Finding the right hair clippers can be tricky. The GAMMA+ X ERGO aims to meet professional needs. This review will guide you through its features and performance, making your choice easier. 


Unboxing and Features of the X ERGO

The X ERGO features an ergonomic design that reduces musculoskeletal strain and facilitates hair styling. With powerful motors and sharp cutting blades, these cordless clippers make effortless hair cutting a reality.

Description of the X ERGO

GAMMA+'s X ERGO stands out as a revolutionary professional hair clipper, boasting a sleek design and cutting-edge technology. From my first-hand experience, using this clipper was impressive due to its powerful microchipped magnetic motor.

This feature ensures not only efficient but also quiet operation during use. The device feels premium in hand, thanks to its black Diamond blade which stays cool and sharp longer than traditional blades.

It comes with three interchangeable levers—a unique aspect that allows for personalized grip and control adjustments according to one's preference. Additionally, the inclusion of an upgraded microchip motor along with a sophisticated PCB board significantly enhances performance longevity.

With two hours of continuous run time supported by eight double magnetic guards, the X ERGO provides an uninterrupted grooming experience. Its innovative design and functionality have certainly set a new standard in the world of professional hair clippers.

Features highlighted

Moving from the sleek description of the X ERGO, we now shift our focus to its standout features. This professional modular clipper comes packed with innovations designed to upgrade your grooming experience.


  1. The core of the X ERGO is its microchipped magnetic motor, offering powerful yet quiet operation. This technology ensures your grooming sessions are both efficient and comfortable.
  2. Sporting a Black Diamond blade, the clipper promises better cooling and rust resistance. Plus, it stays sharp longer, making your cuts as precise after months of use as they were on day one.
  3. Flexibility is key, with three interchangeable levers that come in different designs for a customizable grip and control during use.
  4. An upgraded microchip motor paired with an improved PCB board maximizes power efficiency. This means smoother cuts and longer battery life between charges.
  5. Speaking of battery life, expect up to two hours of continuous run time. This feature is especially handy for busy days when you need your clipper ready at all times.
  6. The inclusion of a type or stretch taper bracket allows for an extended opening of the clipper blades, providing more cutting versatility and customized styling options.
  7. Also included are eight double magnetic guards which enhance the overall grooming experience by offering varied length options without sacrificing security or ease of attachment.


Each feature highlighted plays a role in elevating the X ERGO above other professional grooming equipment on the market today. Whether it's the whisper-quiet operation or the long-lasting precision cut, this modular grooming tool has redefined what I expect from my equipment. 


Contents of the Box

The box includes a docking station setup and additional accessories. Read on to explore the unboxing experience.

Docking station set up

The docking station can be set up at your station with the help of the instruction manual for assembly. Use the screwdriver with a magnetic tip to make installation easier, and utilize the additional levers and stretch brackets provided in the box.

Chrome magnetic guards are available to secure the docking station in place.


Additional accessories included

The X ERGO comes with a variety of additional accessories packed neatly in the box to enhance the user experience. These accessories include:


  1. Docking station: A convenient setup by seancos at his station for easy storage and charging.
  2. Additional covers: Lids in gold and rose gold, and front covers in silver and matte black for customization options.
  3. Instruction manual: Detailed guide for seamless assembly and usage.
  4. Warranty information: Ensuring peace of mind with official documentation for the product's guarantee.
  5. Magnetic guards: Chrome guards to provide extra protection and convenience during use.
  6. Screwdriver: A magnetic tip screwdriver included for effortless assembly of components.
  7. Assembly essentials: Extra levers and stretch brackets provided in a separate bag to facilitate any necessary adjustments.


These additional accessories complement the X ERGO, offering versatility and practicality for users to fully enjoy their grooming experience.


Initial Impressions and Differences

Upon first glance, the X ERGO's design stands out with its sleek and modern aesthetic. Not only does it look different from the regular ERGO, but it also boasts new features that immediately catch the eye.

Design differences from the regular ERGO

The X ERGO features a redesigned power button for easier operation. Additionally, its microchip technology includes side labeling on the motor to indicate enhanced power, ensuring increased strength and performance.

The unique blade design sets it apart from the regular ERGO, showcasing an innovative approach towards clipping technology with advanced features.

New features introduced

The X ERGO introduces a new power switch design, distinguishing it from the regular ERGO model. The microchip motor features side labeling indicating increased power, offering improved performance for users.

Additionally, the stretch blade is introduced as a new feature, enhancing the ergonomic and functional aspects of the clippers.


Usage and Performance

The X ERGO operates quietly and efficiently during use. Further testing is planned to provide comprehensive insights on its performance.

Quiet operation

The X ERGO offers a whisper-quiet operation, making it ideal for noise-sensitive environments. Its silent performance ensures a peaceful and undisturbed grooming experience for both the user and the client.

The tranquil functioning of this clipper sets it apart, providing a muffled sound that allows for a calm and relaxed atmosphere during use.

With its subdued noise level, the X ERGO delivers gentle operation without compromising on power or precision. This feature is especially beneficial in maintaining a serene environment in professional settings or at home, enhancing the overall clipping experience while keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Plans for further testing and final thoughts

After experiencing the quiet operation and initial performance, seancos plans to further test the X ERGO by trimming hair extensively. Additional evaluation will be conducted to assess its performance more comprehensively.

Once the testing is completed, final thoughts on the clipper's usage and recommendations for ceramic blade purchases will be shared with a strong endorsement for this product.


Customization and Future Plans

7. You can explore various customization options and check out exciting plans for future accessory purchases related to the X ERGO. Find out more details by diving deeper into our next content featuring the X ERGO.

Possible customization options

When it comes to possible customization options for the GAMMA+ X ERGO, users have a variety of personalization features to choose from. These include:


  1. Tailored blade adjustments with the stretch blade and non - click lever for a unique cutting experience.
  2. Personalized enhancements through the purchase of Omnicore ceramic cutting blades, unlocking the potential for specialty modifications in future use.


Plans for future accessory purchases

Looking ahead, the reviewer plans to explore advanced cutting blades like Omnicore ceramic ones for an enhanced experience. Additionally, tailored attachments such as a stretch blade and non-click lever are on the radar for further customization options.

The anticipation of upgrading components with innovative accessories aims to elevate the overall performance of the X ERGO clippers. These personalized additions align with seeking more than just standard features and delving into the realm of cutting-edge equipment.

The focus is on acquiring specialized tools that underpin an ever-evolving approach towards grooming needs, unlocking the secrets of bespoke accessories to unlock new possibilities in crafting precision cuts.


Call to Action and Final Thoughts

Check out the GAMMA+ X ERGO for an enhanced hair cutting experience. Engage with us and anticipate more content featuring this innovative clipper!

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Anticipation of future content featuring the X ERGO

Excited to showcase future tutorials on the YouTube channel featuring the X ERGO clippers, alongside testing and sharing final thoughts after cutting hair. seancos looks forward to experimenting with the clipper in upcoming content, planning to purchase Omnicore ceramic cutting blades for enhanced performance.



In summary, the GAMMA+ X ERGO is a professional modular clipper that impressed the reviewer. With its microchipped magnetic motor and Black Diamond blade, it offers enhanced performance and durability.

The inclusion of interchangeable levers and quiet operation adds to its appeal. Viewers are encouraged to explore Fort Worth Barber Supply for this top-notch cordless clipper.

April 30, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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