How To Look Younger

How To Look Younger

It’s undeniable that the last few years have, well, put a few years on all our faces. Add the changes that come with age—male pattern baldness and greying, of course, but also things like yellowing teeth, hair sprouting in unwanted areas, even receding bone structure—and it’s completely understandable if your Google search history includes phrases like “affordable face lift” or “cosmetic surgeons in my area.”
May 13, 2022 — Chelsea Batten
How to Avoid Razor Burn

How to Avoid Razor Burn

You’re on the home stretch of your morning shave when it hits you: that telltale tightness, that irritating itch. A glance at the mirror confirms it: a red patch of skin illuminating your face like hazard lights on a dark road. Kiss that baby-soft mug goodbye, pal. You’ve got razor burn.
May 11, 2022 — Chelsea Batten
Do Your Balls Really Need Their Own Trimmer?

Do Your Balls Really Need Their Own Trimmer?

Caring for your testicles (and the grooming methods you apply to them) is a laudable sentiment. When it comes to trimming, however, there is no need to go overboard. If you're tempted to go purchase a trimmer specifically dedicated to keeping them presentable, please read on first.

February 02, 2022 — Sydney Katzenmeyer
Three Tips for Perfect Sideburns, Every Time

Three Tips for Perfect Sideburns, Every Time

Sideburns: Harvey Hinkle’s most dreamy feature. Everybody with hair has them, here’s three tips to getting your sideburns perfect every time.
January 23, 2022 — Sydney Katzenmeyer
How To Use Trimmer Guards

How To Use Trimmer Guards

When you put a trimmer to your hair, you are essentially shaping your hair. Guards help give you a consistent length over an area of your hair. Let’s dig into guards so you can trim your hair like a pro.
December 09, 2021 — Sydney Katzenmeyer
What Trimmer is Right For You?

What Trimmer is Right For You?

If you are trying to figure what the right trimmer is for you—stick around—I am going to classify 4 different styles and what each of those people would look for in a trimmer. Here they are...

New Ned

New Ned is young and doesn’t have a ton of facial OR body hair. I was new Ned between the ages of 18-25 when I started to grow more facial and body hair. New Ned doesn’t trim a lot and out of all the personas can get a way with buying on the low end of the price scale. New Ned doesn’t do long stubble because it may be thin or patchy. Ned trims body hair (chest, back etc..) maybe twice a year. Ned does do below the belt trimming, so he needs something that isn’t going to snag or pull. Here’s a look at the best trimmers for Ned.

  • The $20 Philips Multigroom is a lot of bang for the buck. The blade is OK and is the same one that’s on $55 model. You won’t want or need half the attachments that come with this trimmer, but since you’re not trimming a lot, you can put up with a few shortcomings around the power, blade, and attachments.

Avoid trimmers with adjustable guards—for most of your trimming, these are just going to be in the way—they offer so little precision that they generally aren’t worth using. There are a lot of similar trimmers out there but given the price point on this one, it’s hard to justify an equally compromising $40 Wahl over this one.

  • Back when I was Ned, I would have gone for the Brio Axis. For the extra $40, you are buying a blade that will stay sharper longer and cuts a bit closer and a much better battery—which is basically like buying more years of use. Trimmers with small batteries die quicker. Plus, you can rely on our amazing customer service team if anything does go wrong.

Stubble Steve

Steve is a lot hairier than Ned; he can be any age but doesn’t wear a long beard. He trims his facial and body hair regularly and doesn’t really ever grow a beard except that one time he lost a bet. He trims body hair every other month or so and has to keep up with manscaping. He experiments with stubble lengths but is generally on the pretty short side.

The young version of Steve is the most likely to be disappointed with his low-priced trimmer. Due to the amount of time he spends trimming he is fairly demanding of his trimmers. The older version of Steve has already been disappointed with several low-quality trimmers and is ready to step up.

  • Check out the Wahl Lithium-ion trimmer. I have owned this one, and it’s pretty good. Wahl generally does a good job with the blade (ground stainless) and they put a good battery in this one. The guards are a bit of a mess to keep track of, but you can cram everything plus the charger in the bag it comes with. The cutting range with the 12 guards is pretty good and should cover most stubble lengths.

Our Beardscape is designed with Steve in mind. For about the same price as the Wahl, you get a bit more control over the stubble length and a blade that should stay sharper longer. Both trimmers have great battery life, and both are very capable at body hair trimming.

Tidy Ted

Ted is cool with shaving—for better or worse, that’s his look. It’s not that he can’t grow hair, it’s just that it’s not the look for him. All of Ted’s girlfriends have preferred when he keeps his body hair in check and at times, he needs to be reminded to manscape.

Ted can spend less on a trimmer since he is going to spend a lot on razors. With trimming, his main focus is body hair. Cutting close isn’t a priority, so he wants a trimmer with a narrow trimming range and a couple of close cutting guards that can fit in tight places. Ted should look for a trimmer with a narrower blade.

  • You may be tempted to get the Braun BT, MGK (or Gillette which is the same as the Braun MGK) but avoid these, since they have both a crappy blade and crappy battery. If you can get past the ridiculous design of the Wahl Li-Ion all-in one, it’s not a bad pick. It has a good blade and a good battery, definitely a step up from the Braun at about the same price. There are lots of similar Wahl trimmers so be sure to avoid the really inexpensive ones that have ni-cad batteries.
  • On the Brio side, the Axis is the perfect trimmer for Ted. It’s powerful enough to buzz through the body hair, narrow enough for manscaping, and stay sharper longer than the steel blade options.

Bearded Bill

Bill is mentally invested in his beard. He likes it and it’s here to stay. Bill is up on all the beard products and has taken to the internet to learn all the tips and tricks for maintaining a great beard. Bill likely uses beard butter and oils regularly and takes time with trimming and shaping. Since Bill may want to use fairly long guards, he may be tempted to use a set of plug-in clippers. If he has a sturdy set of plug-in clippers—he should keep using them. Cordless trimmers offer convenience, but professional style hair clippers offer a cutting range beyond most cordless trimmers range. A sharp blade is a must, stamped blades will get bogged down with thicker hair. Wider blades make shaping big beards easier and make trims go faster.

If Bill needs an upgrade or is ready to cut the cord from his barber style clippers, he needs to get a Beardscape. The ceramic blade and larger motor can power through the thickest beards. Plus, the guards ranging up to 18mm will be able to handle all the trimming and shaping he will need to do.

I hope this has been helpful for you in your journey to choose a new trimmer. Feel free to reach out to us at OR just comment below and we will get to your question.

Here’s a few things to avoid completely when looking for trimmers.

  • Cords—unless you are a barber, skip the clippers with a cord. It’s totally unnecessary for all the personas we talked about today.
  • Vacuum—please resist the urge to have a vacuum on your trimmer—several major brands make them, but the generally impede the core function of a trimmer (your ability to trim) and never catch all the hair.
  • Waterproof—Please don’t trim wet hair. Ever. Making trimmers waterproof requires manufacturers to cut corners on internal components in order to build a waterproof case.
June 30, 2021 — Sarah Tran
Dial in the stubble look

Dial in the stubble look

Stubble can be tricky – everyone has a different length that looks just right. The Beardscape has this micro adjustable blade that goes in increments of .3 mm that’s just about the thickness of a playing card. The color and thickness of your hair as well as the shape of your face can all determine exactly what length is best for you. 

May 03, 2021 — Torrie May
Tips to Trim Your Child's Hair At Home

Tips to Trim Your Child's Hair At Home

There is no doubt that a child’s haircut can be intimidating and heading into the salon these days isn’t always feasible but it doesn’t have to be an experience that is dreaded by parent or child.

Using the Beardscape, you can have your child trimmed up and ready to go in no time with minimal anxiety and fear.

February 01, 2021 — Elizabeth North
Tags: Shaving
2022 Beard Styles

2022 Beard Styles

As we roll out of 2021 and into 2022, our work life may continue to look a little different for a while but with that comes opportunity. It is the perfect time to continue growing the best beard for your facial shape. Throughout 2021, here at Brio we have seen men dabbling in new facial hair growth and while some of you have hit it out of the park, we are here to help the rest of you define what beard style fits your face.
January 27, 2021 — Elizabeth North
Tags: Shaving
Just Do It Dry

Just Do It Dry

The Beardscape Beard and Hair Trimmer was created to be your next level trimmer for personal grooming and while you may see a barber using scissors with water – you will never see a barber using clippers on wet hair. When you pick up the trimmer, it is time to step out of the shower and put the spray bottle down. This trimmer does not like to get wet!
January 08, 2021 — Elizabeth North
Tags: News Shaving
4 Ways to Keep Yourself Looking Good in 2020: Grooming Tips & Tricks

4 Ways to Keep Yourself Looking Good in 2020: Grooming Tips & Tricks

My Friend Jimmy always used to say "Look good feel good"

This was back in 2002 when the term "Metrosexual" was still a thing.

Jimmy was not "Metro" far from it - maybe this is why we all latched on to the phrase.

Even though Jimmy didn't put too much effort into the "Look good" part, he still understood the sentiment. Somehow universally true within our own minds. The phrase just works...

Look in the mirror. What are the first things you notice? Whatever it is most important is COMPLETELY up to you - Your opinion matters most. That's where the feel-good comes from. Jimmy would want you to put just a tiny bit of effort in that will give you the pride to follow through on the feel-good part. Here's a few things to consider.

A natural smile

You don’t need to be a model to have a great smile. You just want one that doesn’t feel forced or fake. Feel good and the smile will be there for you. Yellow or grimy teeth tell the world you don't care, so make sure you’re brushing and using teeth whiteners, especially now when most people are doing their only public smiling on Zoom.

Your nails 

Cut them! Often! Fingers AND toes (we’re looking at you, Mr. Who’s Gonna Look At My Long Toe Nails? The answer: the ladies are!). You can't slip by during th summer without keeping those toenails trimmed. Beach/Flip flops ect.. And yes, a little filling goes a long way. Trust us.

Keep hair where it’s supposed to be

If you have hair growing out of your nose and/or your ears, guess what? Nobody wants to see that. If they say they don’t notice it, they’re being polite. We have you covered. Brio has a long history of keeping your hair in check. The Beardscape covers below the belt to full hair cuts and anything in between.


Facial hair that complements your face’s shape

Ready to try something different with your facial hair? Now is the time!


The key here is accentuating your face shape, not exaggerating it. Work with what you have to look your best.

  • Oval face

  • That’s the Swiss Army knife of face shapes. You can pull off whatever style you want. That doesn’t mean go crazy with options. Keep it clean and tidy. A 5 o’clock shadow works well but don’t feel restricted with that. Experiment with your beard … without trying to look like you’ve been living in the wilderness for the last few years.

    • Round face

    Bring attention to the center of your face and let your hair grow a bit. In other words, rock a goatee. You can even extend it up your jawline.

    • Rectangular face 

    Soften the chin and add some width. Think Guy Fawkes masks with his “beardstache” - thicker around the middle of the face and tight around the rest. Fawkes had it right about revolutions and facial hair.

    • Square face

    Add some length below the chin and jaw and keep it tight everywhere else. This is sometimes called a “Hollywoodian.”

    • Inverted triangle face 

    The best thing to do is soften that pointed chin with some length, and don’t forget to round off your beard under your jawline.

    If all else fails, go with the James Harden beard. If you’re going to try something with that much swagger, make sure you can back it up by dropping 50 points on whoever you’re playing.

    Make Jimmy Proud.

    Brio is here to help! Get everything from our award-winning Smartclean sonic toothbrush to our new whitening strips to our selection of trimmers, including the 5-star Beardscape and Axis. And yeah, we even have great nail clippers, a sure-fire filer, and a never-fail Nose & Ear Trimmer!


    anything we can help with? reach out and we will try to get you an answer!


    August 20, 2020 — Peter Levin
    Brio's Best Picks for Beards in 2020

    Brio's Best Picks for Beards in 2020

    If you look around, nearly a third of all men are sporting a beard. In ancient times, it was a symbol of status for men to wear beards. While that trend has had its own ebbs and flows over the years, since 2010 the beard trend has been growing.

    Not sure what style works for your face? Looking at what is trending on the streets and big screen are great ways to identify the look that may suit you. Its easy to use a Google search and find all the “beards” and everything else pertaining to beards - from the bearded boys’ clubs to blogs and vlogs that showcase the best products to use to take your look to the next level. Beards are no longer just grown; beards are a movement.

    In 2020, it is becoming apparent that there are five top trends popping up and we think you just may want to check out the best on the block this year. 

    The Full Beard

    It takes some time to grow a full beard, so if you are considering this style, don’t expect it to happen overnight. Still, while it grows it’s important to take care of grooming. Don’t forget that even with a full beard, trimming is necessary. Forgetting to trim up your cheek and jaw line is a big faux pas. We always recommend trimming with a clean, dry, combed beard which will decrease pulling and lessen the chance of nicks and cuts.

    Those first few times you shape your full beard can be intimidating, so take your time and be careful. You can always go shorter, but growing it back takes time, so start slow. Use bigger guards and work your way backwards to protect your efforts. Caring for your beard is as important as any other ritual you have. Keeping your beard healthy takes some work, but using beard wash, conditioner and a comb will keep it in check. We promise after a few weeks of consistent effort it will be worth the wait.

    The Beardstache

    Is it a beard or mustache? It's both. The trend of the “Beardstache” is a newer creature to the beard scene and is growing in popularity. While some people simply abhor the look, it is becoming especially popular with the younger crowd. It consists of a heavily grown in mustache paired with a well-trimmed and maintained shorter style beard. Like its full beard friend, this style takes a while to perfect and wear out looking like the cover of a magazine, so be patient with yourself as you get it to the length and look you like.

    Getting the Beardstache to look just right can be tricky, so we suggest starting with a full 'Stache first and then grow in the stubble within a couple days of getting your upper lip looking as you like. If that doesn’t seem to work for you, keep trimming that lower jaw and let that 'Stache grow in.


    The Goatee

    This beard style may be the most versatile of beards, with several substyles under the big umbrella goatee moniker. Those wearing a goatee don anything from the landing strip to the anchor or the full goatee. The choices for the Goatee are plentiful and seem to allow individuals to create their own unique look. This style is best achieved after growing a full beard and trimming, shaping and styling to get just the right facial hair style you like to sport.

    The Short Beard

    While almost any beard style is acceptable in the workplace, in years past, the short beard was the style most accepted in the white-collar world. This carefully manicured look tends to be the most prevalent amongst men in the corner office. Still, as with any beard, this style takes time and care with trimming every few days, coming and beard oil. Most think of famous actor George Clooney when they consider this style and we hear most ladies love it.


    The Stubble Look

    Often referred to as the 5 o’clock shadow, this sexy look seems to appeal to the older teens and young twenty-somethings. People also consider this look to be the rugged weekend style that many men sport when they have time off. While thought to require little maintenance the stubble look still does in fact require something from those who wear it. Don’t forget to trim down your neck and cheek lines keeping this look clean and remember trimming still is necessary every couple days to keep you looking top notch.


    The Brio Beardscape and its counterpart, the Axis are the perfect tools to add to your collection and help you to obtain the perfect beard. With ceramic blades and lithium ion batteries, these products have helped men shape up and look their best with any beard style.

    As always, our top notch customer care team is ready to assist you at a moments notice with questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing how your Brio help you look your bearded best and don’t forget, tag #showyourbrio for a chance to win monthly prizes.

    April 11, 2020 — Elizabeth North