Men Who Want to Look Younger: Try These 3 Easy Hacks

Posted at 11:00 • 13 May • Chelsea Batten

It’s undeniable that the last few years have, well, put a few years on all our faces. Add the changes that come with age—male pattern baldness and greying, of course, but also things like yellowing teeth, hair sprouting in unwanted areas, even receding bone structure—and it’s completely understandable if your Google search history includes phrases like “affordable face lift” or “cosmetic surgeons in my area.”


Fortunately, there’s a better way for men to look younger. And by “better,” we mean easier, more affordable, and less risk of a Mickey Rourke-type outcome. While surgical solutions can send you down a path of no return, restoring your youthful appearance through strategic grooming is a science-based, stylist-approved approach oriented around the one part of your body that will always grow back: your hair.

#1: Grow a Beard

Throughout time and trends, growing a beard is the number one way for men to enhance their jawline. Even hair stylists recommend this trick, especially as an age-related decline in muscle, cartilage, and bone density causes the jaw to sag. By calling attention to your jaw with a beard, you can not only make it look more robust, but also cover up some other telltale signs of aging like jowls and marionette lines.

Already have a beard but worried about it going grey?
Clever shaping and trimming can help to emphasize the remaining pepper over the spread of salt in your facial hair. Crisp, clean edges, keeping the hair uniform length, and *never* shaving above the Adam’s apple are just a few of the finer points that have made this men’s anti-aging hack a perennial favorite.

We’re fans of embracing your inner Jason Statham and shaving that sucker clean!

#2: Shape or Shave Your Hair

Apart from a chosen few, men start noticing their hairlines receding or bald patches spreading around age 30. But while solutions like hair plugs or paint seem to offer an appealing quick fix, they telegraph desperation to everyone else. Instead, put on your big boy pants and study up on strategic shaping techniques that can mask a receding hairline. Good news: many of these, such as high fades or undercuts, can be done or at least maintained at home.

As for baldness, a subtle Mad Men-esque combover can definitely get you through the first few years (more if your hair stays thick). But honestly, we’re fans of embracing your inner Jason Statham and shaving that sucker clean. Nothing restores your youthful confidence like looking in the mirror and finding a spartan, steely-eyed professional looking back at you.

#3 Trim Unwanted Hairs

Wondering where your lush mane is disappearing to? It’s migrating to your ears, nose, and eyebrows. No, for real: as testosterone accumulates over a man’s life, it causes hair loss on the head while encouraging hair growth everywhere else. The solution: Invest in a good trimmer and make plucking a regular part of your grooming routine to remove those unsightly sprouts. After all, no matter how young you look from a distance, up close is where it really counts.

Looking younger doesn’t have to mean erasing evidence of your experience or maturity. (You worked hard for that stuff—might as well flaunt it.) Nor does it mean committing to the diminishing returns of plastic surgery. All it takes is finding the right tools, learning a few new techniques, and—probably the hardest part—not taking yourself too seriously.

May 13, 2022 — Eric Steckling

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