4 Quick Tips

  • Don't use water to clean the trimmer, brush off the hair or tap it in the sink. Water only removes lubrication from the blade.
  • If the blade comes off, it should snap right on. IF the blade is broken (spring comes out ect.) contact service@brio4life.com for a replacement. Check out the video to see how to snap the blade back on.
  • The blade doesn't need much oil, but it helps to add a drop or 2 every month or so. One drop on the blade, turn on the trimmer to work it in, then wipe off the excess. 
  • The battery should be pretty well charged from the factory. Wait until there is 20-30 minutes of trimming time remaining before connecting your trimmer for a FULL charge. Make sure it gets a full charge before using. This helps extend the life of your Li-Ion battery.

You do have a 2- year warranty on the Beardscape, so please reach us at service@brio4life.com if you need any help