Thinning hair can be quite a serious issue for some men. They can do everything from diet to hair treatments to grow their hair back and maintain its thickness. However, some of these attempts may cause more harm than good because they are unnatural ways of doing things. That's why you should try natural ways to regain your thinning hair.

There are many causes of thinning hair. You can have problems with your scalp, so it won't be able to provide your hair follicles with the nutrients they need. In short, if you are losing your hair, it indicates something is wrong with your scalp, and you will have to take action to fix this problem. This article will explore how to fix mens thinning hair.


Can hair grow back after thinning?

First, we must look at what's causing your thinning and/or loss. For example, for some people, it may be genetics-based; for others, it may be due to conditions such as alopecia. Treatments available can help with both of these types of issues. In other cases, hair could be shedding from over-styling or a break in your routine (so make sure you're making an effort with yourself!).

When hair sheds, a new follicle will begin forming in that area. This can take a few months, but once it does, you'll see hair sprouting from an emerging hole (called the 'follicle'). In the early stages of growth, it can be very fine in texture or even almost invisible.


How To Thicken and Regrow Thinning Hair Naturally

All is not lost if you are experiencing hair thinning. There are solutions that can reverse the problem. Some solutions are basic such as improving diet, while others are extreme. You may need to combine these solutions for the best outcome. Here are ways to thicken your hair naturally.

A Better Diet

The diet you eat can have a profound effect on your hair health. The nutrients you take are necessary for a healthy scalp and hair, so malnutrition or eating too much of the wrong thing can lead to scalp issues and hair thinning.


If you want to add more volume to your locks, you must increase the density of protein in your diet by adding more eggs and fish or by including some protein supplements. Also, include more whole grains and vegetables in your diet.

If you have iron deficiency, this can make your hair look flat. Iron-rich foods include eggs, meats, nuts, and leafy green vegetables. Foods with protein may help your hair grow since it's a key component of hair follicles.


Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. Fumes from cigarettes can cause oxidative stress, leading to hair thinning, fractured strands, and uneven surface texture. The damage may lead to bald spots or a mousy or halo effect, where thick ends become thinner and thinner as they reach the top of the head. The best way to reverse the damage is by quitting smoking and taking supplements that reduce oxidative stress and stimulate cell regeneration.


Hair Growth Supplements

Hair growth supplements are a great option to help you with hair thinning. There are many different types of supplements available such as minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil is an OTC medication used for humans, animals, and plants. Finasteride is a prescription drug administered primarily for male pattern baldness in men. It also comes in a topical form known as Propecia which helps your body convert testosterone into DHT so that it can't cause the side effects that make hair thinning happen, like prostate cancer or shrinkage of the testicles.

The best way to start using these supplements is by first identifying how much hair thickness you have to work with. You can then choose a supplement that is recommended for you and start using it. o that they grow faster than before.


Onion Juice

Onion juice is a natural hair loss treatment. It can also be used to make your hair grow faster. You can buy onion juice in natural health food stores. Put a couple of tablespoons of onion juice into your shampoo and massage it into your scalp to stimulate the hair follicles.


Hair Gel

Hair gels are generally made for styling hair, but they can also be used as a thickening agent in your hair. Rub the amount you want on towel-dried hair and style. The gel will form into its own "scales" that trap the heat from your styling tools and keep them close to the scalp, resulting in a fuller look. You can use this method with a blow dryer, curler, or flat iron. This will add volume and thickness to your hair and help keep it looking healthy for longer.

Also, if you are looking for that "just done" look, you can use hair gel in the early evening before washing your hair to give it that just-washed full look


The best gels for thickening and regrowing hair are gels with silicones or keratin. Silicone helps to thicken, while keratin is a protein in your hair that makes it grow faster.

Natural Mens Shampoos and conditioners

Natural shampoos and conditioners for men are the answer to healthy and manageable hair. The community of men's shampoos and conditioners has expanded recently, making finding a product that works for everyone easier. Regardless of your natural hair type or styling routine, a shampoo/conditioner can relieve breakage, difficulties with volume, and so many more benefits.

Ditch the Comb

Combs and brushes can pull on your hair and cause your follicles to break. Use just one brush per day, and use a wide tooth comb if you need to do anything with the length of your hair.

You don't have to comb this often; if you work on increasing the height of your hair first, the length will follow.

You can also make a simple homemade hair brush that helps with shedding and thinning by putting a few nylon stockings on an old brush handle.


What causes hair thinning in males?

There are many causes of hair thinning in males. Hair thinning can happen for various reasons, from hormonal problems to genetic and severe stress. Thinning hair is a natural phenomenon as people get older. Hair thinning can appear in different forms, depending on the cause. Below are some of the common causes of hair thinning in men.


Genes are responsible for the color and texture of your hair, as well as its general health. The genes that cause thinning in males are also present in females but much weaker. What do these genes do? In men's cases, they make it harder to grow hair on the scalp and cause a slower rate of hair growth overall. If your parents have hair-thinning genes, you may have them, too. Therefore, you could potentially experience hair thinning in your later years.

Hormonal issues

Hormonal issues such as too little or too much testosterone can affect hair health. Male hormones called androgens are responsible for developing and maintaining male characteristics such as facial hair. Hair growth depends on androgens during puberty. If there is not enough testosterone to stimulate hair growth during this period, the result may be male-pattern baldness or receding temples.


The Immune system

A weakened immune system can make hair thinning more likely, especially in males. If the body is not properly protecting the hair follicles, bacteria and fungi can easily cause weakness.



Stress can also cause hair loss by causing a temporary weakening of the immune system. Growth hormones and estrogen levels may decrease when you are stressed, which can lead to thinning in males. The stress response is part of your body's natural way of protecting vital organs from harm and infection. When you are under stress, your mind triggers an increase in epinephrine and cortisol hormones to initiate fight-or-flight reflexes.


Grooming habits and a poor diet may contribute to hair thinning in males. Smoking, excessive exercise (including weightlifting), and other health problems can also cause hair thinning.



Never think that hair will automatically grow back, but the key is to take care of it and ensure you eat well. Some people usually skip a few meals and end up with thinner hair. So, you have to ensure you're taking good care of your hair. The routine that you practice can make your hair look healthy and shinier. It doesn't matter if your hair is thinning or not. If you grow new hair, it will add to the texture of your hair. Always remember to do some exercises for a healthy scalp and body!


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