Struggling to find the perfect head shaver? The Remington RX7 is here, boasting a sleek design and five rotary blades. Our review dives into its features, performance, and value to guide your choice.


Contents of the RX7 Box

The RX7 box includes the head shaver, a blade cover, cleaning brush, travel pouch, and USB charging lead. These items provide everything needed to start using the electric shaver right away.


The head shaver

Inside the RX7 box, you'll find the star of the show, a head shaver designed for bald men seeking a close shave without skin irritation. It's equipped with dual track blades that hug your scalp to cut down on missed hairs and razor burn.

For safety and longevity, it comes with a blade cover - no more nicks or dull blades from bouncing around in your bathroom drawer.

This electric shaver shines in portability; just slip it into the travel pouch provided, ready for touch-ups wherever life takes you. Cleaning is simple too, thanks to the accompanying brush, ensuring stubble doesn't clog up your clean shave routine.

A USB charging lead makes powering up convenient though you'll need to plug it into your own wall socket or computer since no adapter is included.

Blade cover

The RX7 comes with a blade cover to keep the blades safe. You snap it over the head shaver when you're done using it. This helps prevent nicks and keeps dust away from the blades. It's a simple way to make sure your razor stays sharp and clean for your next shave.

No worries about damage or dirt, just pop on the cover and go!

Cleaning brush

Keep your Remington RX7 shaver clean with the included cleaning brush. It sweeps away hair clippings and debris easily. This helps your razor blades stay sharp and makes sure they perform at their best.

Regularly using this brush can extend the life of your electric razor.

Next, let's discuss the sleek travel pouch that comes in the box.

Travel pouch

The RX7 box includes a convenient travel pouch, perfect for on-the-go storage and portability of the shaver. This ensures that users can easily pack and protect their shaver when traveling, keeping it secure and organized.

The travel pouch adds an extra layer of convenience to the overall user experience.

Moving on to the next section, let's delve into the features of the RX7 that set it apart from other electric shavers.

USB charging lead

The USB charging lead included in the RX7 box is essential for powering the device and conveniently charges via a USB port. Users need to use their own adapter with the USB charging lead for efficient charging of the Remington RX7 device.

It is compatible with various adapters, providing flexibility for users to charge the device as per their convenience.

Moving on to the features of the RX7, let's explore its flexible head with five rotary blades that offer precise and comfortable shaving experience.


Features of the RX7

The RX7 comes with a flexible head and five rotary blades, making it easier to shave harder-to-reach areas. It also has a turbo function for added power and an integrated pop-up trimmer.

Flexible head with five rotary blades

The RX7 comes with a flexible head incorporating five rotary blades, making it adept at contour adaptation for an efficient and comfortable shaving experience. This feature allows the shaver to adjust seamlessly to the curves of your face, ensuring that every hair is efficiently captured and trimmed, delivering a close shave without causing skin irritation.

The innovative design guarantees maximum coverage and precision during each shave, making it an ideal choice for those who value speed and effectiveness in their grooming routine.

The Remington RX7's flexible head with five rotary blades delivers enhanced performance by effortlessly following the contours of your face for a seamless grooming experience. These rotary blades effortlessly navigate around facial features while capturing both long and short hairs.

Removable and cleanable shaver blades

The shaver's blades are designed for easy removal, simplifying the cleaning process and promoting longevity. The removable feature allows for thorough maintenance, ensuring hygienic usage and efficient shaving performance.

This design emphasizes convenience, enabling users to keep the shaver in top condition without hassle.

Designed to be easily cleaned and maintained, the shaver's removable blades offer practicality and effectiveness. They can be effortlessly removed for thorough cleaning, making maintenance a straightforward process that contributes to the shaver's durability and consistent performance over time.

Turbo function

The Remington RX7 is equipped with a turbo function, providing an extra power boost for a more efficient shaving experience. This feature offers increased speed and cutting force to handle thicker or longer hair, although the reviewer finds it unnecessary as the standard performance meets their needs adequately.

The turbo function can be activated at the push of a button, enhancing the versatility of the shaver for varied shaving preferences.

The turbo speed function on the Remington RX7 delivers an additional power surge when necessary, ensuring effortless handling of different hair types without compromising performance.

Battery indicator light

The Remington RX7 comes equipped with a useful battery indicator light, allowing users to easily monitor the battery level of the shaver. This feature provides convenience by alerting users when it's time for a recharge, ensuring that the shaver is always ready for use whenever needed.

With this functionality, users can effortlessly keep track of the battery status and avoid any interruptions during their grooming routine.

The battery indicator light on the RX7 offers a straightforward way for users to stay informed about the shaver's battery level, avoiding any unexpected power shortages at crucial moments.

Rubberized grip

The rubberized grip enhances user handling and control. It ensures a secure hold, making shaving comfortable and precise.

Additionally, the rubberized grip reduces the risk of slippage during wet shaves, providing added safety.

Slimmer design

The Remington RX7 boasts a slimmer design compared to the previous model, RX-5, making it more ergonomic and easier to handle during shaving sessions. This sleeker profile enhances maneuverability and provides a more comfortable grip for users, ensuring a smoother shaving experience overall.

With its streamlined and compact build, the RX7 offers improved portability without compromising on performance or functionality. The reduced bulk makes it convenient for travel purposes while maintaining precision and effectiveness in achieving desired results.

Integrated pop-up trimmer

The Remington RX7 comes with an integrated pop-up trimmer. However, it is not very effective according to the reviewer. This means that users may find this feature lacking when compared to other grooming options and may need to use additional tools for precise trimming.

Remember, while the integrated pop-up trimmer is a part of the RX7, its effectiveness may not meet all grooming needs and could require supplementary grooming tools.

Debris capturing area

The Remington RX7 features a debris capturing area to prevent clogging, ensuring uninterrupted shaving. This feature contributes to the effectiveness of the shaver, especially during wet shaving, maintaining optimal performance over time.

The capturing area is easy to clean for users, allowing for smooth and continuous usage.

The debris capturing area on the Remington RX7 safeguards against clogging, enhancing its efficiency during both wet and dry shaves. Simultaneously, it enables users to maintain the shaver's peak performance by easily cleaning out any accumulated debris.

Usable for wet or dry shaving

The Remington RX7 is versatile, allowing you to achieve a smooth shave whether you prefer wet or dry shaving. Its flexible head and rotary blades adapt effortlessly to both methods, making it convenient for different preferences.

You can use your favorite shaving cream, foam, or gel with the RX7 for a comfortable and personalized grooming experience.

Now let's delve into the contents of the RX7 Box.


Performance of the RX7

The performance of the RX7 will be demonstrated through a shaving demonstration, with an emphasis on its use for minimal hair growth and circular motions.

Shaving demonstration

During the shaving demonstration, the Remington RX7 showcased its ability on minimal hair growth, efficiently tackling the task with ease and precision using circular motions. The performance emphasized the shaver's notable attributes such as smoothness of operation and clean results, reflecting its value for money.

The efficient demonstration highlighted essential features that align with common keyword searches from users seeking information about battery life, value for money, and shaved results.

Emphasis on use for minimal hair growth and circular motions

For minimal hair growth, glide the RX7 in circular motions. This technique ensures effective shaving without skin irritation, ideal for maintaining short hair lengths and daily touch-ups.

The flexible head with five rotary blades adapts to your shaving contours, providing a smooth experience even on minimal hair regrowth.

Remember to avoid unnecessary pressure while using the RX7 for minimal hair growth. The circular motion ensures that every strand is efficiently caught by the blades without requiring multiple passes over the same area, making it an efficient choice for quick grooming sessions.


Detailed Pros of the RX7

The RX7 has excellent ergonomics, making it comfortable to hold and manoeuvre during shaving. The head and blade movement is smooth and efficient, providing a close shave with minimal effort.


The RX7 offers exceptional ergonomics with its flexible head and blade movement, ensuring a comfortable and efficient shaving experience. The reviewer highlights the ergonomic design as a standout feature, expressing a preference for it over the previous model, the RX-5.

These features make the shaver ideal for individuals seeking an ergonomic solution to their grooming needs.

The reviewer emphasizes that the RX7 provides detailed pros with its ergonomic design, making it well-suited for users looking for improved head and blade movement during shaving. This makes it an attractive option for those who prioritize comfort and efficiency in their grooming routine.

Head and blade movement

Improving the head and blade movement, the Remington RX7 features a flexible head with five rotary blades that adjust to facial contours for a precise and comfortable shave. Its removable and cleanable shaver blades further enhance performance, ensuring smooth head and blade movement while reducing irritation for a hassle-free grooming experience.

The rubberized grip of the RX7 not only provides better handling during use but also contributes to improved head and blade movement, allowing for greater control and maneuverability.

These design elements work together to ensure efficient shaving while maintaining comfort, making it an ideal choice for users seeking optimal head and blade movement during their grooming routine.

Turbo power

The Remington RX7 showcases a turbo function that enhances its power for a more dynamic shaving experience. This feature aims to provide additional cutting strength, especially when dealing with thicker hair or longer growth.

Despite this capability, the reviewer highlights that the turbo power may be unnecessary for regular use and could potentially result in overaggressive shaving, impacting skin sensitivity.

Incorporating the turbo power aspect allows users to dial up the shaver's intensity when needed. However, it's important to consider if this feature aligns with individual grooming needs and preferences before fully relying on it during everyday use.


Battery Stats

The RX7 has a longer runtime and shorter charging time compared to the RX-5, making it more convenient for daily use. To find out more about the Remington RX7, keep reading our review!

Runtime and charging time comparison with RX-5

The RX7 provides 60 minutes of runtime, which is 10 minutes longer than the RX-5's 50-minute runtime. Additionally, the charging time for the RX7 is two hours, half the time it takes to fully charge the RX-5 in four hours.

Comparing the two models, the RX7 offers extended runtime and faster charging, providing more convenience and efficiency for users seeking a quicker turnaround between shaves.


Criticisms of the RX7

The unnecessary turbo feature can be a bit of a gimmick, and the pop-up trimmer is not as effective as expected. Additionally, some users may find it difficult to acquire replacement blades for the RX7.

Unnecessary turbo feature

The turbo feature is found unnecessary by the reviewer, as it is considered not essential for shaving. The reviewer emphasizes that some users might not find the turbo power necessary, thus questioning its practicality for everyday use.

The unnecessary turbo feature does not align with the needs of all users and is criticized for adding complexity without clear value.

Ineffective pop-up trimmer

The pop-up trimmer on the RX7 is not very effective, as highlighted by the reviewer. This issue seems to be common with many shavers, according to the comments made in the review.

Moving on to "Difficulty in acquiring replacement blades"..

Difficulty in acquiring replacement blades

Moving on from the ineffective pop-up trimmer, it's worth noting that replacement blades for the RX7 are challenging to find outside of the USA. In Europe, the cost difference for replacement blades is approximately 15 Euros, while in the US, the Balder Pro replacement blades for RX-5 are priced at 60 USD.

However, contacting Remington directly can eventually resolve this issue.


Cost Comparison

Compare the price difference between the RX-5 and RX7 in different regions like the UK, Europe, and USA. To find out where you can get the best deal on this top-notch shaver, keep reading!

Price difference between RX-5 and RX7 in the UK, Europe, and USA

In the UK, the Remington RX-5 is priced at 60 GBP, while the RX7 costs around 70 GBP. This means there's an approximate 10 GBP difference between these two models. In Europe, the price gap widens with the RX7 being approximately 15 Euros more expensive than the RX-5.

Finally, in the USA, the cost of Remington RX-5 Balder Pro is around 60 USD.

The price variations indicate that there's a slight increase in cost when upgrading from RX-5 to RX7 across different regions. Whether this increased cost aligns with additional features and performance enhancements or not remains subjective to individual preferences and requirements for a shaver.



To sum up, the Remington RX7 offers a dedicated head shaving experience with its flexible head and five rotary blades. Its turbo function and ergonomic design impressed the reviewer, although some users found the turbo feature unnecessary.

The effectiveness of the pop-up trimmer and availability of replacement blades outside of the USA were noted as areas for improvement. Overall, the RX7 presents a compelling option for those seeking an efficient and adaptable head shaver.

February 28, 2024 — Eric Steckling

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