My friend Spencer told me something last week that was seriously disturbing.

He said he owns about 5 different trimmers and NONE of them cut at the exact stubble length that he likes. He says his best option is to use one that cuts too short and it looks perfect after 3 days of growth.

Stubble can be tricky – everyone has a different length that looks just right. 

But if you have the right trimmer, you can cut it at the right length every time.

The Beardscape has this micro adjustable blade that goes in increments of .3 mm that’s just about the thickness of a playing card.

If you want to get your stubble the right length every time. Get a Beardscape.

Different stubble looks

The Stubble Look

If you have ever worn the stubble look, You know when you get it just right. There’s an exact length where it looks just right on you. 

Stubble has been popular for a long time and we don’t see that changing any time soon. Ranging from a 5 o’clock shadow to a tight beard, the perfect stubble look is different for everyone. 

The color and thickness of your hair as well as the shape of your face can all determine exactly what length is best for you. Dark/ thicker hair usually looks best when it is shorter while lighter hair can be a bit longer. If your facial hair is thinner or patchy – going a bit longer usually makes it look a lot more filled-in.

Here’s how to dial in the perfect length with the Beardscape:

  • If you already have long stubble or a short beard, start with a length guard that’s a bit longer then you think may be right. On the long end “stubble” can go up to 5 mm so that’s a good place to start. Snap on the 3 mm guard and lower the blade all the way down. That will get you to 4.9 mm.
  • Continue to step down the cutting lengths until it looks right. Here’s what that step down would look like from 4.9 mm
Different stubble mm lengths
  • If you cut it a bit too short, don’t worry – it will grow back within a few days.
  • Print off this card to mark the length you think works best so you can remember the combination of guards, blade settings. If there is more than one look that you like – take some notes.

If you don’t have one, pick up a Brio Beardscape to help you dial in the right stubble length. 

May 03, 2021 — Eric Steckling


Steve Masters said:

Thanks for the information for using my Brio.

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