Trimmers aren’t just for beards, bros, and bikini lines. A trimmer can be the best tool in your arsenal for all your hair woes.

Women have hair. And for years we’ve been told to remove the hair on our bodies with razors, lasers, and painful waxing while also being told to keep the hair on our heads long. 

No matter your preferred length of hair (anywhere) a trimmer is just the tool you’ve been searching for to finally ditch the hours of effort, hundreds of dollars, and painful side effects of traditional hair removal. 

So, whether you want to shorten your armpit hairs just enough to not get caught in your bra strap, try out the iconic hair style of Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby, or make your bits balder than Vin Diesel, here is how a trimmer can help you:

On your head:

For decades, barbershops across the globe have standardized hair styles using hair trimmers. As technology has improved, we’ve been able to bring the barber home. With a trimmer, guards, and a mirror (and maybe a buddy for the back) you can do your hair at home in a matter of minutes. Saving time, money, and a trip to the stylist. 

Stay tuned to the Brio Blog for future tips and tricks on using our trimmers to achieve the latest styles.

On your body:

Do you have sensitive underarms? 

Sensitive skin doesn’t mean you can’t have control over your hair. Unlike a razor which puts the sharp metal directly against your skin, pulling and dragging sweat, soap, or any grime from your skin all along the cutting area, a trimmer can be hovered, trimming the hair without tearing the hair. 

Between your legs:

Whether you want a jungle, garden, or completely bare, a trimmer can get you there, faster, safer, and easier than with a razor alone.

With reversible guards you can achieve any length and it’ll be even across the mons. From there you can hop in the shower, rinse off the trimmed hairs and be done, or you can take it the rest of the way, your way. Even if that way is with wax. It’s a fact; waxing shorter hair takes less wax, fewer strips, less time, and less elbow grease from your esthetician. You don’t need to take your hair all the way down, but adding a quick trim to your routine can cut the time in the salon substantially and save you money!

You can have as much or as little hair as you want, faster, safer, and easier than ever before with a trimmer. 

Things to look for in a trimmer:

  • Size of the blade - Too wide of a blade, the harder it will be to maneuver around your body; too narrow and it will take a lot longer to get the trim you want.
  • Ease of use - Trimmers run the gamut of bells and whistles. Finding what you need, be it a quick on/off switch or something more intense. 
  • Maintenance - Trimmer blades need to be oiled and cleaned to keep running at peak condition. Look for trimmers with easy to clean blades. 
  • Portability - Traveling with your trimmer makes it ideal for long vacations, road trips, or even going around a dorm room or shared apartment. Having a handy, lightweight, carrying case that keeps all your trimmer accessories in one spot is underrated.
June 14, 2021 — Eric Steckling

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