompanied by a charging stand, which might be a minor inconvenience for those who prefer dedicated storage. To me, this seems like a specialized trimmer for someone who wants a luxury feeling trimmer or a professional who expects to use it for a very specific need. 



Our hands On Experience

During my hands-on experience with the Bevel Pro trimmer, I was immediately struck by its premium feel and solid construction. The smooth cutting blades, aided by the graphite coating, delivered precise and clean trims without any discomfort. I appreciated the convenience of the Precision Powered Gap Adjustment, which allowed me to personalize my grooming preferences. The Pivot Lock Magnetic Guards were practical once I got used to them, ensuring stability during use. However, the sensitive power button slide and the trimmer's higher price of $329.95 were noticeable downsides. Despite these trade-offs, the trimmer could be a good fit  for those seeking top-notch performance and convenience in a high-quality and high priced grooming tool.



Value For Money

While its higher price of $329.95 reflects the quality build and design, it may be a deterrent for budget-conscious buyers. Those willing to invest in a high-quality trimmer will find value in its features. However, for more budget-friendly options with comparable results, alternative choices may be worth considering. The trimmer's slick feel in hand and sensitive power button slide are minor drawbacks but overall I would give it a six out of ten on the value spectrum. 




In conclusion, the Bevel Pro Trimmer offers a premium grooming experience with smooth cutting blades and precision-powered adjustments. Despite some minor trade-offs like the slick feel and sensitivity of the power button, this trimmer delivers good results. If you're willing to invest in a high-quality trimmer and don't mind the higher price tag, the Bevel Pro is a solid choice. However, if you're looking for more affordable options with comparable results, there are alternatives on the market worth considering.



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August 10, 2023 — Eric Steckling

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