Are you tired of unruly body hair and looking for the best tools to tame it? The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 5000 stands out as a top choice for men. Our guide dives into the essential features that make a trimmer stand out, ensuring you get the smoothest, most comfortable grooming experience possible.

Find your perfect match in our selection of top-rated manscaping trimmers and elevate your personal care routine today!


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Manscaping Trimmer

When choosing a manscaping trimmer, consider factors such as comfort and ergonomics, multi-functionality, waterproof design, and battery life. These features can make all the difference in achieving a smooth and easy grooming experience.

Comfort and ergonomics

A trimmer with a good grip helps you control your moves and prevents slips. It should feel right in your hand, whether you're reaching for tricky spots or going over large areas. An ergonomic design reduces strain on your wrist and makes the job faster.

Look for trimmers that have contours and padding that match the shape of your fingers. This will allow for easier maneuvering around curves and angles.

Many men find grooming more enjoyable when they use tools designed for comfort. A well-balanced trimmer can make all the difference in getting a close shave without irritation. The ideal manscaping tool doesn't tire your hand or cause cramps even after long use.

With these features, achieving a neat stubble or clean-shaven look becomes simpler and less of a chore.


Look for trimmers that come with different attachments. These handy tools let you switch between lengths and styles easily. They can tackle beards, body hair, and even sensitive areas like the groin without causing razor burn or ingrown hairs.

Good multi-functional trimmers often have guides for eyebrows, ears, and nose too.

A great manscaping tool does more than just cut hair. It shaves clean lines and trims precisely where you want it to. Electric razors with multiple heads are perfect for shaping up your look in one go.

Even better if they include a LED spotlight to help you see every detail as you work on getting that sharp style or tidy appearance.

Waterproof design

A waterproof design is a must-have for any good manscaping trimmer. It lets you trim in the shower without worry, making cleanup a breeze. MANSCAPED™ trimmers are tested for water resistance to ensure they can handle wet conditions.

But, be careful about how deep underwater you take them; too much depth could damage your device.

Look for the Beard Hedger if you want both waterproof qualities and adjustable trimming lengths. This popular choice stands up to water and gives you control over your cut. Consider how each trimmer's waterproof capabilities fit your needs before buying one.

Next up, let's talk about battery life and why it matters for your grooming routine.

Battery life

After considering the waterproof features of a trimmer, battery life takes center stage. You want your device to last through multiple sessions without needing a charge. Look for hair trimmers that provide at least 40 minutes of runtime—this is ideal for thorough grooming sessions.

Many high-quality beard trimmers can run for about 90 minutes on a single charge. This long battery life means you'll spend more time grooming and less time waiting for your tool to power up.

Pick an electric shaver with a strong battery to avoid mid-shave power cuts, especially if you're handling sensitive areas like the groin or pubic area. Some top trimmers come equipped with fast-charging capabilities or wireless charging docks, making them ready whenever you need them.

Keep in mind that solid runtime is important; it ensures efficiency and effectiveness in every pass, giving you a smooth experience from start to finish without interruptions.


Top Picks for Best Manscaping Trimmers in 2024

Quick Recommendation

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1. Brio Beardscape


The Beardscape V2 is a powerful tool for anyone looking to groom their beard or body hair. Its five speed settings let you choose how fast you want to trim, making it great for different hair types. The digital screen shows the battery life, so you always know when it's time to recharge. With a range from 1 mm up to 18 mm, this trimmer has got every length covered. It stands out because it can also handle shorter stubble with precision.

One of the best things about the Brio Beardscape is just how quiet it is. You won't wake anyone up if you decide on an early morning trim! Plus, its ceramic blade lasts longer than steel and cuts through hair without pulling or snagging. This means a smoother shave and less irritation on your skin.

We picked this as our top product because of its exceptional features like long battery life – up to four hours per charge – and versatility across different hair lengths and types. To add peace of mind, Brio offers a two-year warranty with excellent customer support if any issues arise. Whether trimming tight corners or managing thicker growths, users will find the Blackout Beardscape V2 provides an unmatched grooming experience.



  • Versatile cutting range from 1mm to 18mm for various beard styles
  • Long - lasting battery with up to 4 hours of runtime per charge
  • Extremely quiet operation for a hassle - free grooming experience
  • Durable ceramic blade that offers precise control


  • Heavy and bulky design
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum
  • Limited availability in some regions



2. Philips Bodygroom Series 7000


The Philips Bodygroom Series 7000 stands out with its dual-sided design. This lets you switch from trimming to shaving without missing a beat. Picture this: five adjustable lengths mean whether it's a close shave or just a trim, you've got control over your look. Plus, the pivoting shaver head hugs every curve, perfect for getting at those tricky areas below the belt.

Tired of cords? The Bodygroom 7000 comes cordless with an impressive 80 minutes of run time, thanks to its strong lithium battery. It fully charges in just one hour! And because life's messy, this body groomer is showerproof; ready for action in or out of the shower. No need to worry about slipping up either—the ergonomic grip promises precision and comfort as you groom.

We picked Philips Norelco's masterpiece as our number two choice for its craftsmanship and convenience factors that cater to manscaping needs. Whether under hot water or on dry skin, it adapts effortlessly making sure each pass leaves nothing but smoothness behind. Easy maintenance also means that years from now, it'll still be giving haircuts as clean and even as day one—making grooming less of a chore and more like self-care.



  • Philips Norelco is a trusted brand for male grooming, with fast - growing popularity.
  • The powerful lithium battery provides 80 minutes of cordless use after just 1 hour of charging.
  • With an ergonomic grip and dual - sided design, it can be used wet or dry for maximum control and precision.
  • It offers 5 adjustable lengths and can be used in all body zones, including sensitive areas.


  • Cannot be used while charging
  • May not provide as close of a shave as traditional razors
  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance for optimal performance



3. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 5000


The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 5000 is a top-notch tool for men who take grooming seriously. With its versatile design, you can shave or trim hair anywhere on your body comfortably and efficiently. The rounded tips are gentle on the skin, preventing irritation as they glide over your contours. The back attachment is especially handy, making it easy to reach those tough spots without help. This practical feature sets the Bodygroom 5000 apart in our rankings.

With three different body guards, this trimmer adapts to various hair lengths and preferences. Running out of power mid-trim isn't an issue; its lithium-ion battery fully charges in just one hour and lasts long enough to get the job done right. After use, simply rinse the blade cartridge under water for a quick cleanup – no fuss needed.

We chose the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 5000 as number 3 because it balances comfort with control. Whether dealing with sensitive areas like groin or broad regions such as chest and legs, this showerproof manscaping trimmer from Philips handles everything smoothly with its ergonomic rubber grip even when wet, demonstrating resourcefulness in every aspect of male grooming.



  • Run time up to 1 hour on a 1 - hour charge
  • Showerproof and easy to clean
  • Versatile, can be used on any body area
  • Includes back attachment for hard-to-reach areas


  • Not suitable for use while charging
  • Some users may find the handle design a bit bulky
  • Back attachment may require assistance for precise trimming


4. Braun Series XT5


    The Braun Series XT5 is a true companion for men who want to look their best. This all-in-one gadget serves as a beard trimmer, body shaver, and electric razor. You can trust it for precision in every stroke. The stainless steel blade glides through hair effortlessly, making grooming fast and efficient. It's powerful too – the 4D-Blade system makes 450 movements per second!

    This mens trimmer is also built to protect your skin. The SkinGuard comb shields delicate areas from direct contact with the sharp blade. Even when tackling sensitive spots, the XT5 ensures a smooth experience without nicks or cuts. It flexes along your contours with its Flex Head feature, getting into tricky places like under the nose or around the jawline.

    Cleaning up after grooming is hassle-free since this machine is completely waterproof. Use it in the shower or rinse it under the tap; either way, maintenance is easy. And when you're done trimming and need to charge it up for next time, just pop it onto its handy charging stand – no searching for cables necessary! With all these thoughtful features combined into one durable design, managing facial fuzz and body hair becomes simple and satisfying work.



    • Precise grooming with two - way comb and Flex Head
    • Gentle on skin with SkinGuard comb and caged - blade design
    • Versatile - Trims, styles, and shaves all in one tool
    • Effortless & efficient grooming with a 4D - blade


    • Limited battery life may require frequent recharging
    • Cost may be higher compared to other similar products
    • Replacement blades and parts may add to the overall cost



    5. Panasonic Body Groomer


      The Panasonic Body Groomer stands out as a top-tier option for anyone seeking to tame their body hair with care and precision. Designed to handle sensitive skin, it cuts smoothly without causing irritation thanks to its Skin Protective Blade Technology. Whether you're grooming in the shower or prefer a dry trim, this genderless wet/dry groomer is up for the task. You won't be left waiting around either; one hour of charging gets you 50 minutes of cordless use—more than enough time to get the job done.

      Imagine reaching those tricky spots like your back or groin with ease. The ergonomically shaped I-body design and V-shaped head make it simple, ensuring no area goes untamed. Users love how the two comb attachments provide control over length and protect even the most delicate areas from nicks and cuts. Traveling is also hassle-free with its handy travel pouch, making this electric body hair trimmer a trusty companion for on-the-go grooming sessions.

      Panasonic ensures that power meets gentle performance here. Men and women alike can appreciate how efficiently it trims thick hairs without pulling or tugging, driven by a robust motor which means business at 5,300 hairs per second. For maintenance-lovers seeking convenience and comfort in their grooming routine, this Panasonic groomer checks all the boxes – safe trimming wherever needed while leaving skin smooth and satisfied.



      • Fast charging and long - lasting use
      • Easy trimming of hard-to-reach areas
      • Skin guard for safe and precise trimming
      • Gentle touch with skin protective blade technology


      • Replacement blades may add to ongoing maintenance costs
      • Some users may find the price point relatively high
      • The unit's shape and design might not suit everyone's preferences



      6. Braun All-in-One Style Kit Series 7


        The Braun All-in-One Style Kit Series 7 is a powerhouse grooming tool that meets all your trimming needs. Think of it as your personal barber, packed in a sleek kit. It comes with the sharpest Braun blades and a solid 100-minute lithium-ion battery life to keep you looking sharp without any power hiccups. Manscaping is a breeze with this trimmer, thanks to its waterproof design which means you can groom in or out of the shower.

        With Braun's innovative AutoSense technology, tackling different hair types and sizes becomes effortless. The ProBlade gets every hair strand smoothly, making quick work of even the most stubborn areas. Precision is at your fingertips; dial into one of 40 length settings using the precision wheel for anything from beard shaping to perfecting hairstyle edges.

        This 12-in-1 kit isn't just about performance; it's also about convenience - charge stand and premium storage case included – ensuring everything neatly has its place. Whether it's shaping up your beard or cleaning up body hair, this trimmer does not disappoint with its versatility and professional results at home.



        • Long - lasting battery with 100 minutes of cordless runtime
        • Innovative AutoSense technology for amazing results on any hair type
        • Efficient ProBlade for smooth and quick grooming
        • 12-in-1 kit for all grooming needs: trimming, detailing, contouring, shaving precision, and more


        • Limited availability of replacement parts
        • May be more expensive compared to similar products in the market
        • Some users may find the variety of features overwhelming



        7. Braun Body Groomer Series 5


          The Braun Body Groomer Series 5 is a powerhouse for men who take body grooming seriously. It comes packed with features that make trimming hair, from chest to groin, a breeze. The groomer's waterproof design lets you tidy up in the shower without any worry. You can shave wet or dry – whatever suits you best.

          Its SkinSecure technology is especially impressive for those with sensitive skin; it minimizes risks of nicks and cuts while ensuring comfort during use. Plus, this groomer won't leave you waiting to charge; its Li-Ion battery offers a generous 100-minute runtime. With attachments like the 1 mm fixed comb and Clean Shave Attachment, achieving smooth skin across your body couldn’t be easier.

          Using the Braun Body Groomer Series 5 means grooming doesn’t have to be a chore anymore. Imagine stepping out of the shower feeling refreshed with perfectly trimmed armpits, without any irritation thanks to the Sensitive Comb feature. And because it’s cordless, maneuvering around tricky areas feels effortless – making it an ideal tool for guys looking to maintain their look quickly and efficiently.



          • Waterproof design for easy cleaning and shower use
          • Cordless with 100 - min runtime for always ready to use convenience
          • SkinSecure technology minimizes nicks and cuts, ensuring gentle grooming even in sensitive areas
          • Versatile comb options and Clean Shave Attachment for personalized grooming results


          • Limited Accessories
          • May Require Frequent Cleaning
          • Higher Price Point



          8. Gillette Intimate Men’s Manscape Pubic Hair Trimmer


            The Gillette Intimate Men’s Manscape Pubic Hair Trimmer stands out for its careful design that puts your skin first. If you're tired of nicks and cuts, the SKINFIRST Technology is a game-changer. With blades set close together, it's tough on hair but easy on the most sensitive areas. That means fewer worries about irritation when keeping things neat.

            Using this trimmer feels like a pro move every time you groom. It's waterproof and cordless, perfect for shaping up in or out of the shower with up to 100 minutes of battery life. Plus, it comes with two combs to handle any manscaping task easily. And cleanup? A breeze—just rinse under hot water and let it dry.

            What really sets this trimmer apart is how quiet yet powerful it is. You won't disturb anyone else in the house while maintaining personal hygiene; instead, enjoy a peaceful trim wherever you feel comfortable thanks to its lightweight design and non-slip grip. And for November shoppers, knowing that $1 goes to Movember Foundation adds an extra layer of good feeling to your purchase—it’s grooming with a cause!



            • Battery provides up to 100 minutes of cordless trimming
            • Waterproof design for convenient in - shower use
            • Lightweight and non - slip handle for easy maneuvering
            • SkinFirst Technology minimizes nicks, cuts, and irritation


            • Not suitable for use while charging
            • Protective combs may not fit all users' grooming needs
            • May require frequent cleaning and maintenance



            9. MicroTouch SOLO Titanium


              The MicroTouch SOLO Titanium is a game-changer for anyone looking to keep their facial and body hair in check without the fuss. Its ultra-precision technology makes shaping your beard or getting rid of unwelcome chest hair a breeze. The best part? You can say goodbye to the pain of nicks and cuts, thanks to its safe-to-touch blade design. You don't even need water, which means grooming just got faster and simpler.

              Charging is convenient with the included USB cable, freeing you from the hunt for batteries or power outlets. Plus, one charge gives you 45 minutes of use – that's plenty for several grooming sessions. It also comes equipped with three comb attachments catering to different hair types and lengths, so you always get the look you want. Cleaning it is just as easy; pop off the blade and rinse it under water.

              Users love that they can tackle any grooming task with just this one tool - face or body doesn't matter; MicroTouch SOLO Titanium handles it all efficiently. A user mentioned how using this trimmer gave them salon-level results right at home, making their morning routine quicker than ever before. It’s more than an electric razor; it’s a complete grooming companion packed into a sleek design that users appreciate for its versatility and performance.



              • Trims, edges, shaves and grooms
              • Rechargeable and easy to clean
              • Safe and irritation - free with no water needed
              • Precision trimming for facial hair and grooming body hair


              • Limited battery life
              • Replacement blades can be expensive
              • Some users may find the design bulky



              10. Meridian Trimmer


                The Meridian Trimmer stands out as a top choice for men wanting to keep their body hair in check. It's designed with safety in mind, boasting no-nick technology that keeps skin smooth without the risk of cuts or irritation. This feature alone makes it a reliable tool for sensitive areas, ensuring a clean trim without discomfort.

                One of the biggest perks is its waterproof design, allowing users to easily incorporate grooming into their shower routine. The quick-charge battery is another plus – you can power it up fast and expect it to run for days, making it perfect for both home use and travel. Men who've switched from traditional razors to the Meridian Trimmer have noticed less razor burn and smoother skin post-trim.

                This body trimmer isn't just good at its job; it's backed by a solid 1-year manufacturer warranty that speaks volumes about its durability and quality. Whether tackling chest hair or more delicate manscaping tasks, this trimmer handles it all effortlessly – leaving you looking well-groomed wherever you need it most.



                • 1 year manufacturer and no nick warranty
                • Quick charge: charges in minutes, lasts for days
                • Works everywhere: suitable for both manscaping and womenscaping
                • Waterproof: can be used in the shower


                • Not suitable for use on very long hair
                • Replacement parts can be expensive
                • Can be noisy during operation


                11. Mangroomer Body Trimmer


                The Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Body Groomer stands out with its dual-sided trimmer and shaver. The body groomer side is perfect for those tough-to-reach places like shoulders and back. What's more, the ball groomer side has 8 different settings, letting you choose how short to trim your chest or other areas. Want to look sharper? Trimming can make everything appear more defined.

                This electric groin hair trimmer is a champ in flexibility and comfort thanks to its shock absorber flex neck. It moves with your body's curves for a smooth shave without irritation, especially in sensitive spots. Plus, it works wet or dry – use it right in the shower or touch up dry hairs before heading out.

                The new lithium MAX PLUS+ battery gives this trimmer an edge over others. It charges quickly on a stylish cradle that won't mess up your bathroom space and lasts longer than traditional batteries. You'll notice it doesn't quit mid-trim; instead, it powers through giving you a consistent cut every time.



                • 5x longer battery life for extended use
                • Wet/dry usage for convenient grooming in or out of the shower
                • Dual - sided trimmer/foil blade design for effortless cutting
                • Shock absorber multi-functional flex neck for smooth and irritation-free shaving


                • Not suitable for use on wet hair
                • May require extra care while trimming sensitive areas to avoid irritation
                • Achieving very short lengths may require some practice



                12. Happy Nuts The Balber Pro


                  The Happy Nuts The Ballber Pro gives you a safe and smooth trimming experience, even in sensitive areas. Its nut-safe blade makes it easy to avoid painful nicks and snags while grooming. Thanks to the powerful 7500 RPM motor, you can quickly take care of coarse hair without any tugging or pulling. It's perfect for maintaining a clean look with confidence.

                  This electric groin and body hair trimmer stands out with its wireless charging base and IPX7 waterproof design. You can use it in the shower for convenience, and not worry about battery life since it runs up to 120 minutes on a single charge. The LED spotlight helps you see clearly, ensuring no spot is missed during your grooming routine. For men who want precision without any fuss, the Ballber Pro is an ideal choice – whether at home or when traveling, thanks to its digital display with travel lock feature.



                  • Safe to use in the shower or sink for easy cleaning
                  • Lasts up to 120 minutes with a high power yet low vibration motor
                  • Features a digital display, travel lock, and LED spotlight
                  • Engineered for nut - keeping to avoid cuts, nicks, pulling, tugging, and snags


                  • Potential high price point
                  • Requires regular blade replacement
                  • Some users may find the product design uncomfortable



                  13. Panasonic Multi-Groomer


                  The Panasonic Multi-Groomer is a standout choice for men who want to keep their hair neat from top to toe. Its ergonomic design and rubberized grip make it comfortable to hold even during a full-body session. You won't have any trouble cleaning this trimmer; just rinse it under water, and you're good for the next use.

                  With 39 trim length settings and three attachments, customizing your look is simple whether you're trimming your beard, styling your hair, or grooming body hair. The blades are sharp and durable—made of stainless steel which means they slice through hair efficiently without pulling or snagging.

                  This groomer shines with its versatility—you can go cordless for up to 50 minutes on a rechargeable battery or plug it in if you need more time. And when working on finer detailing like sideburns, the slide-up precision trimmer comes in super handy offering that extra level of accuracy needed for perfect lines and edges. Whether at home or traveling, the Panasonic ER-GB80-S provides reliability and precision grooming wherever you go.



                  • Ergonomic design for total comfort and control while trimming
                  • Can be used corded or cordless with up to 50 minutes of rechargeable battery power
                  • Slide - up precision trimmer for adding perfect detail to beards, mustaches, and sideburns
                  • Three attachments provide 39 precision length settings for personalized sculpting and trimming


                  • Limited battery life
                  • Attachments may require extra storage space
                  • May be pricey for some budgets



                  14. Philips Norelco OneBlade 360


                    The Philips Norelco OneBlade 360 is a game-changer for anyone who wants to take grooming into their own hands. You get both face and body trimming with one handy device. Imagine shaping your beard with precision, then switching the blade to tackle body hair—all without changing tools. The skin guard offers extra protection in sensitive spots, so you can groom without worries.

                    It's waterproof, which means easy cleaning and the freedom to shave in the shower. No more fumbling with foam; wet or dry shaving is a breeze. A single charge gives you 60 minutes of run time, enough for several full grooming sessions before needing a recharge—just unplug and go! Plus, the blades are made to last up to four months, giving you value alongside comfort.

                    Upkeep is simple—you'll see an icon on the blade when it's time for a change. And if you subscribe to save on replacement blades through Philips Norelco OneBlade 360 service, shaving stays sharp while saving money. This electric razor got attention as "2023 Men’s Health Award winner for Best Electric Razor," telling us that quality isn't just promised; it's recognized.



                    • Versatile grooming tool for face and body
                    • Flexing 360 Blade for precise and comfortable shaving
                    • Includes 5-in-1 stubble plus 1 body comb for even trims
                    • Subscribe & Save on blade refills and save up to 15%


                    • Wall power adapter not included
                    • May require frequent blade replacement
                    • Limited availability of compatible accessories





                    In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best manscaping trimmers in 2024, look no further than Brio Beardscape for its quality and versatility. Also, consider the Philips Bodygroom Series 7000 with its dual functionality and hypoallergenic materials making it perfect for sensitive skin.


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