Viking braids are a very traditional and masculine hairstyle that has recently gained a lot of popularity and for a good reason. If done right, you can look like a fierce leader. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to do Viking braids and give you some style inspiration at the end. Let's get into it!


Did Vikings Have Braids?

While some Vikings did have braids, recent tv shows and movies have popularised this style more than the actual Vikings. That said, it is still a very cool look, so don't let that hold you back from rocking this look.


How Long Does Your Hair Have To Be For Viking braids?

Generally, the hair should be shoulder-length or longer to create Viking braids. This is because the braids are created by taking sections of hair and crossing them over one another, and there needs to be enough hair to work with to create a braid that looks full and thick.


However, it is possible to create Viking braids with shorter hair, as long as it is long enough to be braided.


How To Do Viking Braids

now we are going to walk you through step by step exactly how to create Viking braids. This is the perfect tutorial for beginners because we will show you the basic braids and nothing super advanced, which is usually the style most guys want anyways. 



What You Will Need

You don't need a ton of products to make Viking braids, but a few are recommended and will make the process easier. Here's what you'll need


Texturizing Cream


Elastic Bands


1. Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry

Ok, the first thing you want is to make sure your hair is dry. Doing Viking braids right after you get out of the shower isn't a great idea because your hair has been stripped of all the natural oils, and it will have a much fuzzier look. We recommend skipping washing your hair for about three days before styling your braids. 


Alternatively, you can use a texturizing cream to add some of those natural oils back to your hair.


2. Sectioning

Depending on your hairstyle, you must section the top and sides of your hair. If you have shorter hair on the sides, like an undercut style, then you can just section the top.


Start with the top, and pull the hair to the back of your head as if you were making a man bun, then hold the hair in place with a hair clip, or hair claws.


Next, you will want to section the sides. You will need to section off groups of hair for the same amount of braids that you want on the sides. If you want one big braid on the sides, then you can section off one big group of hair. If you want three of four braids on the sides, you will need to section off three small groups of hair.


Do this for both sides of your head, and remember to use clips to hold the hair in place.


3. Braid The Sides

The best place to start is the sides. If you don't have braids on the sides, skip this section and go down to step four.


Start with one section of hair at a time. You can remove the hair clip from the section you want to start with.


Split that section of hair into two pieces. Start by twisting one section clockwise and the other section counterclockwise while crossing them over each other. You want to repeat this movement until you have reached the desired length of the braid.


You can hold it in place with an elastic band.


Repeat this same process for all sections you want to braid on both sides.


4. Braid The Top

Now it's time to braid the top. The most iconic style is the french braid. This looks good with braids or short hair on the sides; it's very versatile. It's also easy to do at home by yourself.


Unclip the top section of hair and begin doing a french braid by splitting your hair into two sections and then crisscrossing them, similar to how we braided the sides, but with much larger sections.


You can braid it only halfway and leave the back long, or braid it all the way to the back. Whatever you think looks best for your style. Once you reach the end, you can use elastic bands to hold the hair in place.


5. Use Hairspray

Once you are happy with the final result of your braids, spray your hair with some hairspray. This will help secure the braids in place and reduce any fuzziness.



The Best Viking Braid Styles For Men

Now that you know how to do Viking braids let's go through the top 10 iconic Viking braid styles to give you some inspiration and ideas.


The Mohawk Braid

The mohawk braid is a very iconic Viking style. It's a simple french style braid, but what makes this stand out is the sides are cut short like a buzz cut. This contrast makes for a fierce look.


Ponytail braid

if you want a more conservative Viking look and have really long hair, then the ponytail braid is perfect. It takes all your hair from the sides and tops and is braided into a ponytail.


Tripple Braids

The triple braid is another iconic Viking look. Instead of one french braid on the top, it is split into three distinct braided sections that converge in the back of the head. This looks amazing but is definitely a bit more advanced.


Long Braids

The long braid style is a more casual Viking appearance. This is for men with long straight hair, and the braids are larger, giving it a more natural appearance.


Ragnar braids

The braids Ragnar wears are the iconic triple braids. What makes this style, so distinct on Ragnar is the shaven sides of his head, adding an aggressive and iconic contrast.


Side Braids

The side braids are perfect for men who want to add some braids without going overboard. If you have long hair, adding a few smaller braids to the sides will give you that Viking look without going overboard. This is an underrated style.


Undercut Braids

There are many variations of the undercut braid. It's one of the most popular and iconic Viking styles. It features long hair on the top that is braided with shaven or faded sides.


Straight Back Braids

The straight-back braids are less common but definitely give that Viking appearance. It features braiding the hair unto multiple strands straight back. What differentiates this style from others is the distinct braiding on the sides. So if you want this style, you need to grow out the hair on the sides.


French Braids

the french braid comes in many variations also. It's the iconic braid of the Vikings. Most people go with french braids and an undercut, but you can actually still achieve a unique and masculine appearance with french braids on the sides as well.


Viking Beard Braids

If you genuinely want that Viking look, then growing a majestic beard and braiding it is the way to go. It takes time to grow a beard, but we have a guide where you can learn how to do that quickly here.



That's our guide on Viking braids! We hope you found it helpful, and let us know if we missed anything in the comments below. We hope you enjoy rocking your new Viking look!


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