Today, we are taking a look at Meridians, The Trimmer, a grooming tool designed to cater specifically to body hair trimming needs. As part of the Meridian brand, this trimmer promises simplicity and efficiency for those seeking a no-fuss grooming experience. I had the opportunity to try out the trimmer in person, to see if this trimly truly holds up to the claims, and is an option you should consider. Here is my full review of  The Trimmer, by Meridian. 


Design And Features

The Meridian Trimmer boasts a straightforward design with a single-button operation which seems to be the popular choice among new trimmer makers. Its simplicity is a double-edged sword, as it makes the trimmer easy to use, especially for beginners, but also limits its functionality. The unit's compact size and lightweight design make it travel-friendly, a definite plus for those on the go.

One aspect that pleasantly surprised me was the smoothness of the cutting experience and the trimmer's relatively quiet operation. Additionally, the presence of a simple battery meter sets it apart from some other trimmers in its category, allowing users to keep track of the battery life. A nice touch.

One standout feature of the Meridian Trimmer is its ceramic blade, which performs better than most at this price range. The ceramic material ensures durability and precision in trimming, contributing to a more comfortable grooming session.

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Pros of the Meridian Trimmer

Lets get into the main pros od the Meridian The Trimmer.

Simple and User-Friendly Design

This trimmer is  simple and has an intuitive one-button operation. No fuss, just precision trimming. While its limiting in some aspects, it does make for a simple and easy to use design. 

Smooth Cutting Experience

This trimmer glides very smoothly when in use, delivering a nice and comfortable trimming session. Plus, it won't disturb your peaceful environment with its relatively quiet operation.

Battery Meter for Power Management

It comes with a decent battery meter which allows you to know if you have enough battery for a full trimming session or not. Definitely a nice touch.


Love to travel? The Meridian Trimmer's compact and stylish design makes it a perfect companion for your adventures.

Ceramic Blades

Expect top-notch performance with the ceramic blade, surpassing others in this price range. 




Cons of the Meridian Trimmer

So now let's talk about the downsides this trimmer has.

Limited Cutting Range

While simplicity is its forte, the trimmer's cutting range is confined to only five This is ok for body hair and pubic hair grooming, but falls short for other needs like facial hair or beard grooming.

No Fine Adjustments

Are you looking for a precise trimmer that has adjustments between 1-3 mm? Unfortunately, the Meridian Trimmer misses the mark here, lacking finer adjustments.

Battery Size Concerns

Depending on your hair type and grooming frequency, you might find the battery slightly undersized, requiring more frequent charging, which can get annoying.

Imprecise Battery Meter

The battery meter's three display levels leave room for improvement. A more precise indicator would be appreciated for better power management. There were multiple times where I thought I had enough battery for a quick trim, when I didn’t.

Limited Versatility

If you are looking for a solid all around trimmer that can handle everything, then sadly the Meridian is not for you. It specializes on just being a body hair trimmer.


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Who Is This Trimmer For

Considering the trimmer's limitations, the Meridian Trimmer is best suited for individuals who intend to use it exclusively for body hair trimming or pubic hair grooming. For these purposes, its cutting range is sufficient. However, for those with facial hair grooming needs or who require more precise trimming options, it may not be the best choice.


Our Hands-On Experience

After Using the Meridian Trimmer firsthand Here is what we think. The trimmer's compact size, lightness, and quiet operation made it comfortable to handle during grooming sessions. I particularly appreciated the blade's unique attachment system, allowing it to flip down, which made cleaning the cavity behind the blade easier than with many other trimmers.

However, I did not find any standout features in terms of build quality or feel. It felt a bit plastic to me and It falls within the average range, lacking any exceptional elements that would make it stand out from other trimmers in the market.

For about the same price, you can find a trimmer that has a better battery life, and more adjustment options, so this trimmer wouldn't be my personal every day pick. 



Value for Money

In terms of value for money, the Meridian Trimmer, priced at $66, is not the best option when compared to other trimmers in the body hair grooming category. Fort just a few bucks more, you can get a trimmer that comes with more blades, guards, battery life, and even a more powerful motor. While the ceramic blade and simple battery meter are positive aspects, its limited cutting range and absence of finer adjustments put it at a disadvantage. Other trimmers at this price point, such as the Lawnmower 4.0, offer more features and capabilities, making the Meridian Trimmer less appealing for those seeking a versatile grooming tool. It honestly compares more to a $25 dollar trimmer if you were to put ceramic blades on it. 




In conclusion, the Meridian Trimmer is a “ok” grooming tool that serves its purpose well for body hair trimming and pubic hair grooming. Its simplicity, travel-friendly design, and smooth cutting experience are commendable. However, the trimmer's shortcomings, such as the limited cutting range and imprecise battery meter, restrict its overall utility. While it may be a suitable option for those with specific grooming needs, it falls short of being a good value compared to other trimmers in its price range that offer more versatility and features.



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