Are you tired of dealing with razor burn and scalp irritation from your current shaving routine? Many people struggle with finding an effective solution for smooth, hassle-free head shaving.

In this review, we'll explore the Pitbull Platinum Pro electric shaver to see if it can solve these common issues. Join us as we dive into its features, performance, and whether it's worth the investment.

Experience with Head Shaving

I used a safety razor at first to shave my head. After developing scalp issues, I switched to an electric shaver.

Initial use of safety razor

Using a safety razor for head shaving seemed like a good idea. The close shave felt nice, but it wasn't long before problems started. Folliculitis caused painful bumps and made the scalp red and itchy.

Switching to an electric shaver became necessary because of these scalp issues. Electric razors promised less irritation, especially for sensitive skin. This change aimed to avoid further folliculitis and keep shaving more comfortable.

Switch to electric shaver due to scalp issues

Folliculitis made shaving hard. Red bumps and infection left my scalp sore. Traditional razors, like the safety razor, caused more irritation. Switching to an electric shaver was essential.

"Electric razors changed everything," I said. The Remington helped at first but had issues too. Shaving took longer, and it missed spots often. Still, electric shavers were better for scalp health.

The need for a new solution led me to buy the Pitbull Platinum Pro.


Previous electric shaver (Remington) struggles

The Remington electric shaver had a hard time with thicker hair. This made shaving take longer and left patches uncut. It also needed frequent recharging, which was annoying. The battery life did not last for many shaves, so it felt unreliable.

Shaving with the Remington often led to skin problems like bumps and irritation. Its performance was not good on both dry and wet shave sessions. Despite being an electric razor, it didn't handle scalp issues well at all.

Initial Impressions of Pitbull Platinum Pro

I bought the Pitbull Platinum Pro from The package included a USB-C charger and extra blades.

Cost and included accessories

Costing $163, the Pitbull Platinum Pro offers good value. It comes with a manicure kit and an additional shaver for other areas. This package provides convenience and versatility.

The included accessories enhance the shaving experience. A travel lock keeps it safe during trips. You can use this electric razor for both wet and dry shaving, making it adaptable to different preferences. I love how the travel lock feature ensures my shaver stays secure in my bag.


Battery life and performance

The Pitbull Platinum Pro boasts impressive battery life. After three months of use, 23% of the battery still remains without a single charge. This extended life makes it reliable for frequent shavers.

Users can enjoy both wet and dry shaves without worrying about constant recharging.

Performance-wise, the electric razor delivers a smooth shave every time. The ergonomic design lets you hold it comfortably as you navigate around your scalp and face. It performs well compared to other electric razors like Norelco or Remington, offering less irritation and closer cuts.


Usage and Performance of Pitbull Platinum Pro

The Pitbull Platinum Pro shaves smoothly and quickly. It handles both wet and dry shaving with ease, making it versatile for any routine.

Frequency of use and performance

I use the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum Pro every two to three days. It performs well each time. The electric shaver works smoothly and does not irritate my scalp. Sometimes I skip more days, but it still yields good results.

Compared to a traditional blade shave, this electric razor is faster and safer for sensitive skin. Wet or dry shaving options allow flexibility based on preference. Battery life impresses too; one full charge lasts multiple sessions without losing power.

Comparison to traditional blade shaving

Pitbull Platinum Pro offers a different experience than traditional blade shaving. It feels comfortable and efficient, especially suited for wet shaving in the shower. Unlike a razor blade, it does not provide as smooth of a shave.

Using Pitbull Platinum Pro reduces skin sensitivity and avoids scalp issues common with razor blades like Gillette Labs or DE razors. It excels in reliability but might miss the close finish of straight razors or shavettes.


Cleaning and Maintenance of Pitbull Platinum Pro

The Pitbull Platinum Pro is easy to clean. Just rinse the blades under running water for quick maintenance.

Cleaning routine and effectiveness

Cleaning the Pitbull Platinum Pro is easy and quick. A simple routine involves rinsing it with warm water after every use. The process helps keep the Forte blades sharp and ready for a smooth shave.

The cleaning routine is straightforward and effective. Users appreciate how little effort it takes to maintain this electric shaver in top condition. Cleanings ensure that the razor performs well every time and extends its life span.



Overall Thoughts

The Pitbull Platinum Pro is worth the upgrade. It's a game-changer for anyone seeking an easy head shave.

Upgrade from previous shaver

Switching from the Remington to the Pitbull Platinum Pro feels like night and day. The new shaver delivers a closer shave with fewer passes, saving time every morning. Battery life also tops the old one, lasting up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

Performance in both wet and dry conditions exceeds expectations. With scalp issues now under control, shaving has become less of a chore and more of an easy routine. Reliable deep cleaning ensures that the device remains efficient without much hassle.

Recommendation for the Platinum version

The Pitbull Platinum Pro is worth the investment. It offers better performance than other shavers on the market. The battery lasts a long time, so you can use it without worrying about frequent charging.

The Platinum version also comes with useful accessories like a travel case and cleaning brush.

Using this electric razor gives a smooth shave every time. It's fast and comfortable, saving you time compared to traditional blade shaving. Plus, it's designed for both wet and dry shaves, adding to its versatility.

This makes it the top choice if you're serious about head shaving.



I am truly happy with the Pitbull Platinum Pro shaver. Leave your questions or thoughts in the comments!

The Pitbull Platinum Pro shaver works great for everyday use. It saves time and delivers a smooth shave. Users have reported fewer skin issues compared to using traditional razors, making it ideal for those with sensitive scalp concerns.

June 02, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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