Silkstone Electric Pedicure File

$ 29.95

The Brio SilkStone© is a revolutionary tool to smooth feet and remove callouses and dry skin. The SilkStone roller safely removes skin without the danger of sharp blades and leaves feet salon smooth. The SilkStone is the best tool to smooth feet between pedicures at home or on the go. The powerful motor makes maintaining your feet faster and easier than using manual pumice stones. No foot soaking is required – the SilkStone works best on clean dry feet. The water resistant unit makes cleaning fast and easy.

  • Powerful motor with safety stop
  • A fast and safe way to remove callouses at home
  • Perfect for feet, hands, and other tough callouses
  • Small battery powered unit travels easily
  • Replaceable Silkstone© buffing wheel

      Using the Silkstone. Insert the included AA batteries as shown on the back of the device. The battery compartment opens with a quarter turn counter-clockwise. Replace the batteries when the unit operation becomes slower or weaker than normal.
      The Brio SilkStone should only be used on clean dry feet. Due to the rapid removal of dry skin, the SilkStone is best used in an area that is easy to clean, such as over a bathtub. Turn the power switch to the on position and move the roller slowly over the bottoms of your feet and heals. It is important to keep the roller moving and not to stop in one place for too long. Areas of thicker skin may require more time. Limit roller time to 3-4 seconds in the same area per session. Use light and consistent pressure. If too much pressure is applied the SilkStone will stop spinning. Stop if the skin becomes sore or inflamed. Rinse and dry feet after use. Use the SilkStone as often as necessary to maintain perfectly smooth feet.
      For best results, use moisturizer or foot lotion after the SilkStone treatment. Removing the hard outer skin makes your lotion treatment more effective.

      For a PDF of the instruction manual Click here
      Clean your Brio SilkStone after each use to ensure best performance. The device is water resistant so it can be rinsed under water. Turn the unit on and hold the head and top of the unit under the running water. Use the included cleaning brush to remove any remaining debris. Once the unit is clean, remove the roller and dry all parts with a clean dry cloth. Replace the roller once it is dry.

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