Silkstone Replacement Rollers

$ 16.95

The Brio SilkStone is a revolutionary tool to smooth feet and remove callouses and dry skin. The Silkstone roller safely removes skin without the danger of sharp blades and leaves feet salon smooth.
The SilkStone rollers are made from crystalized carbide to remove skin efficiently and also leave your feet silky smooth. The SilkStone rollers are intended to be replaced periodically depending on use.


      1) Pull the roller release switch on the right side of the device
      2) Tilt the device until the old roller falls out
      3) Place the replacement roller in with the drive wheel end going in first
      4) Click the roller into place with the roller lock button and test for proper alignment.

      The Brio SilkStone Rollers should be replaced depending on use. After extended use, the rollers become dull and no longer remove skin effectively. Generally rollers will need replacement after approximately 6-10 sessions.


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