1.  Will there be an interruption to my subscription?

No, all of your Ollie products will be shipped at their regularly scheduled dates. 

2.  What will my credit card/bank statement list as the name of the transaction?

Your Ollie purchases will all be under the name Brio Product Group

3.  Will the prices be changing?

No, the prices will remain the same and your subscription price will remain the same

4.  Will the product change or look different?

The Ollie whitening strips ingredients will not change but we will be making some updates to the package design so your products may look slightly different

5.  What forms of payment will you be accepting?

We accept all major credit cards

6.  Will the shipping method be changing?

No, we will continue to use DHL for your Ollie shipments

7.  Will customer service still be available to answer questions?

Yes! Torrie, Ellie and Eric are ready and waiting to answer your questions!  The email address has not changed, it is still support@olliesmile.com  We typically respond to most emails within 12 hours.


If you have any questions that were not answered here please feel free to reach out to our support team at any time.  Support@olliesmile.com