Are you tired of the tugs and pulls while trying to achieve that perfect manscaped look? Gillette's intimate trimmer promises a close, comfortable shave without the dreaded razor burns.

Today, I'm taking you through an in-depth review of this must-have gadget for men, tackling every feature from unboxing to actual use. Get ready for a game-changer!


Unboxing and What's Inside

Upon unboxing the Gillette Intimate Trimmer, I was greeted with a neatly arranged set of items that included an instruction manual, trimmer unit, power cord, up-close and personal guide, and carrying bag for storage.

Each component was well-packaged and easy to identify for quick setup.


Instruction manual

The instruction manual that comes with the Gillette Intimate Trimmer is a key piece. It tells you how to use your new trimmer safely and well. Inside, you'll find steps on setting it up, turning it on, and picking the right head for cutting hair close or leaving some stubble.

The guide also helps you keep your trimmer working great by showing you how to clean it after each shave.

Safety is super important when dealing with blades near your skin. So, the booklet has tips to avoid cuts and keep your grooming game safe and smooth. If trouble comes up or if you have questions, the warranty and customer support info are there too.

Follow what's in this little book to make sure you get the best from your trimmer every time!

The Trimmer

Inside the box, you'll find the trimmer unit packed neatly. This electric shaver is made to handle your grooming needs with ease. It has a handy power button that starts up the quiet motor with a quick press.

You can slide the adjustment slider to pick how short you want your hairs trimmed; it shows different lengths in millimeters so you can be precise.

This electric razor comes with a detachable comb which makes it easy to clean or use without for a closer shave. If you're looking to get really close, there's also a 1 millimeter cutting head attachment that snaps on and off smoothly.

Whether you need to trim down thick hair or just tidy up some spots, this intimate men's manscape pubic hair trimmer is ready for action right after its one-hour charge-up time.

Power cord

Moving from the trimmer unit to how it gets its power, let's talk about the power cord that comes in the box. This handy cord is what keeps your trimmer ready and charged for whenever you need it.

You don't have to worry about finding batteries since this battery-powered device recharges with ease. Just plug it into any outlet with the included cord, and you're set.

The power cord makes sure you can take care of your grooming without any breaks. For those first time uses, remember that your Gillette Intimate Trimmer won't come charged - so give it a good hour of charging before kicking off your manscaping routine.


Up-close and personal guide

After exploring the contents of the box and understanding how to use the power cord, next in line is getting hands-on with the up-close and personal guide. This informative guide accompanies the Gillette Intimate Trimmer, offering detailed instructions for its usage.

It contains valuable tips on achieving optimal results, ensuring that users can effectively navigate through maintenance and care routines for long-term usage. Additionally, it includes essential safety precautions and warnings to maximize user experience.

Furthermore, the guide may direct users toward additional resources or support relevant to using and maintaining this grooming tool.

Carrying bag for storage

The Gillette Intimate Trimmer comes with a convenient carrying bag, providing a practical solution for storing the trimmer and its accessories. The bag is designed to keep everything organized and protected, making it easy to store in a bathroom cabinet or travel bag.

Made of durable material with a secure zipper closure, this discreet storage option ensures long-lasting use while keeping the trimmer and accessories in place.

With this included carrying bag, you can confidently take your Gillette Intimate Trimmer on-the-go while keeping everything tidy and secure.


Main Features of the Trimmer

The Gillette Intimate Trimmer boasts a power button, an adjustment slider with millimeter markings, and a detachable comb for customized trimming. The 1 millimeter cutting head attachment ensures precision in hard-to-reach areas.


Easy use Power button

The power button is conveniently located on the trimmer, allowing for easy control when turning the trimmer on or off. This feature ensures that users can operate the trimmer with simplicity and efficiency, making grooming sessions hassle-free.

With just a simple press of the power button, the Gillette Intimate Trimmer is ready to use, providing a seamless experience for individuals seeking precise and comfortable trimming.

This intuitive design enhances user experience by offering straightforward functionality at your fingertips. The placement of the power button allows for quick activation, enabling users to achieve their desired results without any unnecessary complexity.

Adjustment slider with millimeter markings

Moving on from the power button, the Gillette intimate trimmer also features an adjustment slider with millimeter markings. This convenient feature allows users to select their desired hair length with precision and ease.

The millimeter markings provide clear guidance for achieving a customized trim, catering to individual preferences and grooming needs. Whether it's a shorter or longer trim, this adjustable slider ensures accuracy in achieving the perfect hair length.

The detachable comb combined with the option to attach a 1 millimeter cutting head offers versatility for different styling preferences. By utilizing these features, individuals can effortlessly achieve their desired level of grooming precision without any hassle or guesswork involved – all thanks to the intuitive adjustment slider with millimeter markings.

Detachable comb

The Gillette intimate trimmer comes with a detachable comb that allows for easy customization of hair lengths. It can be adjusted up and down, giving you the flexibility to achieve your desired look.

This feature makes it suitable for different grooming needs and preferences, offering versatility in one trimmer. The adjustable comb enables precise trimming tailored to individual styling choices.

Now let's delve into the main features of the trimmer by exploring its power button and adjustment slider with millimeter markings.

1 millimeter cutting head attachment

The Gillette intimate trimmer includes a 1 millimeter cutting head attachment, allowing for precise and close trims in sensitive areas. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer a shorter hair length while grooming.

The option to achieve a 1 millimeter length ensures that users can customize their grooming experience to meet their specific preferences, whether for styling or personal comfort. With this attachment, individuals can easily maintain a well-groomed look that suits their desired aesthetic.

Furthermore, the 1 millimeter cutting head provides versatility and control when trimming intimate areas, contributing to an overall convenient and effective grooming process. Additionally, it aligns with the need for precision and accuracy in such delicate areas without compromising on safety or comfort.

Up-close evaluation of the finer details of this reliable tool reveals how its features cater to diverse grooming needs while ensuring ease of use and optimal outcomes.



Upon unboxing, it was initially mistaken as a corded trimmer, but the manual clarified that it is battery-powered and needs to be charged for an hour before first use. Curious to know more? Keep reading for a detailed review of the Gillette Intimate Trimmer!

Trimmer needs to be charged for an hour before first use

Before you start using the Gillette Intimate Trimmer, make sure to charge it for an hour. It's important to remember that the trimmer comes without an initial charge, so plugging it in and letting it charge for at least an hour will ensure optimal performance when you're ready to use it.

Once fully charged, you'll be all set to experience the convenience and effectiveness of this trimmer for intimate grooming needs.

Effectiveness for intimate and hard-to-reach areas

After the sound demonstration of the trimmer starting, it's important to note its effectiveness for intimate and hard-to-reach areas. The Gillette Intimate Trimmer proves efficient in grooming sensitive areas with precision.

Its design allows for a comfortable and gentle trim, ensuring minimal risk of irritation. The trimmer's ability to navigate difficult spots is highly praised, making manscaping an easy task while maintaining skin safety and comfort.

This quality makes it a reliable choice for those seeking a convenient solution for precise grooming needs.

Non-irritating to the skin

The Gillette Intimate Trimmer is designed to be gentle and non-irritating to the skin, making it suitable for delicate areas. The trimmer's precision blades and ergonomic design ensure a comfortable grooming experience without causing redness or discomfort.

This feature makes it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin, offering a safe and effective way to maintain personal hygiene without any irritation or adverse reactions.

The trimmer's non-irritating nature aligns with its wet/dry use capability, allowing users to customize their grooming routine according to their preference while keeping the skin protected from irritation.


Is It Worth it?

If you're considering a grooming upgrade, the Gillette Intimate Trimmer is worth a try. With swimsuit season around the corner, now's the perfect time to step up your manscaping game and give this trimmer a go.


Alternative To Consider

If you are looking for a trimmer with a bit more power and more detailed adjustments then the Brio Beardscape is the trimmer you should be looking at. While the Gillette Intimate Trimmer is good. The Brio Beardscape is just a lot better.

The Brio Beardscape features 24 different adjustments. a 240 minute battery life. a 7500 rpm motor, and it even comes with a full 2 year warranty.

On top of all of that, Brio makes some very good affordable accessories that you wont find anywhere else like the zero blade, which you can use to get a skin close trim. So if you are looking for a trimmer that you can invest in lasting for years, then we recommend taking a look at the Brio Beardscape



In conclusion, the Gillette Intimate Trimmer by Braun offers a convenient and effective solution for manscaping needs. Its battery-powered design and non-irritating performance make it suitable for hard-to-reach areas.

With swimsuit season approaching, this trimmer is a recommended purchase to keep you groomed and confident. Check out the video description for links to make your purchase today!

January 22, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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