Finding the right grooming tool can be tough. The Panasonic MultiShape stands out in this crowded space. This review will show you how it aims to solve your grooming needs with its versatile features.



Features of the MultiShape System

The MultiShape System includes a variety of attachments for different grooming needs. It offers a shaving head attachment, nose trimmer attachment, and toothbrush attachment.


Shaving head attachment

The shaving head attachment feels great in the hand because of its comfortable base and rubbery texture. Swapping and cleaning this part is easy, making it user-friendly. They even give you lubrication oil to keep the shaver running smoothly after you clean it.

I found using this beard trimmer for a clean-shaven look both simple and effective. Its design makes wet shaving a breeze, and dealing with beards or stubble feels almost effortless.

It's clear they thought about everything from ease of use to keeping the electric razor in top shape.

Nose Trimmer Attachment

The Nose Trimmer Attachment stands out as the most complex part of the Panasonic MultiShape grooming kit. This tool has several pieces, including a spot that locks and a special opening for adding water if you line it up just right.

This attachment makes removing unwanted nose hair easy and quick. After using it, your nose feels neat without any discomfort or pulling sensation.

Toothbrush Attachment

After exploring the nose trimmer, we move on to the toothbrush attachment of the Panasonic MultiShape. This part snaps onto the base and uses the motor's power to clean your teeth.

Unlike some popular brands like Sonicare, this electric toothbrush head design may not be everyone's favorite. The extra-fine bristles aim to give a thorough cleaning but lack sonic vibration technology that many prefer for getting rid of plaque.

Users also worry about getting water on the charging dock since it powers both shaving and brushing tasks. Despite these concerns, this attachment turns your grooming gadget into an oral care instrument, making it easier to brush with just one device during travel or at home.

With its ni-mh battery, you can count on it lasting through multiple cleans before needing a recharge.



Comfort and performance of the shaver

The shaver provides a comfortable shaving experience. It offers adequate performance for its size, making it suitable for quick touch-ups and on-the-go grooming. The ergonomic design ensures ease of handling, enhancing the overall comfort during use.

Additionally, the battery life supports extended usage without compromising performance.

Effectiveness of the nose trimmer

The nose trimmer effectively removes hair and has a similar design to other treatments, featuring multiple parts for water cleaning. Additionally, it is described as the most complicated attachment due to its locking point and port opening system aligning correctly for water insertion during cleaning.

Downsides of The Toothbrush Attachment

The toothbrush attachment of the Panasonic MultiShape faced criticism for its design and hygiene concerns. The two-part toothbrush with a replaceable head was found to be less preferable compared to a Sonicare toothbrush, raising worries about durability and hygiene.



In conclusion, the Panasonic MultiShape system offers versatility and travel-readiness for frequent travelers. Its multi-functional attachments provide value and convenience. Here's why this grooming tool is a game-changer!

The Panasonic MultiShape system is versatile and travel-ready. It fulfills basic personal care needs with its shaving head, nose trimmer, and toothbrush attachments. This makes it a valuable companion for frequent travelers looking to maintain their grooming routine on the go.

April 30, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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