Navigating the vast sea of trimmers can be as daunting as charting unexplored waters. Like so many others, I've encountered the challenge of sifting through the endless array of grooming tools, all to land on those few standouts.

My mission is clear-cut: to guide you through an expertly curated lineup of the 15 best trimmers that promise to elevate your grooming routine smoothly and efficiently. Cast off into this selection and discover your perfect match!


Top 15 Best Trimmers for Men

Here are my top picks for the best trimmers for men! There is something here for everyone and these trimmers made it on this list because of their overall quality, versatility, and battery life.


Quick Recommendation


1. BeardScape Beard and Hair Trimmer


    I've tried many trimmers, but the Beardscape is a game-changer for those who take beard grooming seriously. The ceramic blade is sharp and durable, cutting through thick hair with ease. Plus, it generates less heat than metal blades, so there's no discomfort during long grooming sessions.

    The adjustable blade height lets you perfect your stubble look or sculpt a full-grown beard with precision. You can switch between five different speeds to match the thickness of your hair or sensitivity of your skin—this flexibility is why I call it my go-to trimmer. Its quiet operation is also impressive; you can trim early in the morning without waking anyone up.

    The Beardscape trimmer feels like a professional tool in my hands. With 3, 6, 9, and 12 mm guards included, I can tackle any trimming job confidently. The battery life never lets me down either; whether I charge it on the base or plug it in while using it doesn't matter—it delivers every time. Its top-notch performance and versatility are why I place this trimmer at number one for anyone ready to up their grooming game.


    • Plan contract emailed within 24 hours
    • Fully refundable if canceled within 30 days
    • Easy claims process available online 24/7
    • Covers mechanical and electrical breakdowns
    • Asurion email plan not included with product
    • Plan coverage starts after manufacturer's warranty ends
    • Refund only available if canceled within 30 days




    2. Gillette Intimate Men’s Manscape Pubic Hair Trimmer


    I recently tried the Gillette Intimate Men's Manscape Pubic Hair Trimmer, and it's made a big difference in my grooming routine. Its SkinFirst Technology really stands out. It has close-spaced blades that cut hair without pulling or snagging, which means no more nicks or irritation for me. I used to dread trimming because of sensitive skin, but this trimmer is tough on hair while being super gentle on the skin.

    One thing I love about this electric shaver is its versatility. The two combs really help customize the trim according to what I need – whether it's cleaning up edges or tackling thicker areas. Plus, since it’s waterproof and cordless, I can easily use it in the shower without worrying about wires or damaging it with water.

    It earned its spot as number two on my list because of how well thought out every feature is: from its quiet operation so you won't be bothersome if others are around when grooming to a long battery life that doesn’t leave you hanging mid-trim. And cleaning up afterward? A breeze – just rinse under hot water and let air dry; no fussing with replacement blades either!  This groomer definitely makes manscaping much less of a chore and keeps everything looking neat down there.


    • Manscape with ease using a lightweight and quiet cordless trimmer.
    • Achieve up to 100 minutes of grooming time with its waterproof design for in - shower use.
    • Minimize irritation while trimming intimate areas, thanks to SKINFIRST Technology’s closely spaced blades.
    • Enjoy versatile grooming options with two attachable protective combs included.
    • May not be suitable for individuals with very sensitive skin
    • More expensive compared to other similar products on the market
    • The 100 - minute cordless trimming time may not be sufficient for prolonged grooming sessions




    3. Meridian Body Trimmer


    The Meridian Body Trimmer is a top-notch grooming tool designed to keep men feeling fresh and clean in the most sensitive areas. Made with precision shaving technology and replaceable ceramic blades, this trimmer handles coarse hair without tugging or pulling. It's perfect for anyone looking to avoid nicks and cuts. Its waterproof design means you can use it dry or take it into the shower, making it incredibly versatile.

    This trimmer stands out because it comes with an antibacterial spray that leaves a crisp citrus scent, enhancing your grooming routine. The spray helps fight off odors and keeps irritation at bay, which is crucial after trimming delicate skin. With 90 minutes of run time when fully charged, you have plenty of time to get a smooth shave without rushing.

    We picked the Meridian as No. 3 on our list because of its thoughtful design crafted for sensitive skin care down below — offering comfort, ease-of-use, and excellent results. It rises above many others with its included extras like adjustable guards for different hair lengths and an easy-to-clean brush ensuring your trimmer stays in tip-top shape between uses. Plus, its portability with USB charging makes maintaining personal hygiene effortless no matter where life takes you.


    • Stay fresh and clean with a unique blend of moringa seed, witch hazel, and green tea extract in the accompanying spray.
    • Versatile trimmer for chest, pubic area, or rear hair with adjustable guards and long - lasting battery.
    • Enjoy wet or dry shaving with shock - resistant waterproof design for added convenience and ease of use.
    • Protect your sensitive areas with rust - resistant ceramic blade technology that ensures gentle trimming for all hair types.
    • Requires regular charging for optimum performance
    • May be a bit on the expensive side
    • Some users may find the fragrance too strong



    4. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100


    The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 steps up the grooming game for men. This trimmer is showerproof, making it perfect for those who like to multitask while in the shower. The included AA battery gets you started right away, and because it's water-friendly, cleaning is a breeze; just rinse under running water.

    With this groomer, guys get an even trim thanks to the 1/8" comb that tackles longer hair with ease. Skin protection matters too; that’s why there’s an integrated skin protector to shield your skin while you’re trimming away hair in all directions. The bi-directional trimmer works smoothly across your body, leaving no hairs untouched.

    Men looking for a reliable body groomer will appreciate how the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 1100 fits into their daily routine. It includes a clever shower cord so you’ll never lose sight of it when it's hanging conveniently in your bathroom. Handy and uncomplicated, this tool ranks high among must-have gadgets for modern grooming rituals.


    • Showerproof design for easy use and cleaning
    • Integrated skin protector for guarded trimming
    • Bi - directional trimmer cuts hair seamlessly in both directions
    • Includes a trimming comb, shower cord, and AA battery
    • Skin protector may not be effective for everyone.
    • Trimming may take longer with smaller cutting width.
    • AA battery life could be short, requiring frequent replacements.




    5. Philips Norelco Exclusive Bodygroom Series 7000 Showerproof Body & Manscaping Trimmer


    I recently got my hands on the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000, and I must say it's been a game-changer for my grooming routine. Its dual-sided design means I can switch from trimming to shaving without changing attachments, which saves me time and hassle. The trimmer has five adjustable lengths, making it super versatile no matter the hair length I’m dealing with.

    Showering with this groomer is no problem because it's completely showerproof. The ergonomic grip makes handling easy, even when wet, allowing for precision in those sensitive areas. After just an hour of charging, the lithium battery gives me 80 minutes of use which is more than enough for a thorough session.

    The shaver head moves in four directions so I can smoothly follow the contours of my body above or below the belt without irritation. This feature alone puts it among top contenders in its class for guys like me who need a reliable all-in-one tool. Plus, that powerful lithium battery ensures that even after many uses, performance doesn't drop off – every shave feels just as clean as the first one.


    • Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 provides maximum control and precision for both trimming and shaving.
    • The showerproof design allows for use in wet or dry conditions, offering freedom and comfort while grooming.
    • With a powerful lithium battery, it delivers 80 minutes of cordless use after just 1 hour of charging.
    • This body groomer features a unique dual - sided design that can trim or shave any length of hair on all body zones.
    • Not suitable for use while charging
    • Some users may find the trimmer a bit bulky
    • The price point may be higher compared to other similar products


    "The Philips Norelco Exclusive Bodygroom Series 7000 is perfect for the modern man who values convenience and precision in his grooming routine. Whether he's looking to trim or shave, wet or dry, this versatile body groomer has him covered with its dual-sided design and adjustable lengths. Say goodbye to uncomfortable trimming sessions and hello to effortless styling with our showerproof, ergonomic tool. Don't settle for less - join the millions of men choosing Philips Norelco as their go-to brand for male grooming. Upgrade your grooming game today!



    6. HAPPY NUTS The Ballber


    I recently tried the HAPPY NUTS The Ballber and it's a game changer for men's grooming. This electric body hair trimmer is specially designed to handle sensitive areas with care, so you can trim without fear of nicks or snags. Its powerful 7000 RPM motor cuts through coarse hair effortlessly, but here's the kicker – it does it quietly. You won't wake up the whole house while taking care of your manscaping duties.

    The waterproof feature is brilliant for those who like to multitask in the shower. With this groomer, cleaning up is simple and fuss-free. What impressed me most was its battery life; after charging fully, I've gone multiple sessions before needing to plug it back in, which means less waiting around and more doing.

    Another standout feature for me was the nut-safe blade technology that HAPPY NUTS has perfected. No tugging or pulling – just smooth trimming every time. And since comfort is king when you're reaching down there, the ergonomic design fits perfectly in my hand making tough-to-reach spots much easier to manage. Overall, this trimmer leaves others behind when talking about preventing painful mistakes and ensuring a perfect trim where it counts.


    • Ultra quiet 7000 RPM motor tames coarse body hair with ease
    • IPX7 waterproof for easy shower use and cleanup
    • Long - lasting rechargeable battery lasts up to 150 minutes
    • Nut - safe blade prevents cuts, nicks, pulling, tugging, and snags
    • Trimmer may require frequent cleaning to avoid hair clogging.
    • The trimmer might have a learning curve when initially using it for hard-to-reach areas.
    • Some users may find the price point higher compared to other grooming options.




    7. Ballsy B2 Groin & Body Trimmer for Men


    The Ballsy B2 Groin & Body Trimmer for men stands out with its powerful 7000 RPM motor. I found this tool not just strong but also smartly designed to keep grooming safe and comfortable. The idea of no more nicks or snags downstairs is a relief, as the blades are super skin-friendly. Plus, the waterproof feature is superb! It let me easily move my grooming routine into the shower without any worry.

    What really impressed me was the unique vertical head design that helps reach tricky spots effortlessly. Switching between the two quick-change heads is a breeze – one minute you're trimming your chest, the next you're taking care of your groin area without mixing things up. Trust me, having separate heads for different regions keeps things hygienic and simple.

    And here's something cool – using it feels like some kind of daily luxury ritual. With its soft hum and precision cutting, it turns an ordinary task into an enjoyable experience. Picture this: fresh out of a hot shower with smooth skin feeling confident all over; that's what using the Ballsy B2 does for you. Whether prepping for a date on Valentine's Day or just maintaining neatness, this trimmer has got your back...and front!


    • Powerful 7000 RPM electric motor for a close shave
    • Downstairs safe blades to eliminate nicks, cuts and snags
    • Waterproof design allows for convenient use in the shower
    • Unique vertical head makes it easier to trim hard-to-reach areas
    • Quick change heads may not always be securely attached, leading to potential accidents.
    • The 7000 RPM electric motor can cause discomfort for those with sensitive skin or inexperience with using powerful trimmers.
    • Although designed for sensitive areas, some users may still experience irritation and redness after use.




    8. Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet/Dry Lithium-Ion Deluxe Beard Trimmer for Men


    I've had my share of trimmers, but the Wahl Aqua Blade stands out for its versatility. With interchangeable heads for detailing and body grooming, it's a complete system in one tool. The extreme precision T-blade is perfect for close shaves and edges, just like professionals do. Plus, you can use it wet or dry since it's fully waterproof!

    The lithium-ion battery in this trimmer is a beast. It charges quickly and lasts forever – well, almost two hours of trimming time! I remember once I was rushing to get ready for an event when my old trimmer died on me. That never happens with the Wahl Aqua Blade; even a quick charge keeps things moving smoothly without any hitches.

    This Wahl beard trimmer makes traveling hassle-free thanks to its worldwide voltage capability - no need for extra converters! And those low-noise blades? Super important when you're trying not to wake up everyone else at home during your early morning routine. Whether at home or on business trips, the Wahl Aqua Blade Rechargeable Wet/Dry Lithium-Ion Deluxe Beard Trimmer has got your back (and face!).


    • Long-lasting lithium-ion battery
    • Interchangeable heads for different grooming needs
    • Worldwide voltage compatibility
    • Versatile wet/dry use with showerproof design
    • Infrequent charging required to maintain battery health
    • May not be suitable for individuals uncomfortable with close cutting precision blades
    • Higher initial investment compared to basic beard trimmers




    9. Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver


    I recently tried the Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, and I've got to say, it's a game changer for grooming. This unique tool bridges the gap between trimming and shaving without causing discomfort or skin irritation. It comes with three different combs that help you get just the right length for your beard or stubble. The dual-sided blade is fantastic for edging, providing crisp lines that would make any barber proud.

    The versatility of the OneBlade really stands out – whether I want to shave off a full beard or just tidy up some edges, it does both without trouble. Plus, its replaceable blade lasts up to 4 months which means fewer trips to the store for replacements—and who doesn’t love saving time and money? When using this shaver, my morning routine speeds up because there’s no need to swap between different gadgets; OneBlade handles all my facial hair needs.

    I appreciate how Philips designed this trimmer with comfort in mind. Unlike other shavers that can tug on hair or cause razor burn, the OneBlade cuts swiftly and efficiently while keeping my skin feeling good. And since it's rechargeable, I don't worry about cords getting in the way when I'm trying to reach every angle around my face. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that simplifies your daily grooming routine while still giving professional results at home, give this one a try!


    • Trim, edge, and shave any length of hair with a single product
    • Fast moving cutter for quick shaving without irritating the skin
    • Dual - sided blade for precise edging to line up your style easily
    • Includes 3 trimming combs for a fast and even trim
    • Requires frequent blade replacements
    • Trimming combs may feel flimsy
    • Not suitable for a completely smooth shave



    10. BALLS Ball Classic Trimmer


    The BALLS Ball Classic Trimmer is a game-changer for grooming. It takes care of hair down there with precision and comfort. This electric ball shaver has ceramic blades that are tough on hair but gentle on skin, making nicks and snags less likely. Men can trim confidently without the fear of cuts or pulling.

    This trimmer isn't just waterproof; it's also rechargeable, which means you can use it in the shower without hassle. Its one button operation makes it super easy to handle while its matte coating gives a secure grip even when wet. The adjustable guard helps keep things even and tidy, whether you've got thick or thin hair.

    Packing a 6,200RPM motor, this groin hair trimmer works at an ideal speed - not too fast to cause accidents and not slow enough to snag hairs painfully. The support team is always ready to give grooming advice if needed! Plus, the USB charging makes powering up simple wherever you go – perfect for those who like keeping things neat at home or on travels. With raving reviews from top magazines like GQ and Rolling Stone, this tool stands out in personal hygiene maintenance for men (and women who dare).


    • Smooth shave guaranteed or money back
    • Access to how - to guide, online content, and 24/7 support
    • Effortless use with one button and adjustable guard
    • Top - quality blades engineered to minimize pulls, nicks, and snags
    • Trimmer may not be suitable for individuals with very sensitive skin
    • Some users may find the initial adjustment period challenging
    • Replacement blades are sold separately




    11. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000 Showerproof Body & Manscaping Trimmer for Men


    I recently got my hands on the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000, and it's been a game-changer for my grooming routine. This trimmer stands out with its showerproof design, making it perfect for use in or out of the shower. The rubber grip is a smart addition; it ensures I don't lose control even when everything is wet and slippery. One hour charge for an hour of run time is impressive too. The ease of cleaning by just rinsing under water saves me so much hassle.

    The versatility this tool offers is incredible. With different guards like 1/8”(3mm), 3/16”(5mm), and 9/32”(7mm), I can customize how I trim various body areas without worrying about irritation, thanks to those rounded tips that glide smoothly over skin. The back attachment has made reaching tricky spots a breeze - no more awkward hand maneuvers! Also, knowing that the blades stay sharp due to built-in grease means consistent performance every time I use it.

    Honestly, say goodbye to uncomfortable nicks or uneven trims because this Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000 delivers on comfort and efficiency. Whether trimming chest hair or getting groomed below the belt, its ability to handle both long and short hairs shows why it's a top contender among men’s trimmers today. It fits perfectly into my life — quick trims are now easy with this handy gadget by my side!


    • Showerproof design for convenient use in the shower or when wet
    • Includes back attachment and multiple body guards for versatile grooming
    • Lithium-ion battery provides up to 1 hour of run time on a 1-hour charge
    • Ergonomic rubber grip for better control, making it easy to shave or trim in any direction
    • Limited precision for detailed grooming
    • Back attachment may not be suitable for all users
    • Relatively high price point




    12. Braun Body Groomer Series 5 5360, Body Groomer for Men


      The Braun Body Groomer Series 5 5360 is a powerhouse for men who want to take control of their body hair with ease and comfort. It tackles grooming tasks from head to toe, ensuring smooth skin without irritation. SkinSecure technology protects against nicks and cuts, making it safe for even the most sensitive areas like chest, armpits, and groin. Whether you're aiming for a clean shave or just a trim, the different attachments have got you covered.

      Waterproof features make the Braun Body Groomer perfect for use in the shower, streamlining your grooming routine. You never have to worry about running out of power mid-groom either; this device boasts an impressive 100-minute run time thanks to its Li-Ion battery. The extra grip handle prevents slips, keeping grooming precise and under control. Men will find maintaining their look effortless with the groomer's lifetime-sharp blades—ensuring every cut is as good as the first.

      Choose between combs or go bare with the Clean Shave Attachment; each option delivers excellent results. This groomer stands out among other trimmers by offering versatility while being gentle on skin—a combo that's hard to beat when looking for top-of-the-line body hair management tools.


      • Waterproof body groomer for convenient use in the shower and easy cleaning.
      • Cordless with 100 - minute runtime, ensuring it’s always ready to use.
      • Offers various length options including 1 mm fixed comb, 3 - 11 mm sliding comb, and Clean Shave Attachment for smooth skin.
      • SkinSecure technology and Sensitive Comb minimize nicks and cuts while providing gentle grooming even in sensitive areas.
      • Trimming precision may not be as high compared to some other grooming devices.
      • The price point might be a bit higher than other body groomers on the market.
      • Some users may find the cleaning process a bit more time - consuming.




      13. Braun All-in-One Style Kit Series 3 3430



        The Braun All-in-One Style Kit Series 3 3430 is a versatile tool for any man's grooming routine. It packs three functions into one sleek device: a beard trimmer, ear and nose trimmer, and hair clippers. This means less clutter in your bathroom and more time saved during your morning prep. The ultra-sharp blade ensures quick styling without pulling or tugging on hairs, whether you're tidying up your beard or getting rid of unwanted ear and nose hair.

        Charging this Braun trimmer is a breeze with the included USB charger—plug it in wherever you are! With 20 length settings controlled by an easy-to-use Precision Wheel, you can customize your look with extreme precision. Imagine trimming your beard to the perfect stubble every day or preparing for an important meeting with neatly trimmed sideburns—all possible without switching tools.

        The best part? After sprucing up, just rinse the head and combs under water for simple cleaning. With its durable design, the Braun Series 3 3430 stands out as an essential piece in any collection of top men's grooming tools. Whether at home or traveling, this all-in-one gadget keeps you looking sharp effortlessly.


        • USB charger for convenient charging from anywhere
        • Long-lasting battery with 50-min cordless runtime
        • Ultra - sharp blade for efficient grooming
        • Precision Wheel with 20 length settings in 0.02” steps
        • Limited battery runtime
        • The USB charger may not be compatible with all power sources
        • Potential for hair to get stuck in the trimmer



        14. MANSCAPEDThe Beard Hedger Premium Men's Beard Trimmer


        The MANSCAPED Beard Hedger stands out with its precision and ease of use. Picture trimming your beard and getting it just right without swapping out multiple guards. That's what the adjustable blade wheel on this trimmer does; it allows you to tweak the length between 0.5mm to 10mm, a game-changer for guys who love to fine-tune their look. The stainless steel T-Blade gets up close for detailed styling, which means shaping your goatee or sideburns is a breeze.

        This trimmer is tough on hair but gentle on skin. It powers through thick beards with a robust 7,200 RPM motor, yet there’s no need for blade oil—less mess and maintenance are always good news! And let's talk about convenience: it’s cordless and waterproof so you can groom in or out of the shower without worry. Imagine freshening up your face while beating morning bathroom traffic—that’s where this gadget shines.

        Finally, say goodbye to dying batteries mid-trim because this device packs 60 minutes of non-stop power after charging—it’ll wait patiently until you're ready to tackle that mane again. If travel is part of your life, throw the MANSCAPED Beard Hedger into its hard shell case and hit the road; it's built as much for portability as performance. Whether you're at home or traveling, this trimmer promises a hassle-free experience for keeping your facial hair in check.


        • Waterproof and Cordless: Use it in the shower or on the go for up to 60 minutes with a high-performance battery.
        • Precision Trimming: 20 length settings with no need for additional clipper attachments.
        • Sharp and Durable: Titanium-coated T-blade cuts through thick facial hair easily without the need for blade oil.
        • Convenient Package: Comes with AC adapter, USB-C cable, comb attachment, and a water-resistant travel case.
        • Short battery life
        • Limited maximum length settings
        • Not suitable for precise detailing




        15. Dollar Shave Club Double Header Trimmer


        The Dollar Shave Club Double Header Trimmer stands out with its two interchangeable heads. This means you can trim your beard and body hair without mixing the two – a big plus for hygiene. The face trimmer uses a ceramic blade, staying sharp over time. For body grooming, there's a separate head with self-sharpening blades that won't yank on hairs.

        This waterproof Electric Razor lets you shave wherever it's convenient for you, even in the shower. Its powerful motor plows through coarse or fine hair without hesitation. Plus, the LED battery display keeps track of power so it won’t die unexpectedly. If you're traveling, just hold down the power button to lock it and avoid accidental buzzing in your bag. Along with essential accessories like guards and charging gear, this trimmer covers all bases making grooming easier than ever before.

        For guys who want their tools to do more and fumble around less, this Beard Head & Body Grooming Head combo tackles facial scruff and body fuzz efficiently. It’s designed to keep up with daily use bringing salon-level performance right into your bathroom routine or gym bag essentials. With its thoughtful design that takes care of different hair trimming needs without confusing attachments or settings, this is one smart addition to any man's personal care arsenal.


        • Travel lock prevents accidental activation
        • Separate beard and body trimming heads for hygiene
        • Features LED battery display and waterproof design
        • Includes various accessories for grooming needs
        • Trimmer flashing L3 when locked might be confusing for some users.
        • Charging stand may take up extra space on the countertop.
        • The waterproof feature is limited to submersion at a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.



        Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trimmer

        When choosing a trimmer, it's important to consider features such as battery life, self-sharpening blades, and price range. To find out more about the best trimmers for men, keep reading!

        Important features to look for

        Quality blades are a must-have in any good trimmer. They make sure you get a smooth cut every time without pulling or tugging your hair. Look for self-sharpening blades that stay sharp longer.

        This means less hassle and no need to replace them often.

        Adjustable settings help you handle all kinds of grooming jobs. Whether it's beard shaping or body grooming, having the right options is key. Search for waterproof trimmers too. They let you groom in the shower and clean up easily right after use.

        Price range

        Trimmers come in a wide range of prices. You can find hair clippers and beard trimmers from as low as $15 to high-end models around $200. The cost often tells you about the quality and features of the trimmer.

        A more expensive electric shaver usually has better materials, longer battery life, and advanced technology like an LED display or precision guard heads.

        Before picking your next beard trimmer, think about how much you're willing to spend. Cordless options might be pricier but offer ease and flexibility during use. If you want a clean shave or need something for sensitive skin, investing in a higher-priced model with specially designed features could be worth it.

        Remember that professional barbers often use more costly equipment for its reliability and performance, giving you a clue into why spending a bit extra can make all the difference in your grooming routine.



        In conclusion, finding the right trimmer is essential for maintaining a well-groomed look. With the variety of options available, it's important to consider your grooming needs and personal preferences before making a choice.

        Whether you're looking for professional-grade performance or something more budget-friendly, there's a perfect trimmer out there for every man.


        January 23, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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