Are you fed up with that annoying razor burn that seems to be the outcome of every shave? Believe me, I get it. It's like a relentless little reminder of your battle with the blade – and not in a good way.

So, in my ongoing quest for a less irksome post-shave experience, I stumbled upon something intriguing: the Palm Shaver. This electric wonder promises to bring comfort and ease to our shaving routine.

As someone with more than two decades of head-shaving expertise to their name, this nifty tool piqued my interest big time. Stick around as I delve into whether this device might just become your skin’s new ally!


Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Upon receiving the palm shaver, I was impressed by its sleek and compact packaging, which included the shaver itself, a USB charging cable, and interchangeable shaving heads. The initial setup and charging process were straightforward, and the overall build quality seemed durable and well-constructed.


Packaging and contents

I just got my hands on the Palm Shaver and opened the box to see what's inside. The packaging is sturdy, making sure the electric shaver stays safe while it gets to me.


  • The Palm Shaver itself, snug in its spot to prevent any damage during shipping.
  • A bunch of papers that include an instruction book. They also show other products from Skull Shaver, which is pretty cool.
  • There's a useful extra tip for trimming hairs in your nose and ears. It fits right onto the shaver.
  • A USB charging cable comes along with this electric razor. It lets you charge up the shaver when it needs more power.
  • I was happy to find a charging block in there too. Not all companies give you one with their electric shavers.
  • They included a small brush for cleaning. This helps keep the blades nice and neat after each shave.
  • Also, everything is packed in a way that makes it easy to take apart and clean.


Charging process and accessories

Now that we've seen what comes in the box, let's dive into how you get this Palm Shaver ready for action.


  • Plug the small end of the charging cable into the shaver.
  • Connect the USB end to the charging block.
  • You can then plug the charging block directly into an outlet.
  • An LED indicator will show red while it's charging.
  • Once fully charged, this light turns green.
  • Charge time isn't exact, but about an hour should do it.
  • A small brush comes with your shaver; it helps keep things clean after you shave.
  • They include a handy USB charger so you can power up almost anywhere.
  • The Palm Shaver doesn't come alone; it brings friends like interchangeable heads for different shaving needs.



Design and Functionality

The design of the palm shaver is sleek and modern, with a comfortable ergonomic grip for easy handling. Its functionality offers disassembly for thorough cleaning, interchangeable shaving heads, an LED indicator, and a power button for convenience.


Disassembly for cleaning

I got my hands on the Palm Shaver and I was curious about how easy it would be to clean. Taking it apart turned out to be a breeze, and here’s how I did it:


  • First, I turn off the shaver and unplug it from any power source. It's important to do this for safety.
  • I hold the shaver firmly and twist the shaving head counterclockwise. This little move helps me remove the head easily.
  • Next, I pull off the top part of the shaving head. The blades are now visible and ready for cleaning.
  • Using the small brush that comes with it, I gently sweep away all trapped hairs from blades and inner parts.
  • Once everything looks hair - free, I rinse the blades under warm water to get rid of any leftover bits.
  • After cleaning is done, I let all parts dry completely before putting them back together.


LED indicator and power button

The LED indicator on the shaver is really helpful. It turns green when fully charged and red when it needs charging. When I press the power button, the shaving head comes alive. The LED indicator gives clear cues about the charging status.

The design of the shaver includes a prominently displayed Skull Shaver logo. This makes it easy to spot and adds a sleek touch to it. Holding the shaver traditionally or with my fingertips for better pressure feels comfortable, allowing me to shave easily.

The charging process is detailed in the instructions, including where to plug in the cable for recharging.

Interchangeable shaving heads

The LED indicator and power button make it effortless to switch between the different shaving heads. I find the process of changing the heads very simple, thanks to the clear instructions provided.

The additional tip for nose and ear hair removal is indeed a useful feature that adds versatility to this shaver. It's convenient having different options within one device, making it suitable for various grooming needs.



Performance Review

The performance of the palm shaver is impressive, providing a close and smooth shave whether used in wet or dry conditions. The interchangeable shaving heads make it versatile for various hair lengths and textures, making it a convenient option for all grooming needs.


Comparison with traditional razor

When it comes to shaving, the method you choose can make a big difference in your daily routine. Here's my take on how the Palm Shaver stands up against a traditional razor.


Palm Shaver Traditional Razor
Provides a smooth shave but not as close as a razor. Delivers a very close shave, often preferred for precision.
Excellent for quick, regular maintenance of stubble and head shaving. Best for occasional thorough shaves, requiring more prep and care.
Suited for dry shaving; can handle wet shaves too. Typically requires wet skin and shaving cream or gel.
Quicker and more convenient for on-the-go grooming. Often needs a longer time commitment and a steady hand.
Comparatively less skin irritation for sensitive skin. Potential for nicks, cuts, and razor burns if not careful.
More cost-effective with no need for disposable blades. Recurring costs for replacement blades can add up.
I noticed less mess and easier post-shave cleanup. Shaving cream and cut hair can create a messier sink.


Having tried both, I lean towards the Palm Shaver for its convenience and cost-effectiveness, although there are situations where I'd stick with a traditional razor for that ultra-close shave.

Wet vs. dry shaving

When comparing wet and dry shaving with the Palm Shaver, I found that using it in wet shaving conditions with shaving cream provided a smoother experience. The added moisture helped the shaver glide more easily over the skin, reducing irritation during use.

However, for those who prefer dry shaving or are short on time, the Palm Shaver still delivers a satisfactory performance without any discomfort. The versatility to choose between wet or dry shaving makes this shaver suitable for different preferences and situations.

While testing the Palm Shaver in both wet and dry conditions, I noticed that using it with shaving cream offered a more comfortable shave compared to dry shaving. The addition of moisture reduced friction and allowed for a smoother glide over the skin.

Sound and closeness of shave

When it comes to the sound and closeness of the shave, I have noticed that the Palm Shaver emits a low buzzing noise during operation. While it doesn't match the silence of some high-end electric razors, it's not overly disruptive.

As for the closeness of the shave, my experience has shown that while it may not offer a razor-like smoothness, it does provide a decently close and smooth cut. However, there is still some stubble left behind on closer inspection.

Navigating through my shaving routine with this shaver has been relatively hassle-free. The Palm Shaver comfortably tackles most of my shaving needs while offering an acceptable level of closeness without causing irritation or discomfort.



Final Thoughts and Recommendation

After using the Palm Shaver for several weeks, I can confidently say that it offers a close and comfortable shave, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking for an efficient head or face shaver.

To dive deeper into the performance and overall assessment of this product, keep reading the full review!

Price and value assessment

Reflecting on the cost of the Palm Shaver, I found the price tag ranging from $35 to over $40 online. Considering the features and the performance, here's how I assess the value for your money:


Price Point Value Assessment


Overall a good price, but when you consider it only has 3 shaving heads, the cost per shaving head is high compared to others.


Comparison with Traditional Razors


While the upfront cost is steeper compared to traditional razors, the Palm Shaver can lead to savings over time.

You're investing in a device that's built to last, negating the need for frequent replacements.


Cost vs. Performance


If you're after a close shave without the hassle of cuts and nicks, this shaver delivers.

Its performance justifies the price, especially when you prefer a wet shave, which this device handles impressively.


Additional Costs


The Palm Shaver doesn't require costly upkeep. Ensuring the device is charged regularly keeps it in optimal condition,

avoiding additional expenses in maintenance.



Given these points, I'd argue that the Palm Shaver stands as a good investment. It delivers on its promises and ticks off all the checkboxes for a quality shaver. Maintenance feels effortless, and it wins over a cheaper shaver, not just in functionality but also in durability.

Overall product assessment

After thoroughly testing the Palm Shaver, I can confidently say that it's a reliable and efficient tool for achieving a smooth and comfortable shave. The closeness and precision of the shave make it suitable for both wet and dry shaving, providing versatility in grooming routines.

Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during use, enhancing control and maneuverability. Additionally, the lithium-ion battery offers extended usage time on a single charge, adding convenience to the overall experience.

The interchangeable shaving heads provide flexibility for different needs, making it an all-in-one solution for maintaining a clean-shaven look or managing stubble with ease.

With prices ranging from $35 to over $40 online, I believe that the Palm Shaver offers excellent value for its performance and functionality. It has certainly exceeded my expectations by delivering consistent results without irritation or discomfort often associated with traditional razors.



 Alternatives To Consider

If you are looking for something that is still compact but with a little more surface area than the palm, then we recommend the Brio Raze. It features a very compact design like the palm but instead of only 3 shaving heads, you get 5!

This will save you a lot of extra time during the shaving process. and the Brio Raze is still about the same weight as the palm so holding it during your morning routine is actually quite comfortable. 

On top of that, the Brio Raze is waterproof, and has a longer battery life. So its a worthy alternative that we defiantly recommend taking a look at. 



In conclusion, the Skull Shaver Palm Shaver delivers a close and smooth shave, making it suitable for head and face shaving. The interchangeable heads provide versatility, while the additional ear and nose hair trimmer attachment is practical.

Despite some design quirks, such as the unexpectedly removable head, the shaver's functionality remains unaffected. Overall, this cordless palm shaver is a valuable investment for those seeking a convenient and efficient shaving experience.

January 22, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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